Monday, 19 October 2009

Water Dream....

I had a dream last nite… don’t remember anything bout except that it had Mr. Irresistible in it. he was wearing a mmmm lite brown….actualy ‘butter’ coloured shirt… whatever that colour is called…huh!!!
As usual, he didn’t speak to me… :D :D :D ha ha ha!! As if he speaks to me in real life.. but chalo I atleast got to see him in my dreams… in real life toh it has been 4.5 million years since I last saw him….newaz… now I don’t remember if I saw ‘rain’ in this dream or some other dream a few days back.. I mean it was ‘water’ na .. isliye I’m saying.. but twas not really a central thing in the dream.. toh khair!

fir while I was napping in the afternoon, I again had a dream and it was a out an out Water Dream… :) :) isme I think I saw Haasil again.. mmm cant be sure… so just let it be
I don’t remember much of the dream.. only the water part of it…
I see that there are these rocks …I think it’s in a beach.. and there’s a boy sayin something, io think it was Anshul…Anshul Singh….he says ki remember how we used to go to the beaches to look at the girls….then suddenly we r sitting in Corbyn’s Cove beach, facing the Snake Island… we matlab.. Abhishek Aloysius, Arshul and me [don’t ask me from where did Abhishek come……..haaaaaa!!! and yes Anshul Singh disappeared ]…. Tab Abhishek says ki he has stopped all this.. toh Arshul asks ki kya
Abhi tells dat he has stopped running after things….
Arshul: ‘ha….. tum mat bhago.... baad mein bhaagna’
I smile.. i think..and then i say : ”Haan… abhi nahi .. baad mein… kabhi na kabhi toh sabhi ko bhaagna padta hai”… and in my mind im thinking ki if we don’t run after ‘material things’ at one time in our life, we have to do it some other time..jaise if we don’t chase money while we r young.. we find ourselves doing just that wen we grow old…
And all this while the sea is beautifully sending waves after waves to crash at our feet…. Earlier, I am dry but then a big wave comes and reaches past us… getting us all wet.. in the dream I’m wearing this same satin violet pajama… I don’t remember the top though… Arshul is wearing the violet chashma as in his facebuk display pic :p

Then we say something else that I don’t remember..
But it comes down to Arshul or Abhi (don remember who exactly) asking me if I have any sadness in my life, I can tell them…. (omething like dat.. not sure)
And then I get up and go near the dancing waves.. and with exaggerated gestures start to say, “Mera dil yeh samundar se bhi zyada ghum le sakta hai” .. something in those lines… but before the words come out of my mouth, I get scared… I get scared ki I mite be upsetting Allah Paak. I mean it sounds quite a big thing na! what if Allah Paak gets angr and starts giving me many more ghum just to show me ki ‘Achha ab batao kitna ghum jhel sakta hai tumhara dil’.. so I stop short of saying that and mumble sumthin like, “mera dil samundar ke jitna bada hai”….
[And yes now I remember, im wearing the same black top that I’m wearing now…I mean I wore in the dream that I was wearing as I slpt..]
but tab bhi I feel scared ki I have told something very wrong.. and so I start reading some kalmia…. Now I don’t remember exactly which one did I read.. I think I read a darood…I don’t know… it was very short ….
[u wudn believe the number of dreams in which I have read kalmas…….. seriously!!! ]

And then I start reading the aayat-ul-kursi.. lekin I stumble with the words… the first line itself… and then I start again but before I can say… I see ki far away there’s a jetty (suddenly we r out of Corbyn’s Cove and somewhere else… and I think I am on a boat…) and there’s a family standing at the jetty.. a Tamil family (don’t ask me how do I know ki it’s a Tamil family… I just know that’s all) and a Tamil man has a 5-6 year old girl wearing a pavada and blouse.. on his lap.. woh bachi kisi baat par zidd karti hai.. and she starts shaking her hands and legs and suddenly this man falls in to the water, with the child. They don’t drown wagairah… the man just gets hurt coz hit head against the stairs (the stairs in the jetty.. if u havnt see a TYPICAL jetty, I cant help it). and then I’m walkin towards this man and suddenly we r in the verandah near the Anatomy Lecture Hall and I get to hear that this man is telling ki he will lodge an FIR.. and I go and ask him ki against whom??? You fell into the water coz of ur daughter…and waha par abbu bhi hai, and I ask him if will go the police station, abbu says yes and that aapa and bhaiya wil meet him directly at the police station (don’t ask me wat does this part mean.. I too don’t know.. I just know that there was a patient in our ward who was insisting on being admitted.. he had been beaten up by the police.. I don’t know if it has any relation.. but, whatever..) and ya abbu wasn’t wearing his specs….

That’s all I remember of this part….
Theni remember a red blouse.. that’s all… ya .. a red blouse.. and I think around that time hi I saw Chammu ….he was wearing the same butter coloured shirt now too…
and this dream wasn’t as colourful as the other dreams… I mean I remember all the colours.. the gals pavada was lavender and golden. Some other women in the family were dressed in red and had flowers in their hair…
but still, as compared to my other drams, this was relatively dull

so bas itna hi…
a nice dream…. With a lot of WATER.. the element that rules my DreamZZZZZ…

and of course the message- “kabhi nakabhi sabko daudna padta hai” :D
[Source of dream: From the place where dreams are made]
Allah hafiz

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