Saturday, 31 October 2009


Alhamdulillah was a good day. Dimple Cheeks took class for us…. After a whole week of KGMCTA strike…. And yes, twas my turn for case presentation today.. but .. as usual.. I cud not coz sir told that he wants a ‘typical’ case.. one that we’d get for exams. So Abubaker presented the Papillary Carcinoma Thyroid. We had a lovely discussion and again. Twas a Friday.. so sir had to got to the mosque. Again, we got a half hour break for the prayers.. when we went for lunch and Abubaker Afzal and sir went to the mosque. I wasted 15 of the 30 minutes thinking from where shud I eat ‘rice’ coz that’s the only thing I wud get…its only now as I type that I realize ki we’d have got dosa and chapatti at Aryas.. :/ khair. I had chor from Veg Palace. Aish was absent ….her aunty expired yesterday and the cremation was held today.
Our results will be out on Monday inshaAllah. Allah plz mere ko pass kara do…
Rite now am eating aaloo chips and garam garam nimbu paani… :p
My room has been attacked by lizards…. 80,000 of them..!!!!
Im goin to be 22 soon, inshaAllah!!!
I want to write down the things Sir told in class today…. We arnt allowed to write durig his classes…
Sir mite leave…
Ramlal Sir has resigned.
I personally think that doctors have the right to earn money….there are so many ppl not paying taxes.. cant the govt think of sumthin beter? Well, ofcourse…. If u r being paid for crap decisions…y wont u make crap decisions???
One of the worst things to have is a ‘friend’ who manipulates you politically.
I didn’t write bout it lekin my last week was one of the sexiest in my life…..made up of little moments that I wont ever forget.
Monday- chammu
Tuesday- case in the evening
Upar wala jab bhi deta deta chhappad phhad ke……..

Today a few things.. wont write here....
Chalo bye
Allah hafiz


lastain said...

well... everybody has the right to earn a good living. I wonder why isn't not allowed in ur place.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

i too wonder the same... :/ :/ :/


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