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A Dream to Remember......Alhamdulillah!!!

So, finally am writing the dream jiske bare mei I have been speakin from such a long time.

The dream begins…. With….. :) :) :) as usual, Water!!!!
I see that am inside a boat… inside the cabin of a boat … and mere sath I have my batch mates…. I remember Anju Anna… no one else… but you know how it happens in dreams… you ‘simply know some things’…. So, in this dream . I know that the other passengers are my batch mates…
And thru the window I can see the sea…. And I see that there are huge waves in the sea… a very…mmmmm ‘ruffled’ sea…. Don’t know if I can use it for the sea.. but wel…
And I see a boy surfing on the waves… toh I think ki wow! Andaman mei also people started surfing… and then I remember (in the dream) of an article I’d read bout surfing spots in our Islands (really…I mean, I have read it in real life)…so, matlab ki I was dreaming bout the Andaman ka sea…
Then as I looked out.. I saw the sea level rise.. I mean we started sinking.. though, there was no panic in the boat…..and then usi waqt I noticed that sea level is returning to normal… and then it started decreasing (huh!!!!) and soon there was no water seen outside the glass window.. and the next instant .. I see that the boat is high above the ground….. ya!!! The boat just took off the runway of the sea!!!! :p :P :p :P
So I also saw the ‘flying’ thing!!

Well. Then there is an ‘interval’

Then I return with another dream.. rather in another dream.. and here I am just a spectator that is I am not present there.. am just ‘seeing’ it.. and am speakin to my mummy (not in scene.. )
So, here I see a sea…. And this is a very placid sea……….. no waves at all… and dooooor mein I can see the coast.. lined by coconut trees…..
(I think I am standing on the other side of the sea….for people who don’t know wat ‘other side of the sea’ means… im sorry.. I belong to a group of little islands… and there’s land all around the sea..and sea around the land… here . there.. everywhere….especially the beaches.. they are crescent shaped… so its like the sea movin into the land.. sory I don have time to xplain beter)
And as I look at the sea I tell mummy ki yeh samundar nahi tha.. twas not this sea.. that sea was so rough….
Matlab I am speaking bout my previous dream to mummy (coz .. in real life too.. I tell all my water dreams to mummy)
And the coolest part of this dream was my ‘computer game’ vision..
Like wen we play computer games.. we can press the arrow keys and look around na.. up and down .. left and right.. we can scan thru the entire scene..
Just like that.. in this dream too.. my vision goes all over the sea…. All directions… as if there is a key fitted on my head and someone has pressed it and that’s makin my head jerk in that direction ….
So I say mummy ki this was not THAT sea…
And suddenly am on the road near the coast… and ‘above’ it….like the same ‘computer game’ vision….
I see a big mosque.
And a mosque next to it..
And a mosque behind it
And a mosque next to this mosque
And a mosque behind that
And another next to it
And another behind it

i mean………..
allllll I see is mosques……………
I can see a road… far away is the sea… and beyond the road there are mosques and mosques and mosques…..
Then I turn to see the other side of the road and again there are mosques……. i look around 360 degrees and I am literally surrounded by BIG BEAUTIFUL Mosques…. and I remember that even in my previous dream I saw a green minar of a mosque…. (ya!!! I remember in this dream bout my previous dream and recall it here… dats y I didn’t mention it there.. I see that mosque ka minaret at the time of the ‘take off’ (later wen I told this dream to my mummy, I described this minar being of ‘kelapatti’ ka color.. the color of a banana leaf))

And while am seeing all these mosques, I also remember seeing some beautiful mosques on the NH… on the way south to Trivandrum….

And then I hear my mummy say, “Tum ek kaam karo Kiran, tum Ibrahim Alaihissalam ko padh kar bakhsho…”

Full stop…
Dream ends after a little vision of the sea and some Egyptian sculpture…

And usi waqt mera neend khulta hai…
And I take some time to realize that I have actually seen a dream where I am told to supplicate for a Prophet.

And I am like woooowwww!!!!

Now, like I have written many times earlier that I have seen umpteen dreams in which I am reading some or the other kalima… and theres always lots of Alhamdulillah and Bismilah and Thayyab filling my dreams…
But this was too beautiful..
I mean, of course, the voice was my mom’s but still… it’s quite an unusual to get such ‘commands’ in ur dreams….
I remember reading a hadees that said that we shud not ‘do’ anything that we r told to do in our dreams if it goes against the Shariat…
Ab isme toh there was nothing agains the Shariat na…
And the best part was that it was to read Fatiha for Ibrahim A.S…. I mean .. a specific Prophet…
It wasn’t just ki… ‘Kiran tum Fatiha padho’ ya even ‘Huzur S,A,W par Fatiha padho’ ..coz we talk so much bout Huzur S.A.W in a day… and in general, Huzur S.A.W fills up our lives…. So hearing his name wud have been fir bhi OK…
But hearing the name of a Prophet bout which I hadn spoken or read in the recent past was quite …mmmmmm… strange, if I can say that!

So, after I woke up.. I actually tuk time to realize that I have just seen a dream overflowing with mosques… and I have just been told to read Fatiha for Ibrahim A.S…
I was like coooolllll!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

So, I ran to read the Qur’an….
I read Surah Rehman, which is my favourite Surah in the Qur’an Paak.
And then I stayed awake to read Fajr…twas after a long long time that I cud pray Fajr on time.
I was happy.
Uske baad I slept.
I got up again for college, called up mummy to tell my dream.
She too was happy, she told that she too will read for Ibrahim A.S …
Then I went to the college.
On the way I found the meaning of seeing mosques in your dream
It means that somo good news is on its way.

In the hospital I came to know that our results are out.
I was so scared.. but this dream was such a consolation at that time.
I knew that since I have had such a wonderful dream that morning, surely, Allah has conveyed to me that whatever wud happen wud be the best for me. if I failed, twud be for my best…
Not that I need a dream to believe that, but, having a dream f this kind surely has meaning…

Alhamdulillah I passed…. :) :) :)

And this dream came 3 weeks before Eid-ul-Zuha :) :) :) which is another reason to make me so so so happy… :) :) :)

I love traveling in my college bus, it goes round the whole of the town… and its my ‘ghummi’ time… :) I love going for ‘ghummi’ in the college bus.
So, I am going in the bus, and just opposite the Kallupalam, on the road parallel to the Pagoda Resort road, I see a little green minar…….. the same minar…the one in ‘kelapatti’ green….to the same extent as I had seen the dream, in the same shape… rising above the trees…
Exactly the same…

I don’t remember seeing this minar in the past 4 yrs of my stay in Alpy….

I cant be sure if I had seen this minar, then forgotten bout it,,, and that it jumped from my subconscious mind into my dream..
Or if I had seen this mosque for the first time in my dream… and then in real life….

Filhaal, I have no memories whatsoever of seeing this mosque in real life……so it APPEARS as if the vision came in my dream BEFORE I saw it awake.
It feels quite unsettling though.

The dream was on the morning of 7th Nov. and I spotted this mosque around a week ago, don’t remember the date…….

Today morning I had a very bad dream…..i woke up at 3 am ..coz of the dream,,,,cudn sleep after that.

Hopefully, I shall have more of Rehmaani dreams :) :) :)
Allah hafiz

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