Saturday, 14 November 2009


There’ve been dreams.. :)
The first one had a sea.. and a speed boat and me and lots of other things… all the matters is the water..
Fir today morning.. or was it yesterday bhi I had seen a dream .. isme the water came as rain…
There have been two other dreams that shall be written separately…
Fir yesterday I dreamt of a food court in a mall.. and how my mummy doesn’t want to eat there coz it’d be too expensive….

Today morning, again speed boats, actually a yacht … or somthing like that… and of course the sea,,,

No time to write more….
There was this beautiful dream bout wich I’ll write alter inshaAllah…. Abhi no time. Xam on Monday
Allah hafiz


Rayees said...

You are a professional dreamer, you know. It's not interesting what you have seen and how your mummy carefully avoided the expensive food court.

What's more interesting is that you are continuing your dream just like Ekta Kapoor's K-series never-ending soaps.

Both of you have one thing in common. She's the same "serial name begins with K" and in your case it's speed boats.

The next time when you'll write, I am sure you'll just add a twist to your never-ending-watery-dream saga so that you can keep us hooked to your blog.

Cunning tactics, Almas. :D :( :( :P

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

There is a hadis dat says HuzurS.A.W didnt approve of lying bout dreams. . . I never lie bout my dreams, if thats what you meant.

i really have water dreams. Thats precisely why i call myself Jalpari.


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