Friday, 20 November 2009

Dreamz....:D :D yes, again!!

I have already written bout a few of my water dreams in the past 2 weeks… well, I have had many many many water dreams in the past 2 weeks, in fact I think ki last week toh it was daily….
One even had mermaids….:D :D :D so I was happy… I don’t remember the date.. had written in my FB update.. wil luk bak and write the date (later--- coz I luv procrastination:p)… actually it’s kind of like my previous mermaid dream coz this too didn’t have any real mermaids.. it had mermaids ke pictures.. lolz..:D ya!! I saw a collage (kind of) of mermaids.. and sapne mein hi I was thinking ki wow! I finally saw mermaids.. I remember one pic very well, it was that pic of the other Jalpari on blogger… it’s a lovely pic…

Then I had a dream jisme I saw Neetu Singh and a whole filmy story….. who bhi aisa waisa nahi.. I saw a horror story… it started wid mummy aapa and me.. and then suddenly I just became a spectator and the other roles were taken up by the film stars… (I think Muzammil Ibrahim bhi tha.. not sure…agar tha toh wow!! :p :P :p :P :p) and as goes wid my dreams…. I woke up many times in between only to go back to sleep and continue from where I had left… but finally wen it was time to wake up for college .. I thot ki chhodo yaar!!! So the film didn’t have a ‘the end’ :( :( :( …
Aur bhi bohot saare sapne the is hafte…. Each one ‘item’ … hee hee!! Khair!

All dreams Technicolor…..

lots of dreamz tonite... coz i woke up many times...
all coloured...
last one mein i am in a shoe ka dukaan, which also sels groceries... wid AT, Anupriya.. and assumingly the other S2 gals had gone somewhere... i remember seeing a few junior boys....
the shopkeeper is a Tamil speaking Marwari... (dont ask me how do i know it!!! i just do!)
and he doesnt know wat to wid commodities wen the cross their expiry date...
am wearing denims and a black kurta and waha i try on a black hijab and a black leather jacket and am lukin for super high heels...
uhmmmm... and i luk into the mirror and i have a waist size of Shilpa Shetty

:D :D :D

And next post on my happy happy sundar sundar wala dream.. :) :) :) :)
Allah hafiz

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