Saturday, 28 November 2009

Eid-ul-Zuha Mubarak!!!!

Eid-ul-Zuha Mubarak ho sabko!

After much hesitation, i’d finally decided to come to Anisa’s place for celebrating Bakreid...and Alhamdulillah it has been a wonderful Eid today.... :)

As always, we went to the Eidgaah for the Eid prayers…. But there was a little difference between the previous Eid and this Eid… this time I was wearing the hijab :)
The previous time I had carried a dupatta with myself, to wear while praying…is baar I didn’t have to bother with all that and trust me it feels so beautiful.
Have I said yet that tomorrow I complete one whole year of wearing the HIjab?
It seems like yesterday… twas the Intermeds, twas my bday… and I had worn the headscarf…..:)
Trust me, I was so scared… so hell scared… some hadn treated me well, some had treated me like I was a princess…it felt strange, satisfying, scary and relieving .. all at the same time..
Today, after one year…. There’s not much I think or feel while wearing the hijab….it has become so much a part of me… now I get worked up NOT wearin it, actually….lolz…
So today I went to the Eidgaah wid my hijab on… without needing any ‘extra’ clothing especially for prayers…..
It felt good….
I was happy…..reeeaallyyy :)

Eidgaah is the most beautiful part of the Eids I have celebrated in Kerala….
Its only on tv that I have seen so many Muslims together….
In an eidgaah you actually feel it….
I feel it especially so coz I had never prayed in a Jamaat, until my first Eidgaah prayer… that was in the ’07 Eid-ul-Fitr,…. Twas the first namaz I’d read in a Jamaat….

Eid’s been the only occasion when I’ve prayed in congregation and so it makes me feel like oooohhhh!!!! :)

The hurry at home, so that u don’t miss the prayers….the common place for vazu… the filling up of the safaas…. The shoulders together….. the many people bowing down to Allah in unison… it is an absolutely beautiful feeling..
Can only be felt .. cant really be written in words…

And I just received a call from a very gud friend, Sashank, who recently came to know that I have started wearing the hijab.. and he told ki wats wrong wid me.. I’m gonna be a doc…. He imagines me wid a steth and the blah blah and here I am becoming so backward.. :p


After Eid…we had returned and I helped ani stir the masala for her biryani…
And then we went for the Jumma prayers….
:) :) :) :) :)
Now, this was another gr8 thing…coz’ I had never read a Jumma before this.. I was so very happy :)
Oh oh oh!!! I mean, see it’s an Eid…. And I read my very first Jumma today.. twas a Salafi mosque……and it was an AC mosque…..hee hee hee.. it was not a beautiful mosque or something.. but, khair.. a mosque is a mosque is a mosque..
Waha also we met Ani’s aunty whom we had met in the Eidgaah too..
I suddenly wanted to have relatives..
But then Allah has given me such wonderful parents that I cant ask for anything more.. twud be being ungrateful.
I cant expres myself in words…. Seriously, each time I lok around, I find myself loving my parents more and more..

So.. well. We went to the Jumma prayer…and waha pe I cudn really understand the Khutbah… twas on TV.. I mean relayed from the men’s section…..

The morning Khutbah was beautiful…. Twas bout Ibrahim Alaihissalam ….. and I cud understand it all.. it felt so beautiful…. I cried throughout the khutbah.. the lady beside me was also crying.. I don know.. but.. I loved the khutbah…. Twas not something new.. the same story of Qurbaani. But wen u hear it from an imam, it sounds different… sitting as a part of such a huge Jamaat feels so grt8.

The Qur’an read in the kiraat is so beautiful.. now, I know y people revert to Islam just by hearing the Qur’an recitation….

Hmmmm.. after that we returned to Alleppey….
Reached the hostel at 8 pm…
And I am sleepy
Allah hafiz


battleforhind said...

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu,

We praise Allah All Mighty and we ask Him to accept our duahs, fasting, and our sacrifices and ask Allah to send blessing upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, ibn Abdulllah (s), our leader and the seal of the Prophets.

I wish all Muslim brothers and sisters Eid Mubarak. May this Eid bring peace and happiness in all our lives. May Allah liberate our lands from occupation and restore the rule of Islam across the lands that have been taken away. Ameen.

●๋•guℓѕнαn●๋•™ said...

Assallam AApi....congrats on completing one year ....m sooooooooooo happy for u.....may Allah give u the strength and patience to pull it throughout the life....and happy pappy burrdaayyyy...

Id-ul-zuha bhi mubaaraq ho...hamari to aaj eid hai.. :)

aapko nahi lagta kinni saari congratulations ho gayin...mark this day aapi...bahut kam aise din hote hain :)

Rayees said...

Asak Jalpari,

It's really nice to know your mature thoughts. You have come a long way from your ninth-grader phase of life. It's true you learn and better yourself as you age.

Nobody had imagined that there would be such a radical change in the way you view and perceive things.

Today, you love hijab, company of your co-religionists and at the same time being politically correct with people from other religions. It shows that Allah has chosen you as His devout "bandi".

I appreciate your take on life and its matters. You have reached the stage where fearless people say " whatever will be, will be" when others call them they are backward or are returning to "medieval times".

It's time to stand up to those rhetorics and also keep the balance in relations.

Disordinedeimedici said...

hi from italy

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

@ gulgul
Wassalam dear
thanks a lot honey....
yupps.. a day to remember :)

waleykum assalam wa rehmatullahe wa barakatahu

walaykum assalam
u seem to remember me well from those days nai ??;p
i sincerely wish to be a chosen 'bandi' of Allah. and i hope He never leaves me to wander..
thanks for the lovely comment dear :)
keep me in ur prayers..

hi from india


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