Sunday, 1 November 2009

Failing and Falling


Failing and falling
Failing and falling
That’s all that’s left in my life…

Nothing to be proud of
Nothing to get me satisfied…
Nothing to appease me
Nothing to bring on my lips a smile.

I try.. Oh yes I do..
With all my heart!
But why for so short a while
That it ceases even before it could properly start?

I don’t lose hope but I don’t work enuf
To reach for that distant shining star  ..
With hope alone how will I succeed?
After all, the star is so damn far.

To fail after you gave it your best
Will fill ur heart with a feeling rare..
A little pain, some drops of tears
But also a satiation beyond compare…

To know that you fall coz you don’t know how to walk
And are not even trying to learn how….
Will only keep you nailed to inactivity
A life of regrets, both later and now.

So break off the shackles and rise up
To do your little part my lass…
With the hope that you have, just a pinch of work
Can get you there where noone has….

So I might fail and I might fall..
But no, that’s not the end of my life..
Coz trying, giving up is only life’s way
Of making me experienced and wise.


Allah hafiz

1 comment:

Jaunty anima said...

Hmm...that's the spirit which guides you through life..Maintain the same...n u'd touch the sky!!Fall but never accept failure!!nice blog!!


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