Sunday, 1 November 2009

"The Painter of Signs" Quoted # 2


So i finished reading the Painter of Signs.... Tis a good book. has a sad ending.. A typical Malgudi Dys kind of work.. not thought provoking in the explicit way... You gotto be reeeaallyyy into the bok to actually feel it.. otherwise, it mite pass as being very superficial...
nothing really that touches your heart....
most of the Lines I have chosen from this book are not coz they are dripping wid essence bt coz they are so commonly felt and experienced in our daily lives.. i guess that's wat Raman will alwaz be famous for.... being so SIMILAR to the common Indian man.....

• Sometimes it’s a bad day all through in every way.

• Mahatma Gandhi had advised one of his followers in a similar situation, “Walk with your eyes fixed on your toes during the day, and on the stars at night.”

• The eye was the real source of mischief. One’s thoughts followed what the eyes saw. Thoughts developed from sight. He would wear coloured glasses so that she might not note where he was looking.

• The eye leads the thoughts and the hand follows the mind and then outruns it.

• - each one of us has to do our bit in the corner of the country allotted to us.

• Carry a furnace of conviction

• Raman thought, ‘Every person is so much a part of his background- take him away from it and he becomes limp and featureless.’

• He was trying to lose himself in all such activities, for if he allowed a little pause, thoughts of Daisy came back, and the pain of separation racked him.

• He merely said, “Ilike you, I feel lost without you.” “Better than getting lost along with me,” she mumbled on. “ ‘I love you’, ‘ I like you,’ are words which can hardly be real. You have learnt them from novels and Hollywood films perhaps. When a man says ‘I love you’ and the woman repeats ‘I love you’ – it sounds mechanical and unconvincing. Perhaps credible in Western society, but sounds silly in ours. People really in love would be struck dumb I imagine.”

• He rambled on incoherently and Daisy listened with patience. He realized that he could not complete any sentence. Ideas got entangled and swung back and forth.

• She said, “ I want to forget my moments of weakening, and you must forget me, that’s all.”

• “ At some moments, and mods, we say and do things- like talking in sleep, but when you awake, you realize your folly..” she fumbled on, unable to state it all very clearly, “Oh forgive me for misleading you…”

These are placed in the order in which they appear in the story. My favourite two are the ones in bold....

Allah hafiz

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