Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Passed!!! Alhamdulillah :)

I have started writing so many posts but haven’t completed them. Don’t know why.. aaj kal kuchh likhne ka man hi nahi karta….

Therez a good news Alhamdulillah .. I have cleared my 3rd Professional MBBS part A…. I was so scared… the news came that 6 students from the whole KU hav failed.. usi mein I was so so tensed.. later we came to know that 6 have flunked not in the University but in our own college.. mera toh totally haalat kharab ho gaya.. khair soon I came to know the names of the guys… Mera toh jaan mei jaan aaya.. Alhamdulillah!!! I mean.. hum toh pass ho gayi na!
Aur bhi baad mei pata chala ki 9 have flunked in our college.. record result hai yeh toh.. andisme sabse zyada were from the A batch.. kisi sarfire ne sign kiya humlog ka paper.. anisa missed distinction by 2 %.... har saal she has mssed thode thode marks se hi…

Khair Almas pass ho gayi .. yahi uske liye bohot hai….

Ab I’m puri tareeke se in Final Year… :) ..hee hee hee…
Monday ko Medicine ka mid sessional hai.. kuchh bhi nahi padha hai abhi tak…

Am sad
Pata nahi kyu
Actually pata hai kyu..lekin fir bhi I want to turn a blind eye to it..
Am again into my depressive eating ..
Am mad…
There was a nice sapna..
There have been many dreams (all colorful)… nice ones.. mast wale sapne.. lekin ek toh too good tha.. wil write after sometime.. abhi I think I shud study thodi deri…

Am feeling lost.
Allah hafiz…

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

Congratualtions on passing! MashaAllah!


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