Sunday, 1 November 2009


I have just started yet another private blog, 'Visaal-e-Yaar', on Blogger.... I wish I can do justice to all my blogs widout messing up my already messed up studies any further... and I have posted the most beautiful post from Jalpari in The Unsaid.... am planning to post it in Visaal too... Its been deleted from Jalpari... not meant for all to read... its something sooooo close to my heart... 

trust me it’s one of those posts that rest deep in my heart… feeling the blood flow thru my chambers… That's how I've described it in The Unsaid... newaz... while lukin for a description for Visaal i came across this ghazal by Ghalib.. am quoting a couplet from the ghazal,

Ye na thi hamari qismat ke visaal-e-yaar hota...
agar aur jeetay rehtay yahi intazaar hota

but I didnt want to begin such a lovely blog on a negative note... Ghalib mite have been a sadist... I appreciate his sadism :p but thanks... I know to my live my life with a better outlook... :p

Am still lukin for a gud description....newaz...
Allah hafiz

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