Monday, 21 December 2009

"About Love" by Anton Chekhov .... Quoted #1

Tis been long since I tuk my lappy out….
Have been reading Anton Chekhov again….
Many many short stories….
Here are a few lines from the story “About Love”

• I did not think of her, but it was as though her light shadow were lying on my heart.

• Luckily or unluckily, there is nothing in our lives that does not end sooner or later.

• I confessed my love for her and with a burning pain in my heart I realized how unnecessary, how petty and how deceptive all that had hindered us from loving was. I understood that when you love you must either, in your reasoning about that love, start from what is highest, from what is more important than happiness or unhappiness, sin or virtue in their accepted meaning, or you must not reason at all.

For each one of us the priorities in life are different… for some the most important thing rite now would be to sit and mug up surgery….prolly it gives them happiness…
To some others, listening to the birds chirp in the morning mite be the biggest source of happiness….
To each one be his life.
The only thing ids that it is very important for every individual to know exactly what is the most important thing in his/her life and then live by it.. live for it…
While the author, in this line tells the importance of keeping love above everything else, I feel we should individualize the matter to suit our priorities.
I don’t deny that love is something very important .. prolly the most important of all things that I, personally, wud consider to be a fountain of happiness, but, still…. Wen living our lives we cant use one organ of our body while completely throwing away another.
The heart and the mind need co-ordination.
One can rule over the other….but there should be…. ‘beat to beat variability’…. If u get wat I mean…
We cant let out hearts be the rulers in all situations, at all times…
Nor can we let our minds play the master’s role forever.

Certain things in life are meant to be understood only retrospectively….
Certain things in life are meant to remain as a ‘Pang’

Every love doesn’t and shudnt end in marriage and kids….. wen we say that, we are ourselves making love just another mundane activity of the process called life.
Now, pleeeeaaasse…love is more than THAT.

Yes, love is important.. but there are things that I wudn lose for my love for someone, there are some other things I wudn lose even for someone else’s love for me.
Life cudn be that simple to allow you to love and get ur loved one, all the time in all cases.

Love, the expression of it, the denial of it, the acceptance of it… can all be disastrous, depending on the whens and wheres involved.
To say that a person should only concern himself with love irrespective of the ‘disaster’ that can ensue is kind of foolishness.

There are two things that I believe are important here
Firstly, like I already told, not all Love shud necessarily end in marriage… not all Love does… not all Love will…we need to respect love for wat it is in its purest form …. “Love” and not by the outcome of it.
People have this gr8 ability to measure love by the results.
If you loved someone in school and then broke up, they say it was time pass.
If you continues it into college, oh wat a true love!!!!
If you didn’t marry the person you loved, you weren’t serious bout him
If you did marry, oh what a true love!!!
If the marriage cudn last, see….. you were wrong, you mistook a casual friendship for something deeper.
If it lasted, oh what a true love!!!

I think people need to come out of this skewed vision of what they call love.
Isn’t there something called failure??? It is as much an entity as is success…. And if success can greet you on any path in life… so can failure.. and love is no exception to that.

Recently someone asked me if my love for someone is ‘true’…..
I wonder what it means!!!
Coz’ can there be a ‘false’ love???
If someone is special enuf in our lives to find a mention in our conversations with others dealing with matters of the heart, that person IS undeniably important.
And then, can your love for that ‘undeniably important’ person be false?
If yes, you must be one of the most ghatiya persons around.
Love is always true.

The truth in love is not decided by whether you can marry this person or not.
The truth doesn’t lie in weder this person is a Muslim or not.

They are matters of the mind…

They are things which, like I told, depend upon our priorities, the choices that we have set for ourselves. They are matters of the consequences, weder shud we move ahead or turn back.
They are not matters, which, by any means, decide if ur love was true.

Love is true. Period.

Secondly, if you ever, knowingly or unknowingly, have kept love above everything else…. If you have gone ahead and eloped with a married man of 42 who is an alcoholic, and who beat you until you had to file for a divorce…..
Don’t REGRET that decision.
Never regret.
Whatever happened was very essential…. It had to happen….there is never a ‘if this hadn’t happened’ in life.
Whatever is happening just had to happen.
So don’t regret.
Life strictly follows the ‘beat to beat variability’…….
Nothing remains….. life moves on….. the whole of the life is not a crest …. The whole of the life is not a trough……
There are crests and troughs….
And all things pass…..

And that’s the second statement I have quoted from About Love, “Luckily or unluckily, there is nothing in our lives that does not end sooner or later”

So, prioritise things in ur life……..
And live by it… live for it…
And whatever decisions u finally make, whatever steps u finally take- weder or not according to ur set priorities- do not regret!
Coz’ life is more precious than spending it in regret.

[P.S : Minu came to my room to return my Forensic , take my ophthalm and say that she’s very happy to home… it’s been long since she went home- 2 WEEKS]

Allah hafiz

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