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The Beloved's Beloved---- Imaam Hussain A.S

It’s the 9th of Moharram today and it’s the first of the two rozas for us in Kerala. At home, it’s tomorrow and the day after.

The first thing that I’d like to tell is that the 9th and 10th Rozas are not in remembrance of Imaam’s Shahadat….Huzur S.A.W Himself had observed these fasts and that was long before the Battle Of Karbala.
These two rozas are to mark the day wen the Children of Israel had been delivered by the Grace of Allah under the leadership of Prophet Moses A.S.
It has nothing to do with Imaam A.S. or the Bayt….

Next, just like last year I wish to do a post on Aashura.
That was my last year’s post on Aashura where I have tried to write a brief account on the history of the Shahadat and I have also copied a very famous song bout the Battle.
I think I should write bout wat I feel bout the way we shud ‘react’ to Muharram. Meaning my reaction to the Shia-Sunni tussle over the Imaam. I shall not be writing much of new stuff.. I will only copy and paste from posts I have written earlier…. And then link back to them…I think that wud be enuf.
How and why were we divided into Shias and Sunnis is too vast a thing for me to write here. For now, it would suffice to talk bout exactly ‘how much’ have we been divided.
The various ‘struggles’ between the Shias and the Sunnis is for everyone to see. Every now and then we hear of the problems in Iraq…..but I feel {I meaning me meaning the person who’s typing this down meaning the person who’s blog this is meaning Almas Shamim}that the passive resistance between the two sects (can we call it sect???) is way more than the very evident fights.
This can be noticed most vividly during Muharram…the First month of the Islamic calendar. The battle of Karbala was fought during this month and Imaam Hussain (A.S), the Beloved grandson of the Final Prophet of Islam, was martyred on the 10th Muharram at Nainawa, Karbala.
The Battle was fought between Muslims…. Between relatives…between Hussain A.S and Yazeed…
Twas a Battle of principles..of standing for wat was right…. Of upholding what Islam taught.
While the Shias in their love for the Bayt go to the extent of lashing themselves until they bleed, the Sunnis in their strange resistance to “all things Shia” somehow present it in a way that even shedding tears for Hussain is a Biddat.
plz read another post i had written also titled,  Aashura..... and the Battle of Karbala

And I quote myself again, “…And nowwwww since Shias give a very huge importance to Ali and the First Family……. Strangely Sunnis retort with a rejection of almost everything that goes in the line of praising Ali or Hussain……..(not everyone.. but a large number of Sunnis)..

It goes to the extent that many Sunnis refuse to hear the story of Karbala on Muharram …. Coz they label it to be a Shiite ritual.
A lot of times you’ll hear Sunnis saying that it’s wrong to ‘cry’ wen you hear the story of Karbala…they somehow relate it to the Shiite practices of lashing themselves and suffering pain on the occasion of Muharram.

Very personally speaking, I think, only a very hard hearted Muslim wudn cry on hearing bout the Battle of Karbala…..
It amazes me wen I find someone not in love with Hussain… I don’t understand how can any sane Muslim not be in love with Hussain. How can you not feel the pain that I do wen I hear of his shaheedi? Everything that happened was for us… then why cant you feel it? it really amazes me………

Yes, a lot of what Shias do in the name of love is Biddat….but wat is not is not.
Don’t go on labeling everythin as a ‘Biddat- Innovation’..
from my post Ali Maula

Wat I mean is that each time you shed a drop of tear for Imaam Hussain A.S, you’ll find the whole Muslim population (which consists more of Sunnis) surrounding you and imparting knowledge that it is just not done…
Yo brothers!! It is just not done!
When Huzur’s son had passed away, even Huzur’s eyes were filled with tears… you see? ‘crying’ is human. And I recently found a beautiful couplet which points to the fact that when we lose someone in our family, don’t we cry over the loss?? Each time we talk bout that person, don’t we feel the pain? Then how can you not feel the pain for Hussain A.S… it leaves me baffled.. totally!!!
Yeah! I know.. that the pain of Hussain is not to be felt on any one day or any one season.. it’s not a “Happy Mourning Day”.. that we mourn exclusively on one day and then forget bout it altogether.
I aint saying that….of course, the message of Karbala shud be carried with us every single day of our life. But this cannot be made the basis to shrug off the story of Karbala if you get to hear it at least once in a year….
Agar tum pure saal Karbala ko bhulaye baithte ho.. toh tumhara kasoor hai… agar yaad karte toh shayad Ashure ke din kuchh zyada yaad karne mei tumko burai nahi dikhta. Aur burai kyu? Kyuki ye Shia-iat hai?
I remember, before joining college… my mother’s constant complain to me was not to waste water.. and it was usually followed by telling me how our Imam and the Bayt had been martyred thirsty….
Each time mummy and I speak of the ‘Right vs Wrong’ things in life… mummy never fails to mention Karbala…..she says, ‘Usool me sirf 72 khade the.. aur Usool me qayam rehna hi Islam hain’
Kaise nahi yaad karte log Imam ki Shaheedi. Kaise nahi rona aata unko?Aap maatam nahi manate...Mat manao..Par dil ke kis kone mein ishq chhupa rakha hai.. woh toh dikhao...Mat khoon bahao... mat seena peeto..woh Biddat hai....Unka yaad bhar kar lo... toh tumhara kya bigad jayega???
Are haan!!! Shia mei shumaar ho jaoge.. ye bigad jaega…
This is the passive resistance I spoke of… the resistance to the expression of love for the Ahle Bayt…. Coz somehow….Sunnis are scared of ‘overexpression’ of their love..for the fear of doin wat the Shias do….
And this resistance is only widening the gap… this is making the Shias all the more immersed in their ‘way’ …coz weder knowingly, weder unknowingly, Sunnis have only distanced themselves from any overt expression of their feelings.
Of course, you shall say that being a good Muslim is more important than that.. toh bhai.. who toh obvious sa baat hai na??? who toh har ek ko banna hai…aap bas yeh kehte raho as a cover to why u never speak of the Bayt…aap bas kehte raho ki saal mei sirf ek din unko yaad karke kya..toh isse toh koi kaam nahi banta na?..... jo kehte ho..woh karo toh… ache musalman bano toh… pure saal apne zindagi mein karbala ko qaayam rakho toh…aapp toh na yeh karte hai… na who karte hain…. Aur jab koi matam manata hai.. toh unpar pathhar fekte hai…. Haan!! Bohot achhe musalman.!!
Ultimately, with all this hatred in the Sunnis for the Shias and vice versa...wat r we left with??? Each sect calling the other ‘Yazeed ke aulaad’….

Tum isliye maatam nahi manate kyuki tumko unse pyaar nahi, tum yazeed ke aulaad.

Tum maatam isliye manate ho kyuki tumne Hussain ko maara.. tum yazeed ke aulaad

Wow! The whole of Ahmed’s Ummati… yazeed ke aulaad…hmmm.

In any case. I, me, Almas (nothing shud be extrapolated to my family plz) do not wear black on Moharram…. And I do not mourn on this day… this day has been a very blessed day for mankind…..from Noah’s deliverance to the Pharaoh’s end. From Adam’s pardon to Joseph’s freedom. 10th of Aashura is a Blessed day.
The day Allah chose to deliver the Ummati in return for the Exalted Imam’s life.
It will never be a mourning day for me…. but I cant stop my tears wen I think that oh!! Today was the day wen Imam was martyred… and martyred for me….

Royen Wo jo munkar hain shahadat e HUSSAIN k.. ..
HUM zinda o Javed ka matam nahi kartay. . . 

Mazloom hi Mazloom ko rote hain jahan mei,
zalim kabhi Mazloom ka Matam nahi karte.
Apna koi Marr jay tu rote hain Tadap kar,
Par aale Nabi (S.A.W) ka Gham nahi karte.
Himmat hai to Mahshar main yeh kehna Paighambar say,...
Ke hum Eid to karte the Par Muharram nahi karte.

P.S-written yesterday..

Allah hafiz


_sidra_ said...

salaaaaaaaaaam almaaaasss.....i lik da way u exprsd ur views....nd u knw ur worrds r realy heart touching....gud job yar...t.c Allah hafixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx....

zahid said...

Very Nice bro


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