Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Blog Description Changed :)

InshaAllah going to change my blog description...
so thot of noting down the older one...

"Its all bout me , my life here on the land, away from the sea. . . me princess of the ocean among humans so mean. just check out my blog this is Almas JaLpArI"

This description was with me for almost two years now...
thanks darling..
but, I guess... I need to move on. :)
not yet decided if I shud change the name of my blog...
the first name was
"Almas naama"
then it became "Jalpari"
but since some of the non-Urdu readers cudn understand wat Jalpari meant, I had changed it to "Jalpari- The Meramid".
I am so used to call it Jalpari that I aint really sure if I'd be able to call it wid any other name..
newaz let's see...
Allah hafiz

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