Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Why dont you let me cry? There is such a lot of pain within me. . . Please help me bring it all out. . . Please let the tears flow. I want to forget what has happened. Help me. Strange I am asking help from someone who brought me into this mess, in the first place. 'There is no refuge from Allah but in Allah'.
I wish I could hurt you in some way. I am so hurt God. Why did you have to make such a joke out of my feelings? Why? I had loved in the best of ways, didnt you know? You didnt take care of it. Now again you have abandoned me. Please, I am not a super human. I can only see the visible. So, dont go bout the 'I carried you in my arms' and stuff. I need visible help God. See me thru this. I want to forget the pain.
why God? Why? Wasnt I happy? Oh, I was so happy. Why did you give me and then take it away.
well, I guess I know the reason. Fine. If that's wat you wish. . .
in any case, I am hurt. . . Badly. .


Rayees said...

Asak Dr. Almas,

I guess, you are just trying to give vent to your anger. Remember, whatever happens, it happens for your own good.

Recall the moments of "God, tusy gr8 ho". Amitabh (playing god) says "tum insaan bhi bade ajeeb ho, jab thoda sa bhi ghalat hota hai cheekh thth-the ho".

God wants us to have patience and stand the test of time. The pain is momentary, but the guilt (of intolerance)stings us for long.

Keep smiling....

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Walaykum Assalam


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