Friday, 25 December 2009

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah,
"Our Lord!Verily,it is You who will gather mankind together on d Day about which there is no doubt.Verily Allah never breaks his promise."

I have this gr8 problem of mistrusting you. I am sorry. I just cant understand what kind of a justice will you do.
In those regards, I think reincarnation would be good. To punish the people who have done bad. It also gives an explanation as to why things are goin wrong to people who are not doin SUCH bad things.
Is there any point in it all Allah Paak?
what when a Muslim who prays, fasts etc.. . . Is a bad person? What justice are you goin to show?
apparently, nothing bad happens to people who are bad. It is only our Faith in the Hereafter that can make us correct ourselves and be righteous. You do not show your justice. . .
its only our faith that yes. . . Someday something bad will happen to them if they are bad today. But, nothing bad happens. Even if bad does happen, the person in question doesnt relate it to his misdeed. . . And if the person doesnt even realize his folly, is it all worth it?
Sometimes I feel such a lot of hatred for you. The worst is that you are God. . . And there is nothing I can do. Thats all that is. You are Allah and you can do anything. You may give justice, may not. Up to you. . . This is what i finally conclude, each time I think bout this thing. But this goes against the fact that you do not break promises. . . Everything in the Qur'an is a fact. Isnt it?
I dont know why i find myself thinking that no God wont fulfil his promise. . Why does he need to? He doesnt have to answer anyone na? Why does it matter in any way? Whether he delivers his promise or not. . . Can we do anything bout it?
its you who has made people Hindu Muslim Christian. . . Then why Allah will you punish someone for not worshipping you? Why didnt you make him worship you?
you say that unko unke hisse ka khushi is duniya mei mil jata hai. . .
sachi bolo. . .
mil jata hai kya?
there must be non Muslims born into poor households. . . Struggling for a single meal. . . They may be good people too. . . You made them non Muslims. . . Didnt you? ? Then why? They dont have a paradise here. . . They dont have a paradise there. .
thats the way you are. . . You dont bother. . .

what use is there in anything if a person doesnt even understand why things are happening? When you punish us, we should understand na. . . What if we dont? Does it remain a punishment? Does everyone understand Allah Paak. . ? Maybe they do, maybe they just dont tell it aloud. . Coz they are so full of guilt. . .
i hope they understand.
when i was in first year, i never understood when teachers scolded us in malayalam. . . So, i didnt feel anything. Likewise, when boys pass comments. . . I didnt understand so twas ok.
when you punish, when you scold. . . And they dont understand. . You know Allah Paak. . . Its ok. . .
so please make them understand.

and assuming they do understand, yet, dont tell it. . . How does it console me? ? ? Where do I see your justice? ? If i dont see the person repent, tell me. . . How do i see your justice? If i only see happiness in the person who wronged me, tell me. . . How do i see your justice? Its just that Allah Paak. . .
i need to believe that you will be Just. . . Its all in the belief.
i need to pacify myself. I need to find faults in his life, so that my heart might feel pacified ki chalo theek hai. . . Allah ne usko dikhaya. . .
there is only one belief. . . One hope. . . The Hereafter. . .
I think the only way to live is to understand that we need to obey commands, do things that are right, And if anyone does any wrong, he will be punished. Then we shouldn wait for that punishment for him, coz we might find our belief shaken. Rather, we should only pray for ourselves ki Allah Paak. . . Thank you ki you gave me only itna pain, and not any more. . Coz you are God. . You could destroy me if you wanted. Thank you for not destroying. I should go on finding reasons to thank you, coz it makes life easier.
i should just go on living without expecting a justice coz it mite not come. . . And then all this rubbish will start troubling me again. And it will take me away from you. And without you, i cant live.
Tere siwa kaha jaye. . . Jaha jaye . .laut ke tere paas aaye. . .
"There is no refuge from Allah but with Allah"
newaz. . . One day i shall end. . . So there is no point if i live to see justice.
socho koi katputli ka kahani dekh rahe hai. . . Usme agar villain jeet jata hai toh koi farak padta hai kya? After all its just a puppet. . . Katputli se zyada kya auqad hai humlog ka. . . Khair. . . Humko toh ek din khatm ho jana hai. . . Aap hi rehne wale hai. . . Aap apna dekh lo. . . I am not angry now. . . That was subah ko. . . I am sorry for complainin again. But tell me where else can I go? Jo ye sab kar raha hai usi ko toh bol sakti hai kiran. . . Jiske hath mei kuchh nai, usko kya bole ? And its that same old story. . Anything that i can say can be used against me. Sorry. . .
thank you Allah Paak. . . I dont know why i get desp so soon. . . Please. . . Sorry. . . Love you . . . Theek hai. . . Woh hai na "One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching" :)
I should only try to make my own life worth watching. Baaki ka . . . Unka kismat. . . And thank you God for making me me. . . :) love you and so sorry. . . Mmmmwwwwaaaahhhh :* :* :* :*
tatas :)

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