Sunday, 20 December 2009



I dont understand why are we so selfish. Probably, selfishness is the only way to live in this world.
Its unnerving how we should smile at the very people whom we dont like. Its so easy to show attitude to the people who are in any way inferior to us. Now, dont tell me that no one is inferior to anyone else.
when we are upset with someone whom we can avoid for an indefinite time coz we dont need them, we stop talkin to them. . . Or whatever. . .
can we do it to people whom we mite need the very next day? ?
Aise mei zindagi bilkul khokhla lagta hai. . .
A smile on the face and a cursing heart inside. . .
We are all bathing in selfishness.
you can never be sure of a smile.
The smile doesnt necessarily mean that the person likes you.
You can never be sure of anyone.
Maybe life is bad. Maybe I have only net bad people in life. Maybe I am the worst, so I see such a lot of badness around me. Maybe I am a fool and getting it all wrong. Maybe I am wise and getting it all right. Maybe, if given a chance, every single person would write this same thing in his/her blog.

Koi kisi ka dost nahi hai. . . The greatest of friendships are fake.
No love is unconditional.
Friendship is actually a useless word.
There is no need for this word to exist, you could use 'love'. . Couldn you?
but, well. . . Friendship is exactly that. . It is a show of love.
how many of us feel pain for our friends? ?
how many of us can fight for our friends? ?
I once fought for a friend. . Coz my friend had been abused (mildly) by another girl. The next day, I wasnt talkin to that other girl. . . My friend and that girl were friends again. . I mean they were again in that 'smile-on-the-face-and-a-cursing-heart-inside' relation.
That girl and I spoke after a week. . . By that time, the friend for whom I had fought and this girl were laughing and chatting like nothing had happened.

Will I fight for this friend again? Will I defend her again?

I have a cousin who knew about Azhar and me. . . She visited Azhar's orkut profile thru mine. . Wouldn she understand which Azhar it is? Newaz. . . She accepted Azhar's friend request and then asked him who he was. . .
Both of us were bugged.
I deleted her, put her in my ignore list. . . How could she behave this way to Azhar. .

Azhar continued to talk to this girl who had bugged him by 'acting' that she didnt recognize who he was.

Is there any point in doing anything?
At the end you are left as a big fool.
I dont think people should be diplomatic. . . We should take sides. SHOULD.
but, at the end the two sides would be one and you would be left as a fool.

The worst is that you cant even live alone.
The worst is that you too should wear a smile on your face when meeting someone you dislike.
The worst is that you are just like them.
The worst is that everyone is diplomatic.
Everyone is a hypocrite.
You . . . Me. . . Everyone.

when you blame someone of being a hypocrite, being fake, and then tell that you dont like such people and then go back and smile at her, arent you too a hypocrite ?

well. . .

Allah hafiz


WhiteOrchid said...

Human beings are selfish hon. We're all opportunists no matter how much we may deny it. We continue to smile and talk to the ones we hate just because they could be useful someday or because they are well-established/well-known. So yeah i gues we are all hypocrites in one way or another.

But then you get the TERRIBLE ones. These people u cant change. We'll just have to learn to live with them :S

n no frienship is not useless. It's just messed up at times

WhiteOrchid said...



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