Monday, 21 December 2009

A Light Shadow On My Heart.... About Love .. Quoted #2

Here is the first line that I had quoted from “About Love” by Anton Chekhov

“I did not think of her, but it was as though her light shadow were lying on my heart”

Me thinks it’s one of the most beautifully written sentences ever…. It delineates the act of thinking from the presence of someone in your mind.
Thinking is an active process…. You are thinking….
Like rite now, I am thinking.. I am processing words in mind….and then typing it down.. before I turned on the lappy I was thinking of turning it on…
I was thinking bout lyin down on the bed…
I was thinking this .. was thinking that….

This is totally different from the presence of someone in mymind….
Coz rite now, even as I am typing this word…THIS PARROT YELLOW KITE…. Even as I typed those words…. There was Haasil in my mind…. Not that I wanted to think of him… not that I am tryin to avoid thinking of him and so he keeps coming to my mind…
It’s just that…
There he is!!!
Wen I tweet that… there’s not a single moment wen you r not in my mind… I aint kidding….
And this is exactly wat went wrong….
This… I mean THIS….’light shadow on my heart’ thing has never happened to me before this.
Like I wrote in my previous post.. my mind keeps goin bak to Azhar… …KEEPS GOING BACK…
But in this case, there’s no ‘going back’… he’s there.. all the time.. always….
As though his light shadow were lying on my heart….

Allah hafiz.

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