Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Muslim Christmas??????????

So… I received many “Merry Christmas” smses today…. I replied to each one of them.
Yes, there are many, esp. in the West who’d claim that it’s wrong to wish people on any non-Muslim holidays…
To them be their lives…
I believe that there is no harm in wishing people the happiness that they are wishing me.
And being an Indian, it gets all the more imperative, and more importantly, natural for us to wish each other.. and ‘live in harmony’- to be clichéd…

Now the thing is that…these friends of mine, who’d wished me.. were all Christians….and just in case u’ve forgotten, Christmas is actually a festival to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ (A.S.).
So, I guess twas pretty ok that my friends wished me… it was the birth of Christ… a moment of happiness.. so.. well….
This was until I logged on to the net….
I found two scraps awaiting me on Orkut….one had Santa Claus.. and the other had a Merry Christmas note….
Both were sent by Muslims.
And wen I logged on to FB, twas all the more fun… coz apparently Muslims were quite desp on not being able to contact each other to wish Christmas…

Now, I really wonder wat was all this about????

Firstly, we do NOT follow the Solar calendar… we follow the Lunar calendar…. So there is no point in wishing each other the birth of a Prophet on the same day every year….
Secondly, do you wish other on other festivals like Ramnavami or Ganesh Chaturthi??? We wish our Hindu friends, definitely we do… but I have never been wished by a Muslim on any such occasion ….. then y the deal bout Christmas?
Thirdly, as Muslims, how many of u all wish each other on Milad un Nabi?
And finally…. How many of u are even aware that the day after tomorrow is the tenth of Muharram???? The day of the martyrdom of our Beloved’s Beloved…
How many of us have thought of Him even once today? How many of us recall the pains that they went through?
And yet, we are wishing each other on a festival… that is oh-so-not our festival….

And THAT is precisely why I wrote the tweet

“i dnt undrstnd y a Muslim wud wish andr Muslim "Merry Xmas".Wish others,Y Muslims? since wen did v start believin its Eesa A.S's bday today?”

And just in case your vision is defective, lemme elaborate…
I have written that I see no point in why a Muslim, who doesn’t believe that it’s Christ’s bday today should wish ‘Merry Christmas’ to ME, another Muslim who doesn’t believe that it’s Christ’s bday today.
If I need to wish ‘merry Christmas’ I need to wish it to Davis, Deepti, Joseph and other friends…..
Why shud I wish Afzal, Aneesha or Azhar???
Don’t we all share the same belief? The same rules? The same practices?
Then why????

Now, if you are goin to tell me that there is no harm if you do wish… lemme remind you of a few commands where we are expected to be different…
1. the most prominent of all is the Hijab … the 5th component of Hijab includes avoiding any attire that is symbolic of another religion…wearing which clearly indicates that I belong to another religion….. so that we r not known to be that which we r not.
2. another one to do with appearance…the men are commanded to keep beards and shave the moustaches… only to be different from the others who, bear moustaches and shave the beards…
3. we are commanded to keep fast on the 9th and 10th of Moharram… not in remembrance of Imaam Hussain A.S. but in remembrance of the Prophet Moses A.S….. this fasting is prescribed to Jews also.. the difference being that they keep fasts only on one day.. and to be different from the Jews, Huzur S.A.W had prescribed us a fasting of TWO days….

Wat I mean is.. we have been COMMANDED to be different….
Wen we r living among others, it gets imperative that we don’t hurt anyone’s sentiment.
But that by no means implies that u shud stop being ‘different’ and adopt a festival that clearly belongs to some other religion as being your own.

Now, some got worked up coz of my status…
Maybe they misinterpreted it to mean that I do not want to wish Christmas to ANYONE…. Which is not the case.. the status is still there.. go read it.. I wrote that I do not understand the need of ‘two muslims wishing each other’ on Christmas.

Or maybe, they really do feel that ‘TWO MUSLIMS SHOULD or at least CAN WISH EACH OTHER’

Now, to that…
If u r a Muslim, and if u have read the above quoted examples, u know why I told wat I did….
And if u feel that “It has nothing to do with blief and that it is just a time for enjoyment, party n fun....”
As opposed to wat I feel, that “Christmas marks the birth of Christ for Christians”

I wonder who is showing more respect to this festival and to the Faith of the hundreds of Christians whom u call friends.
A little bit of googling will let you know that many devout Christians are themselves pretty sad bout the way Christmas has been reduced to a synonym for ‘party’….
Wen some say, “Jesus is the reason for the season”, they aren’t kidding!

As for people who think that by not wishing A Merry Christmas to another “MUSLIM”, I become any lesser of an Indian…..
I wonder what being an Indian means ????
If to be an Indian, I need to respect people for wat they are. Accept them wid their religions, as a part of my life… love them wid their religions… befriend them .. live wid them wid their religions… not force my religion upon them… I bet you, you wud be glad you ever met me coz in that case, I define India.
If to be Indian is to be “cosmopolitan”…. And going by the word meaning, if it means I need to start becoming a little bit of every religion….. going to the church on Sundays, and the mosque 5 times a day…and establishing a little temple complete with all the pratimas, in my house… if anyone feels that this is required to be an Indian…I can only request two things-
One, plz read the constitution and change ur thinking.
Hold on to ur thinking and change the Constitution.
And once the Constitution changes, I shall think weder or not to continue living in India.

As of now…. In the beautiful land called India,
The matrimonials still carry different sections….
And in one little corner…. Mostly by old divorcees who find it difficult to get a spouse, we see the section labeled “Cosmopolitan”.
And if the need arises for me to publish a matri ad, I am not planning to submit one under “Cosmopolitan”.
Thank You.

P.S- the only purpose of the post- I don’t stand my integrity being questioned...wen I know that I am NOT wrong.

Allah hafiz.


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

H N (Muslim)
It has Nothing to do with blief n al tht....its a time for njoyment,party n fun....soo wen sm1 wish merry x'mas, it signifies a gr8 time of joy n fun...
Today at 00:04 ·

S V (Hindu)
Now, THAT was not expected of you, Almas!!! Very sad to see that...
Today at 00:52 ·

You, after all, are a piece from the exemplary cosmopolitan culture of Andamans...!!! Mighty queer, indeed!!!
Today at 00:56 ·

Almas Shamim
"It has Nothing to do with blief n al tht."
wen u take out belief... no religious festival remains...
the 'belief' is alwaz there....
going by wat u say,... See More
then there's nothing wrong in "njoyment,party n fun" of any kind.. whatever be the occassion.. and WHATEVER be the occassion...
Today at 01:05 ·

Almas Shamim
sorry if u ever expected anything of me..lolzzzz
i am me....
take me or leave me...
"You, after all, are a piece from the exemplary cosmopolitan culture of Andamans...!!! Mighty queer, indeed!!!"

and mighty queer of u too bother bout weder i think i shud wish another Muslim 'Xmas' or not....

where is ur " exemplary cosmopolitan culture of Andamans."???
y dont u let me be myself??
Today at 01:07 ·

Hey, Kid! You should be sorry for what you've just said to me. This is never expected of Tabraiz's sis-in-law... Hope, you are in your proper senses!!! Stop behaving like a spoilt brat, will ye...!?/?????
Today at 01:12 ·

Almas Shamim
excuse me...
wat hav i just said u???
i only pointed to u wat you pointed at me..
if u think wat i quoted was inappropriate...well, they were ur own words...
and wat has bhaiya to do wid this???...
i am very much in my proper senses....
wat makes u think i am not? that i am opinionated???
Today at 01:15 ·

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

M M (hindu)
I'm nt sure how many hindus or muslims r out ther who celebrate christmas. Ya ther mayb many who take it as a time to go visit their native place, or make it an excuse to go shopping, mayb even buy a cake ! Bt thts jus celebrating it for namesake ryt. I mean thers more meaning to xmas thn jus d birth of Christ. Lyk ny festival, be it onam or id, it... See More also comes with certain belief, it symbolises certain values tht need to be observd amng ppl. If one is ready to celebrate d day lukng at it 4m tht angle also, then i thnk ther is no fault in wishing each other for xams. Ther r hindus who observe ramzan for d values it demands, knwng d real meaning of it. Why shudnt such ppl celebrate id ? They can ryt. Bt i am afraid nt many view it frm tht angle ! Bt ther r ppl, tht i knw..
Today at 07:54 ·

R R (hindu)
belief has its own right on every single being....some think of respecting others beliefs and some are happy of their own...the totality is dat whether you believe in god system or not but in both the ways you believe something...and what i just wrote is also a just chillax guys and let things flow....let it be....@ almas...;)
Today at 11:20 ·

Almas Shamim
@mm and rr
right on . . . Belief is always there. Even the belief of not believing is a belief.

like mm told there are people who observe ramzan for the meaning of it. Why shudn they? Sure, why shudn they?
but, in case of Muslims, majority of us, the celebration of Christmas doesnt come with the meaning. You can ask them. You wudn find many who celebrate it with 'purpose'. Like told above, it would be for fun. . And would be passed on with the excuse that 'oh. . Jesus is a Prophet of Islam as well.' This CANNOT be the reason to celebrate Christmas, if you use a bit of logic. (i mean for Muslims) ...
and i sure do let people be RR :p see, i didnt go bout writing on every Muslim's wall that the way they are sending me Christmas greetings is wrong. I didnt go and lecture each one of them on religion.
coz like you told, i do not know what their belief is. . Probably they just have a Muslim name, with no 'god system' belief. In that case, i would be makin a fool of myself preaching them, coz for them its fun and enjoyment out and out.
i only wrote a status on my own profile, based on what my own belief is and i sure do believe in a God system.
cant i be me? I personally dont think this status was in any way derogatory to any religion. . .
i didnt stop 'things from flowing' :p
and if people still find it gross, as apparently, they did. . . Well, me cannots helps it. :D
Today at 11:41 ·

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

A F (Muslim)
hey...almas...its just that everyone is enjoyin the holidays...nothin more....all are happy these hols are cozz of christmas...thats enjoy it...Thats wat i think...and i did wish many mery christmas and i feel if my wishin others will make them happy...then why not goin away from Islam in anyway...
Today at 12:13 ·


Today at 12:44 ·

Yup..i was jus sharing my opinion :) cheers for d freedom of expression :)
Today at 12:52 ·

S K (Muslim)
Hope dis was not directed to me?
Today at 13:08 ·

Almas Shamim

ya. . . Thats what maliny also told. . . We spend time with friends etc. .i didnt say that you shouldn. And ya you should wish people who would be happy coz of it. And the happiest will be they who celebrate it as THEIR festival.
i have written a post "muslim christmas". Please read that, if you wish to. You can even google it. To know if it does or does not take us away from islam in anyway.
while you dont cease being a Muslim, it definitely is not considered a part of Islam.
i dont say that 'no one does it'. We all do. I listen to music the whole day, when music is haraam, there are muslims who consume alcohol, eat pork etc. . But that doesnt mean it is allowed. ...
what we do is what we do. That doesnt change what Islam says.

it was directed to all muslims who were wishing other muslims. If you wished another Muslim, you should be knowin it better than me if this was directed at you.
Today at 13:25 ·

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

I don care. These festivals bring ppl together lik every1 has told above to enjoy to cherish d memories etc. Though we luv our religion but islaam never taught to hate other relign. I respect my relign n consider it above all but i do honour other relign. Wishin n celeb is diff.u need to undertd dat. I think dis will suit u "live n let others live". Stop dis communal riot. On dis auspicious day we shudnt fight. U may argue its not fightin but all ur comments depict a fight in name of relign.
10 hours ago ·

Almas Shamim

"live n let others live"

did i comment under any of ur posts?? or did you come and comment under mine???/

"Stop dis communal riot. On dis auspicious day we shudnt fight. U may argue its not fightin but all ur comments depict a fight in name of relign."...

which comment darling??? the comment where i told that it could be directed to you.. coz until then you hadnt reacted...others commented in the first go. you didnt.You first asked me if it was for you. then after i replied, you came with this long note on telling me wat to to do.
and communal riot??? excuse me, but i thot communal riots take place between different communities...i was talking to Muslims...which is my own community.
probably my comments appear to u to be 'fightin in the name of religion'.. and by ur comment, you seem to be telling 'Who cares what religion says, i have got to have a good time as long as i am on Earth'...fine you are free to think whatever.. i am free to think whatever....

"Though we luv our religion but islaam never taught to hate other relign. I respect my relign n consider it above all but i do honour other relign. Wishin n celeb is diff."

i would have suggested you to read my Note titled The Muslim Christmas??????????

but since you have already told
"I don care."

so, well.. go on NOT CARING....

and plz be reminded of wat u told urself
""live n let others live"

i was doing just that.. i didnt comment in ur profile under ur posts where u were wishing others....
i wrote a status in my own profile...
i wonder who is intruding in whose space.
9 hours ago ·

Writin in open is what u meant to invite others.ya i don care coz i know what i m n what m supposed to do.i have lived life always in my style n nothin can influence me unless i want to. Anyway u can never understd this life n u neednt.its beyond ur understandin. I didnt intrude in 1st place coz i didnt see dat thing as n when i saw i commented. I don frequent fb as much as u do.allah time m not gettin in any kind of this filthy fight.
9 hours ago ·

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Almas Shamim
Exactly you know what you are and i know what i am. So much for blaming someone to have started a 'communal riot'. As for writing in the open. . . My status does not hurt any religious sentiments. And as long as i am not insulting a religion, i see no reason why anyone should bother with what i write 'openly' . . But ya it sure did hurt the 'religious sentiments' of fellow muslims. . Lolzz to that. . .
Sure you live your life in your way, i live it in my way. I never came and gave you suggestions, did I? So i assume you wanted to write it to someone else that you wont be 'influenced'. . . Coz i surely didnt bother 'influencing' you.
ya. . . Tis beyond my understanding. And whats within my understanding is beyond yours.

bout your 'as and when you saw. . you commented' . . .well, its for all to see. . . ... See More

and yes you shouldn turn conversations into filthy fights. . . You shouldn blame people of 'what a sad thing you have done' or of starting 'communal riots'. Coz that is filthy. . . Really filthy.
9 hours ago
I never said what a sad thing u have done. Its some1 elses. N rest whateverrrrrr
8 hours ago ·

Almas Shamim

Ya twas by mr. Sv. . .
who was the first person who started 'teaching' me.
and rest is surely whatever babes. . .
from my side too. . . Lolzzz. .
8 hours ago ·

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

These are the comments i have received under my status on Facebook.. any furthe comments will inshaAllah be added.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Didn't know your obnoxiously conceited character. Thank God for the detestable revelations about you. It's simply abominable, to say the least!!!

You must learn how to respect all religions and peoples' sentiments in life, more so while expressing yourself in a social network. And if you didn't want people to react the way almost all of your mature friends have done, here, you shouldn't have written this in your status update, in the first place...

Did you ever imagine how would your family and friends at Port Blair feel about this once this is mentioned to any of them?

Never ever do anything that brings a bad name to them. They are recognized and well-regarded people in society and you should also try to become one such human being. After all, you are only a budding urchin in life, yet...

You ought to learn from the admirable maturity and sensible persona of your good friends like Hajeer, Malini, Rajiv, Aneesha and Shaheen, who have all condemned your farcical verbal Diarrhea, in one voice.

You should always be discreet while expressing yourself on topics like religion, politics, personal preferences etc. if you don't want to lose friends.
And being a student, how could you think of not learning from people who are senior to you, well-placed, learned and well-experienced in life?

Insaan marte dum tak seekhta hai, bachche...! Is baat ko taazindagi mat bhoolna. Once, you stop learning, you close all the gates in life for yourself to grow/ progress. And being a senior relative of yours, it, indeed, is my duty to 'teach' you and guide you towards betterment in life. Get it registered in your mind!

Don't ever forget... YOU are a piece of the model India in the Bay of Bengal, where Hindus & Sikhs celebrate Eid & Christmas savoring sewaiyaans (vermicelli) & hanging stars at their doors, Muslims & Christians celebrate Diwali & Baisaakhi lighting up diyaas (lamps), bursting crackers and offering prayers at Gurudwaras alike and thus cohabit the ...

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

thus cohabit the ... See Morequintessential floating paradise sending out the outstandingly inspiring message of “Sarva dharma sambhaav” (communal harmony), national integration and “Vasudhaiiva Kutumbakam” (Universal Brotherhood) to their fellow countrymen in the mainland India and also to the whole world, at large. YOU should be proud of this and do everything in order to maintain this exemplary beauty.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Almas Shamim
my family has been informed of your gr8 'disappointment' in me. And they have laughed at you.
they cant be disappointed coz they were not expecting anything in the first place. Lolzzz. . .
my friends are reading my updates, thank you. Have been living with me for a long time now. They dont need a 'facebook' to know what i am and how much more obnoxious i can get if messed with.
yo . . . I have an abominable character coz i aint forcing people to be like me. And i aint yielding to crapsters who want me to compromise in my religion. ... See More
i love being abominable you see. Thank God for making me the abominable one that I am. As for mature friends, hajeer seems to have lost track, i wonder if he even read my reply. Maliny and rajiv told me to 'let people be'. . I cleared to them that i am letting people be. They both have replied with ':)' can you see that ? Or you suddenly developed myopia? Aneesha has replied under my note 'muslim Christmas', read that if you care to. And shaheen has fought my 'verbal diarrhoea' with her 'verbal dysentery' coz she herself had been goin bout doin that bout which i had written. Very obviously, it pissed her off. No one likes being told that they are wrong.
you too. . . Nai? For if after your first comment i had told. . . O my god sorry sorry, i didnt mean this, i didnt mean that. . You wouldn have gone to bring in my brother in law's name into this.
if your expectation in me was i am yet another sissy fool being influenced with every crap thrown on her.
you see now why you have been disappointed.
you tell me to be discreet in religion and politics. . . Oh so you want me to be something else on 'social networking sites' and something else in reality.? Oh so probably you too have a face behind the face you are showing on 'social networking sites'. . Well, sorry. . Am lazy. . Cant do such a tedious job of changing faces all the time.
like i told already, i havent abused any religion. I have 'wondered' why muslims are wishing muslims? Do you really understand english or is it only while typing that use the language and not while reading?

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

losing friends for being opinionated has happened to all gr8 people in history. Are you trying to complement me? Thank you. I am honoured.

and bout you calling yourself well placed , learned, well experienced. . . Well. . . Shouldn i decide that for myself?

bout learning from elders. And learnin all my life.
You have hit upon the wrong person brother. Am not the usual 22 year old you meet. I learn and i learn more than you can imagine by being my 'relative'. The only difference is that i cant make every charlatan on earth, my permanent teacher. I choose my teachers.

shall i tell you what you should learn from this little episode?
1. Read the status properly.
2. When a muslim is talkin about another muslim related to islam, do not 'imagine' it to be intended for christians.
3. Do not say a person not to do something in his religion coz maybe that person IS religious, maybe what he is doing HAS TO BE DONE in his religion, and maybe what that person has done is NOT ANTI-NATIONAL. . . Then you will only be a poky nose. Nothing more, nothing less.
your last comment . . . That made way into my wall, has been replied to.

lastly, by tellin me 'this was not expected of tabraiz's sister in law', you are either trying to say that what i am doing is bad and tabraiz is so nice, so you didnt expect me to behave this way. In that case, do you mean my father is a bad person?
or, you mean that you though that bhaiya and i were brought up together? So i should be just like bhaiya? Oh i see. . You do not appreciate 'variety' in life. You want everyone to be just the same. "cosmopolitan"
in any case, identifying me as anyone other than my parents' child or my sister's sister is an insult to my family. Just reminding you . . . That lack of manners is on both sides.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:))) Lesson learnt: Do not argue with an idiot. She will drag you down to her level and beat you with experience. ;))

Let your befuddled and sick brain get it right... It wasn't me "forcing any of my beliefs on you"; it was you who were pissed off with your good friend Hajeer as to why he, being a Muslim, was wishing another Muslim, a Merry Christmas, who, in fact, was pretty sportingly doing so purely with the intention of having fun and enjoying the festive mood. It was you who exhibited rank narrowness of mind and paucity of compassion.

And mind you, I haven't done anything to disallow you from posting on my wall, yet.... See More

So, many congratulations on your 'success'! Keep basking in your own pathetically ridiculous world of whims & fancies. This is my last comment for you ever. There's no room for incorrigible nincompoops in my list of friends. Hence, I'm removing you from my friends' list. Adieu...!!!

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Almas Shamim
Yo :) lesson learnt. I shouldn be arguin with you right? Chalo. At least you taught me something. But why did you refer yourself as a 'she'.? :o
Oh seriously? I forced people.? I see. You mean if i write something and someone comments opposing it, i should say 'yo brother, you were right. . . I was joking when i wrote that status'. It is only then that people like you, who enjoy using the word 'nincompoop' instead of a simple 'stupid', will be appeased.
anyways, thanks for the congratulations on my success. Am used to it :) coz you see, am usually right, . . . And 'incompoops' find it difficult to defeat me by just a play of words.
... See More
and my profile will be grateful not to receive comments from people who go bout calling themselves 'well placed, well experienced, and learned' and then tell others that THEY are living in a world of whims and fancies. . .
what a pathetic group of 'they' indeed. Lolzz. . .
and thanks for the honours of removing me from your list. You see? Doesnt lie on my soul now :) :)
and psssst. . . Hajeer too seems to be on my side :) have a look at his comment under my note. :)
tc. Bye bye.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

Now coming to the note.... i had written one one comment as a note...this was in reply to the "Don't ever forget... YOU are a piece of the model India in the Bay of Bengal, where Hindus & Sikhs celebrate Eid & Christmas savoring sewaiyaans (vermicelli)" comment..." this was written as a note coz Mr. S.V probably wanted this to be read by all and so had posted it in my wall, that's why the translations of sewaiyaan and diyaas :p
so i thot the world shud read my reply too..

Am replying here coz apparently i am 'not allowed to post' on your wall. That was quite a spineless thing to do. Writing on my wall so it is sent to all my friends and i appear to be an anti social element who is being taught brotherhood by a saint. . And then blocking off my replies. Cool. In any case, i have commented under that post, and here is the note for my friends who had read that wall post of yours.

I havent forgotten. And i am proud of it. And i havent done anything to lessen its beauty. But of course, if you think i can be you. Sorry. That is something i would never wish to be. God forbid.

and before teaching me 'communal harmony', just look at what you are speaking. Based on your thoughts you cant live in harmony with a muslim who doesnt hang a star on his house, you cant be in harmony with a hindu who doesn eat vermicelli (by the way, vermicelli has nothing to do with islam), and you cant be in harmony with a Christian who doesnt eat in the gurudwara langar. Is that what you imply? Well for me, i dont need a person to 'eat vermicelli' in my house to be at harmony with him. Likewise i do not expect someone to want me to have a christmas tree at home to be at harmony with me.
If you think YOU have anything to teach me bout 'universal brotherhood', please go and clear your concepts a bit first. I dont need a person who has been forced out of the circumstances of life to submit to 'communal harmony' to teach me. As for me, i know how to live with other religions very well. My family does not put up a santa and a christmas tree. . But our best family friends has a lady who is so much into Hinduism that she doesnt even drink water from our house coz we are Muslims. (forget bout eating vermicelli at Eid). . She is Mr. Gupta's wife, uncle has a shop at Bazaar, arora niwas. . Just in case you think i am building it up.
So should i be taking it as an insult to me and my religion ? Isnt that not being in 'communal harmony'? And if anyone blames aunty for not being in communal harmony, am goin to break that person's mouth. Coz i know what she is. She has a religion, a belief based upon which she thinks eating at a Muslim's place might harm her religion. Yet she visits us. She waits in the living room alone, while we read namaz. This ultra Hindu lady doesnt take it as an insult that we are making her wait alone. She invites us to all the functions at her home. And we go and we EAT. We dont retaliate by not eating at her home. She invites us to certain things at the temple, and we DONT go. And she is pretty fine with that, . . . Our families continue to be close friends. And i think sir, THAT is what i would call communal harmony. Not someone coming and eating vermicelli at my place and 'forcing' me to wish merry christmas to my parents and sisters and the imam of my mosque. Coz this is what I call 'FORCING YOUR BELIEF ON OTHERS"


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