Saturday, 5 December 2009

So... I have read "Brida" ..Finally!!!!

Today is a special day coz’ I am done with “Brida” finally.
It’s been ages since I am trying to read this book… agggggeeeeeeeeeeeessssss!!
But, each time, I pick it up, read a few chapters and drop it!
This…. 5-8 times…
I was so desperate to read this book that in my Blog’s “Now Reading” section, I had written that I wudn start with any other novel until I finish Brida. Very obviously, I had to eat my words!
Actually, I had read Paulo Coelho’s “Eleven Minutes” and “The Alchemist” and while Eleven Minutes was an out an out bad book, The Alchemist, though seemingly meaningful was also, ultimately lacking in the true delivery of the message.
Paulo Coelho, to me, is an author whos been hyped a bit too much.
And this is prolly coz a lot of people tend to live very shallow lives. I know I mite be sounding absolutely retarded to the Coelho lovers (and there are many of them), but, well… can read the “about me” in my Blogger profile!!!

So, comin bak to Mr. Coelho…
After reading those two buks, I had come to the conclusion that he’s man who talks a lot of wise things… really wise… as long as he talks them independent of each other.
When he weaves them into a string, his words don’t seem to form that beautiful necklace that is expected of a “message”.
I had heard so much bout The Alchemist… and the buk wud have been brilliant had it not ended the way it did!
By ending it in the way Coelho did, the very purpose of the entire journey was defied!
The motive of life was beaten.
And it was beaten coz of the very wisdom Coelho preached throughout the novel…

There is not any ‘one thing’ that is wisdom. There’s wisdom hidden in every word, every moment.
Only.. that…. Each wisdom has a path…
I cant say that it’s wise to invest in gold and land and hoard money for the future generations coz our final destination is, after all, God.
This statement kils itself.

This is wat I feel (very personally) that Coelho did in Alchemist.
Alchemist, to me, is nothing but a book of self-defeating desires.
And Coelho is a man who talks of lots of things which are so out of this world that the reader feels “My God.. wat a man!!! Must be delivering the truth of life….since he’s talking bout such deeeeeppp emotions… the message of the book must also be veeerryyyy deeeeppppp”…
I don’t mean to say that Coelho is a bad writer…. He’s awesome. He spells some beautiful truths to build up a crap like shit fiction.. and only such readers go ga-ga over him who have never sat down and thot of those beautiful truths for themselves….

[this goes out to alllll who suggested Alchemist to me :X]

Vibhore from “Words are lmited, but feelings aren’t”, a fellow blogger, is the only person till date who agrees with me in that The Alchemist can be a fav only to the shallowest of minds.

So after being disappointed in Coelho a second time, I decided to read as many buks of Coelho as possible to find if there’s any book of this oh-so-gr8 author that’s worth being given the credit that it has got.
I downloaded 7 of his books. But, as happens with me. I cant read books on the computer. Reading blogs is different. Somehow, I find it very difficult to read novels on the screen…newaz..

The “book” (real book) I got was Brida…. Tis Ani’s book. And Anisa and Amuda and all the others have totally loved the book.. totally totally totally…
Amuda considers it one of her all time favourites. She says, “This is THE book for me”. (whatever it means!)

So, I started reading Brida..
Then I started it again..
Then again..
Then again…
And I think I started it 7 times… maybe more. Maybe less..
I used to try to read a few pages everyday… so that someday, SOMEDAY at least I’d finish that book…. But after a few weeks of resolve without any action, I used to quit it…only to start the agonizing task again….

Finally, I forgot bout it!

And then yesterday, while leaving for college, I don know why, I opened the cupboard, tuk out the buk and shoved it into my bag… not that I was planning to read a novel… usually I read blogs on my cel wen am out …. But, well, I tuk the buk wid me to the hospital.
Didn’t get time to read it there.
Started reading it in the 11.45 bus….. broke the flow only for the essential acts…. And completed the novel by evening……

This reminds me of the line
“Ek lamhe mein simat aaya… sadiyon ka safar”
From the song ‘Koi fariyaad’.

So I have read Brida…….. finally!
And now, let’s move on to Brida……
The next post…

P.S.-written on 04/12/09.... I mean, yesterday.

Allah hafiz.


Rayees said...

So what's the moral of the long-time-spent "Brida" : p :P :D

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

aayega aayega.. woh post bhi aayega :P


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