Wednesday, 2 December 2009

When Venus was in Scorpio......

Was reading bout the planetary movements and found that for most part of November, Venus was in Scorpio and the effect of Venus in Scorpio is to make your Love intense, passionate and concerned with any one special person… it brings in fears, possessiveness, jealousy and a lot of adverse effects of being in love….
And trust me I felt it, and I’m sure anyone who’s following my tweets and FB stats have also noted how my entire being was revolving around a single boy…..
I’m writing this just to stress on the planetary movements…
I strongly believe that we r told to keep away from astrology and such stuff for the simple reason that we can decipher a lot from it….

I’m not very much into future forecasts in Astrology… coz’ I have this strange belief that once I ‘know’ wat is bout to happen, it doesn’t remain a ‘future’.. coz then it’s already become a part of my present….
So, prolly twont come true….
Maybe, this is really a belief or maybe it’s just another Sagi endeavour at soothing things out. Maybe it’s just a Sagi trick of refuting the negatives that the forecast beholds… maybe…. Can’t say for sure….
But, in any case…. Reading bout that wats gone is so thrilling coz u can actually compare wat had been predicted to wat actually happened…. And most of the times, its true….

I don’t mean to say that none of the future predictions come true…
Only a few days back, I was told by ‘my fav astro site’ that I wont get wat I was expecting (in love matters) and get it only in December….
And well!!!! I didn’t get it!!!!
Being the Sag that I am, I hoped against all hopes of getting it…. waited and waited and waited…in spite of the prediction, but, no it didn’t come…..
And as for getting something in December, I am not all that hopeful … prolly coz the ‘symptoms’ of November haven’t been nice….
Besides, I think I shud come out of it… or else, I’ll keep on hurting myself in the deal….
Sorry, there’s no deal!!!
Wat’s gotto happen will happen.. nothing can change that….
The only thing is that, I ardently desire for good things to happen..
There’s been a lot of stagnation in life….
I need to move ahead….
In whichever path, but the movement is imperative to keep me sane….

So, well… coming back to the planet of Love…Venus…
Venus is now moving in Sagittarius…and so the ‘extremes’ of the Scorpion phase will disappear, so they said.
Sag is a wonderful sign, and no, not just coz I am Sag…. It truly is the sign of life….. it has so hardly anything bad bout it… if at all there is, it’s the extension of the positive qualities and these too, are harmful only to him, at the end.. not the rest of the world….

Well… maybe I’m underplaying the badness, but, for the time being, we can let that pass!! ;p
So Sag is a wonderful sign exuding happiness, expansion and a love for the process called life…..and thus, Venus in Sag also brings in happiness and expression and expansion in ur love life….
Unlike Scorpio, where love is centred around a specific love object… the Sag Love is bountiful … it’s for the whole world…… love isn’t restrained anymore… it flows into all the channels, all the passages it can find…..

So, that makes me feel a bit relaxed… at least I wont get so worked up with the ‘Great Loss’ of November, as I would have, had Venus continued to be in Scorpio….

But, a loss is a loss nevertheless. And it makes me sad to have lost.
Im struggling to choose whether to buoy myself up and ‘believe’ and ‘hope’ for a better THIS…
Or to cut this mess out and ‘Believe’ and ‘Hope’ for a better SOMETHING ELSE in place of THIS……

It’s like the shamma and parwana stuff….
Me being the parwana that is exceedingly allured by the shamma, the flame, the object of love……
My object of love, like the shamma, has singed me already, and if I don’t take care, will burn me to death.
The only difference is that unlike a parwana, I am not a foolish insect to return to this death-trap, fully aware of the scorching truth…..
Or…. Am I ??????

Well.. newaz…
Whatever it is that I finally settle to ‘hope’ for and ‘believe’ in …. I’m sure to change it the very next day…. coz unlike the persisting fools, I believe in following the Rule of the Life- Change :D
So I keep changing aspirations, resolutions and decisions….
Ugggh!!! A lot of ‘shuns’….. :D

And another thing that is certain is that… even if I choose the latter, that is, choose to move out of my expectations for this person, or shud it be ‘expectations from this person’…or ‘of this person’; or whatever….
There’s one thing that doesn’t change… and that is the fact that I love him…
Love or whatever it shud be called.
And that doesn’t change until I love someone else….

And well… maybe I know I shudn expect anything in return, but I still cant stop loving him….
Wen it has to stop, it will… byitself…
I wont have to ‘make myself do it’
That’s not the way it works….

Well.. whatever…
The follwing poems had been written in my ‘Intense Love phase of the Venus in Scorpio’.
Hee hee :D
Following poems matlab poems that will posted in the following posts….
I shall add a little “Wen Venus was in Scorpio” tagline under each of these poems. If I post any poem in between two “Wen Venus was in Scorpio” poems, widout that tagline, it meand the poem’s been written in December…or later that is wen Venus had moved out of Scorpio…..

I don’t think I am makin sense to anyone…..
Thinking of a new name for my blog!!!!
*thinking hard*
Reason- I thnk I need to write wat my blog is about than wat I think I am….
I have even changed my name in the Cnteen register….no, twasnt Jalpari there..twas my full name, Almas Kiran Shamim.. and have changed it to “Dugru” …..but, I don’t know wat name to put for this blog….. my profile id wil remain Jalpari….

Another heartrending news is that I wont be able to write blogposts from the cel anymore I think….. it’s got something to do with the new Editor/Manager… or whatever it is called….doesnt load on the cel… :( :( :(
You know wen u feel like writing, u shud…
And now I wont be able to…
Guess I will make use of our darling old “Pen and Paper” :P

Newaz…. am sleepy now!!!

Allah hafiz

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