Saturday, 31 October 2009


Alhamdulillah was a good day. Dimple Cheeks took class for us…. After a whole week of KGMCTA strike…. And yes, twas my turn for case presentation today.. but .. as usual.. I cud not coz sir told that he wants a ‘typical’ case.. one that we’d get for exams. So Abubaker presented the Papillary Carcinoma Thyroid. We had a lovely discussion and again. Twas a Friday.. so sir had to got to the mosque. Again, we got a half hour break for the prayers.. when we went for lunch and Abubaker Afzal and sir went to the mosque. I wasted 15 of the 30 minutes thinking from where shud I eat ‘rice’ coz that’s the only thing I wud get…its only now as I type that I realize ki we’d have got dosa and chapatti at Aryas.. :/ khair. I had chor from Veg Palace. Aish was absent ….her aunty expired yesterday and the cremation was held today.
Our results will be out on Monday inshaAllah. Allah plz mere ko pass kara do…
Rite now am eating aaloo chips and garam garam nimbu paani… :p
My room has been attacked by lizards…. 80,000 of them..!!!!
Im goin to be 22 soon, inshaAllah!!!
I want to write down the things Sir told in class today…. We arnt allowed to write durig his classes…
Sir mite leave…
Ramlal Sir has resigned.
I personally think that doctors have the right to earn money….there are so many ppl not paying taxes.. cant the govt think of sumthin beter? Well, ofcourse…. If u r being paid for crap decisions…y wont u make crap decisions???
One of the worst things to have is a ‘friend’ who manipulates you politically.
I didn’t write bout it lekin my last week was one of the sexiest in my life…..made up of little moments that I wont ever forget.
Monday- chammu
Tuesday- case in the evening
Upar wala jab bhi deta deta chhappad phhad ke……..

Today a few things.. wont write here....
Chalo bye
Allah hafiz

Friday, 30 October 2009

Ali Maula .....


Himmatein ata karo
O madadgaar…
Ali maula……
O maula.....

Aap hi ho quwwat-e-parwardigaar
Ali maula
O maula..........

Jazbaat kya hai Maula
Haalaat kya hai Maula
Ke shaatir iske saare vaar hai..
Har saansein khwahish sile
Saazish hai kuchh hai gile
Ke mushkilaate beshumaar hai

O shah-e-mardaan, sher-e-Yazdaan
Jaan fida Tumpe
Ali maula

La fatah illa Ali
La saif illa Zulfiqar....

This is a song from the movie Kurbaan. I have only heard the remix … so if there is a slower version, cant say bout that.. newaz.. the remix is too gr8 …

But the question that again arises is the ‘lyrics’ in the song…
Now…. In general, there is quite a split among Muslims as to whether or not music is allowed in Islam.
I do believe that music is NOT allowed in Islam…. Though.. I am myself not able to quit music…
But keeping this thing aside.. if we only try to judge this song based on its lyrics, I felt that something is definitely amiss…

Or was it just a prejudice that all “Ali” songs are defective….??????????

Well… let’s see…
Sabse pehle….
I don’t believe in sectarian Islam.. not at all… there are a lot of people who say that we need to choose a school of thot and follow it in its entirety.. and they give some very sane arguments favouring it…
I cant do that!
I just cant get myself to believe that anyone can be infallible…
Allah Himself says that the ‘Closest to perfection is Muhammad S.A.W’
And if Huzur S.A.W isn’t perfect…. No mortal is.
And so am not buying everything that any mortal says………… a mortal so far away from Huzur S.A.W.

Of course, I do have a ‘particular’ upbringing… I was brought up as belonging to a particular ‘sect’ of Islam, if u can call it that…., by a father whoz a strong-headed sectarian… and a mother whoz very receptive…
I took after mummy…
I definitely ‘do’ ‘things’ as per my ‘sect’ but I don’t blindly oppose everything that others do (and I don’t).. and if I think its good enuf, I see no reason why I shud be stopped from doin it, if I ever choose to.
That said, lemme get back to the song…

In this song, as in many others, the singer or rather the sawaali is speakin to Ali R.A.
Hazrat Ali R.A. (for anyone whoz reading this and dsnt know anyhtin bout Him) is one of the Holiest people in Islam…
He’s Prophet Muhammad S.A.W’s paternal cousin…. And therefore from the same blood-line.
He married Huzur’s daughter, Fathima R.A….. and they are the parents of Hazrat Imaam Hussain A.S (among others) whoz again a central figure in Islam (w.r.t Muharram)

Ali …. Was the first ‘boy’ to accept Islam… wen Huzur S.A.W had told his family bout the Revelation and that He’s been chosen as a Prophet, the first to stand with Huzur and believe Him was Ali……
Ali is one of the Prophet’s closest 4 Companions…. And after the demise of the Prophet, wen the Caliphate was established, Hazrat Ali became the 4th Caliph of Islam (who ‘shud’ have been the 1st caliph is a different question)

The story of creation of the world (which somehow many reject) goes that Muhammad’s Noor was created from the Noor of Allah and of the first few things created from the Noor of Muhammad were the Noor of the Four Exalted Companions….

So that is a very brief look over how important is Hazrat Ali in Islam.

And ya plz remember .. all the people mentioned above are completely, totally, fully, absolutely Human Beings… and Human beings……..and only Human Beings…..

Next. The Shia-Sunni divide is a political divide.. which only later turned into a significant ifference in belief systems. An over simplified view is that Shias believe that the rightful successor to Muhammad was Ali .. not Aboobaker, who actually became the 1st Caliph after Muhammad. Sunnis are not of this opinion.

And nowwwww since Shias give a very huge importance to Ali and the First Family……. Strangely Sunnis retort with a rejection of almost everything that goes in the line of praising Ali or Hussain……..(not everyone.. but a large number of Sunnis)..

It goes to the extent that many Sunnis refuse to hear the story of Karbala on Muharram …. Coz they label it to be a Shiite ritual.
A lot of times you’ll hear Sunnis saying that it’s wrong to ‘cry’ wen you hear the story of Karbala…they somehow relate it to the Shiite practices of lashing themselves and suffering pain on the occasion of Muharram.

Very personally speaking, I think, only a very hard hearted Muslim wudn cry on hearing bout the Battle of Karbala…..
It amazes me wen I find someone not in love with Hussain… I don’t understand how can any sane Muslim not be in love with Hussain. How can you not feel the pain that I do wen I hear of his shaheedi? Everything that happened was for us… then why cant you feel it? it really amazes me………

Yes, a lot of what Shias do in the name of love is Biddat….but wat is not is not.
Don’t go on labeling everythin as a ‘Biddat- Innovation’..

Likewise, Sunnis have this gr8 repulsion to all things ‘ALI’…. They claim that they love Ali a lot… blah blah blah blah….but they don’t need to sing songs to prove that.
Sure as hell! You don’t! then I pray you stop singing the Naats in praise of Muhammad as well…. Cant you prove your love for Huzur S.A.W widout singing praises????/

Yes.. Ali was a human… he’s dead.. he’s gone… he cant hear the songs we sing for Him.
But if Ali was a human, wat was Muhammad????
Huzur S.A.W too is dead.. gone……
However crude it sounds…. Isn’t that the truth???

Then if we still sing Naat Shareefs for Huzur, why cant we sing praises of Ali R.A.????

This is something I really don’t understand!!!!!!!!!!


Having said this much, I now move on to exactly wat I think CANT be told for Ali…
And for that matter CANT be told for ANYONE.

That is PRAYER.

I, as a Muslim, cant pray to humans……
La ilaha illallah Muhammadur RasulAllah………..

And if there is no God but God… how can I pray to anyone but God????
And hence… everything that says “Ali madad” goes crap……….how on earth can Ali help me??????? He cant. [of course, there can be a lot of arguments agnst it... well.. i dont buy any of it]

As a Muslim, I ‘ask’ Allah and Allah alone.
If ‘asking’ others was permitted, I’d have asked Muhammad before anyone……….and if I don’t pray to Muhammad……. Why? Why why why shud I pray to any other mortal????
I wont!

I will not pray to humans…. Wats the diference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim then??? If we too start God-ization of humans, how can we remain Muslims??? That’s against the basic Aqeedah of Islam…..

And HENCE .. a lot of the Ali songs go Islamically wrong…. Coz these songs ask Ali for help……………..
There are people who even sing such Naats…for Muhammad too… strange naats….well… at least I find them strange…coz they go to the extent of shirk………..
Yes……… wen you love someone, it’s very difficult to rein ur love….
But.. wel…there’s no way out…
Wen it comes to Islam, you just have to…
A lot of poets have written a lot in praise of Huzur S.AW. and somewhere they lose it… they go overboard and end up writing something that gives Muhammad attributes that only Allah can have.
Such verses are absolutely wrong.
I myself have read a few poems that just don’t sound rite…..
And apparently the very famous Burda Shareef also has some ‘shirk’ verses… I haven’t read Burda Shareef kabhi bhi.. so I don’t know! [but some Sunnis are absolutely fine wid such verses… and if u tell them that u cant attribute Muhammad with Allah’s attributes, you are labeled a ‘Wahhabi’ :/]

Isi tareh… praying to the khwajas and the various babas etc is equally wrong… I mean c’mon.. if we r not allowed to ask Muhammad for anything, aur kisi ka kya auqaad????? Who is above Muhammad?????

Allah and Allah alone.

Dargaah mazaar mein dua maangna is a very non-Muslim practice………it has nothing Islamic bout it.

We can pray FOR the dead.. not TO the dead……

And hence.. in MY PERSONAL OPINION, therez only one line going wrong in the song above..

“Himmatein ata karo
O madadgaar…

And of course the most beautiful line here is “La fatah illa Ali
La saif illa Zulfiqar....”

meaning 'There's no hero like Ali, there's no sword like Zulfiqar'
Waise if you ask me, I’d rather say…..La fata illa Nabi La saif illa Zulfiqar....
But.. khair………since Huzur himself mentions Ali...who am i to change that?

and lastly two lines from a longer Naat Shareef showing how many a times our love mit take us to the verge of shirk..
"Adab se zubaan thham kar reh gaya main
Habeeb-e-Khuda ko Khuda kehte kehte"

P.S.- Zulfiqar- the Heavenly sword of Prophet Muhammad > Hazart Ali > Imaam Hussain.
Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Bloggers Quoted

Sorry, but these two posts from My Conversations with God cannot be quoted.. You just got to read the whole of them.. they are soo beautiful...

What Am I Supposed To Do About My Felllow Man?


Chicken Wings and Boney Things

Do read these posts..

Allah hafiz

Bloggers Quoted

Again from My Conversations with God
by Jean

And I've never pulled anything so nasty or horrible that I could not survive it out of my petitions to You, Lord. You give good gifts. Though sometimes they have masqueraded as some difficult things, some sad things, some stressful things, those were facades. Whatever has come into my life has always come out of YOUR grab bag, and it has been good for me in the long run.

I guess it took a little faith on my part to reach my hand into those carnival holes again and again, Lord.

I know it takes just a tiny grain of faith to access Your massive power in my life. To reach up toward heaven with my prayers.

Lord, make my faith grow strong, healthy, lush and confident that You always give good gifts.

Allah hafiz

Bloggers Quoted

Again from My Conversations with God
by Jean... a lovely part from a longer prayer..

I pray You'll reach into T.'s life today, into her family, into her career, into her friendships and do miraculous things.

Not miraculous things for her, God. Not miraculous things around her. But miraculous things in her.

And another beeeaauuttiiffuull line...

You know all the stuff that is happening in his life right now. You not only know it, You not only allow it, You orchestrate it.

:) :) :)
Allah hafiz

Bloggers Quoted

A part of a very beautifully written convo between Jean and God...

Once I reached the point of realizing how needy I was, You supplied my need. You and I, alone, in my office. Me, begging to know what in the world had me so grumpy. And You, placing Your finger on the exact thing in my life.

Me, frightened of the shadows threatening to swallow me whole. You, shining Your light into the dark corners of my heart.

from the blog My Conversations with God

Allah hafiz

Monday, 26 October 2009

Dearest Allah

Allah Paak . . . Love you. Thank you. . . Your ways are so strange. On retrospection. You are amazing. Every moment of life is so special. Is it necessary to die God.?. It would be better if things vanished instead of ending. Life too.
This, that I have now. I wish it remains, if it can. Otherwise, it should vanish. I dont want it to end. He is too special God. I dont want it to end. I hope it just disappears, if it really has to, i dont want it to end. It's too beautiful to end. I cant believe that one day I shall die. One day everything will end. Why God.?.
Moments are precious.
and this moment . . . Right now. . . Here. . . Thanks for this moment Allah Paak. . . It's passing as i type, i wish i could stop it . . . I wish, really wish i could say time 'Statue'. .
and thank you for making me say Thank You. . . Some people cant see good, they cant see happiness. Some moments are sad, some are happy, some are painful. And some have an entire lifetime captured in them. . . These few moments are such. I feel i have lived an entire life.
Certain things in life leave us spellbound. . . . Certain feelings cant be put into words. At such times, the easiest thing to say is Shukr Alhamdulillah. . . I will miss this moment God, and since this moment is going please dont make it the best. May the best be yet to come. .
Love you.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Dil ibaadat kar raha hai.....

One of my juniors, Aan, gave me this song.. and my God!!!!! have I gone crazy over it.... it's from the Emraan Hashmi movie, Tum Mile.. is bande ke har film mein songs are so zabardast....

now one of the reasons why like this song so much is the soulful music, which somehow reminds me of the Silent Hill theme music.....
Second reason being the oh-so-beautiful lyrics....
Third reasonn- read below... the third line has a word that starts wid a capital H :)
Fourth- the capital H was near me once wen I was listening to this song :D :D :D lolz...

Dil ibaadat kar raha hai
Dhadkane meri sun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Zindagi ki shaakh se lu
Kuchh haseen pal main chun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Dil ibaadat kar raha hai
Dhadkane meri sun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Zindagi ki shaakh se lu
Kuchh haseen pal main chun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Jo bhi jitney pal jiyu
Unhe tere sang jiyu
Jo bhi kal ho ab mera
Use tere sang jiyu

Jo bhi saansein main bharoo
Unhe tere sang bharoo
Chahe jo ho raasta
Use tere sang chalu

Dil ibaadat kar raha hai
Dhadkane meri sun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Mujhko de tu mit jaane
Ab khud se dil mil jaane
Kyu hai ye itna faasla?
Lamhe ye fir na aane
Inko tu na de jaane
Tu mujhpe khudko de luta

Tujhe tujhse tod lu
Kahi khud se jod lu
Mere jismo jaan pe aaj
Teri khushbu odh lu
Jo bhi saansein main bharu
Unhe tere sang bharu
Chahe jo ho raasta
Use tere sang chalu

Dil ibaadat kar raha hai
Dhadkane meri sun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

Baahon mein de bas jaane
Seene mein de chhup jaane
Tujh bin main jaau to kaha?
Tujhse hain mujhko paane
Yaadon ke woh nazraane
Ek jinpe haq ho bas mera

Teri yaadon mein rahu
Tere khwabon mein jagu
Mujhe dhoondhe jab koi
Teri aankhon mein milu

Jo bhi saansein main bharu
Unhe tere sang bharu
Chahe jo ho raasta
Use tere sang chalu
Dil ibaadat kar raha hai
Dhadkane meri sun
Tujhko main kar lu Haasil
Lagi hain yahi dhun

The italicised part is so so so awesome.... I wish I cud sing :p

Allah hafiz

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Thank you soo much for today. I love you. See am sleepy. Am goin… bas remember that I love you and I go mad sometimes, coz sometimes u r so irreasonable. But on the whole Allah Paak, u r ik.
Thank God.. thank you. Am sleepy,I love u/ wil rite l8r inshaAllah.
Love you

Monday, 19 October 2009

:x :x its a smiley . . . Angry wala

Yesterday trivandrum searched for almas shamim, today alleppey. . . :x :x :x :x . . . Stop readin my blog. . . You retarded one :x :x


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