Sunday, 3 January 2010

22 reflections . . . From a single mirror :)

1. I turned 22 exactly 1 month 6 days ago … that means from now on.. my “21 Reflections” is goin to be titled “22 Reflections”, though… the label will continue to be “21 reflections”.

2. I had done my LKG at Sagaritara and the minimum age for admission there was ‘4 years’ .. but I was only 3 and a half…and so I wasn’t eligible.. so, my parents got a new birth certificate made for me….. the bdate was 05th January, 1987.

3. according to this one, I shud be turning 23 day after tomorrow :D :D :D ha ha ha .. that is, just after 1 month and 1 week since I REALLY turned 22…. Lolzz… in any case, all my records still carry 5th Jan as my bday. There were many others who had changed their bdates, but they reverted to the original dates before 10th … Boards …BUT… my father being the extremely difficult person that he is… considered 5th Jan to be ‘LUCKY’ for me… .. so, here I am .. a Sagittarian…. Wid a Capri bday :/ *yuks*

4. Wen asked the reason for choosing this date, abbu says that ‘Jan’ was chosen to complete the ‘chain’… (abbu’s bday- Feb, mummy’s bday- March, aapa’s bday- April, parents’ anniversary- May) and “5” was to signify the “Holy Five”…”Panjatan Paak”… while I can agree with the reason behind “jan”… I think abbu has simply build up the “Holy Five” thing…. I am sure he chose ‘5’ randomly… without any reason…. :/…. Newaz…

5. Newaz, though Earthies are my ‘incompatible Signs’…. I do like Earth signs, like I have already told a million times over in this blog- Taurus, Virgo, Capri (in order of the zodiac calendar plus my liking)…. But Fire signs ka toh baat hi kuchh aur hai ;p.. the most awesome Aries, Leo and Sag… (in order of the zodiac calendar, my preference being- Sag, Aries and Leo)…in any case, I thank God that he didn’t choose 28th Jan.. or else I’d have been an Aquarian… GGGGOOOOODDD!!!! … it’s my love sign… but very truthfully speaking, I don’t ‘LIKE’ them…. ‘them’ means the Air Signs- Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (in order of the zodiac calendar)… and since I have written bout the three elements, why shud I lose out on the 4th…. The Water Signs- Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces… well…. These are the Signs I absolutely HATE.

6. Abbu is Pisces, Bhaiya is Cancer and my Ascendant is Cancer and Moon Sign is Pisces.

7. The other day I was telling mummy how I lost three close people in 2009- Azhar, Bhaiya (he had stopped talking to me over a silly reason) and Anisa. While, Azhar and I haven’t stopped talking Alhamdulillah, it’s still a loss. Newaz… on 1st Jan, I called up Bhaiya and he tuk the call ( I had called him ealier too, but he denies ever getting my calls…. Aaahhh!!! Whatever!!!) and Anisa spoke to me on the 2nd. :) Alhamdulillah :)

8. We didn’t have a cat for almost a month in 2009…most of them died, we gave away some, and the remaining were stolen. We were sooooooooooooo sadddd!!! It was the first time that our home was devoid of the blessing called “Meow” :( :(
We got a cat yesterday (2nd) :)) :)) …. Alhamdulillah .. mummy’s named her Monica

9. The order of cats’ names has been- A- skipped coz of Azhar whom I consider a cat, Borzoi, Cozy, Dazzle, Elza, Ferozi, Golzu, Hazel, Inzel, Jamaica, Kashmira, Locket and now Monica.. these were not the ONLY cats.. there were many others.. but only selected ones were named coz you see.. not everyone is as crazy as me about ‘names’… and since I am not at home.. my parents are doing as they please…. In fact my mummy named the new kitten ‘Jamaica’ again… :x :x :x I had to remind her that it is just not done!!!! Finally, she came up with an “M” name.

10. If you notice, the names of my cats initially had a “z” factor… later it was dropped coz my mummy is a strange lady…. :/ :/ :/ :/ :/

11. my barbies’ names are- Richa, Reena, Rita, Reeba, Ritu, Renu, Roma, Rupa, Ruhi, Roon, Ria- named by Aapa… and later, Reva and Roshni – by me.. Ken’s name is Raj …. :p :p :p :p

12. btw, the order of cat’s name mentioned above started only in 9th standard…. Before that we had random names…. And the two most common names my parents used for kittens were “Tiki and Taj”……. Because they are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo creative. :/

13. the second most common name was “Aishwarya” .. again a very CREATIVE name by mummy :/

14. My twitter updates are not being shipped to Facebook, so.. now the only site I am on is Twitter.. and ya.. Blogger, of course… though, rite now am taking many FB quizzes :p…

15. according to FB, I was born to “BE A HERO”, the kind of guy attracted to me is “EMO”, I am attracted to “WILD” guys…(so untrue, given that both Azhar and Chammu (at least exteriorly) are the silent-est people u can know) and guys like me coz “I AM SWEET”… and after 10 yrs, “I’D BE GETTING MARRIED” … hee hee hee!!!

16. My aapa makes one of those patients that can be a doctor’s nightmare…. She needs reasons for everything… if u tell her she has some problem, she’ll question you bout its etiology… pathogenesis…. Molecular pathology, incidence, risk factors, possible investigations, definitive diagnosis, available treatment modalities, other indications for each one, prognosis with each treatment, complications, treatment of complications…….. and don’t worry… she’ll pick up questions from the answers you give her. today she called me up to tell that she has been told to get a GTT done, then she told me something about ‘a bucket’ ….’70% water’ … ‘general population’….. ‘specific to me’. … well… whatever!!!!!!

17. Aapa’s favourite subject was Biology, mine was History. Besides, we both love Literature.

18. you know why am I doing MBBS even though I wanted to be a journalist???? (excluding the ‘kismat’ thingie of course… that’s the ultimate reason.. newaz..)…it’s coz’ once upon a time Shiama Shamim wanted to be a doc… she became a software engineer and has ended up as a Bank Manager…:/ if only she had entered MBBS.. probably…. Today.. probably….but well, whatever had to happen has happened.. nothing else cud have happened …

19. I think I should include the ‘label cloud’ in my blog… but then, I will have to go back and add labels to all the posts in which I have not yet added labels.. *blah*

20. I haven’t written any of my series posts in a long time….mmmm.. I has a sad :( :( newaz… this is a series post… after a looonnnnnnggggg time… so I has a happy :) :) :)

21. A stone from the watch that I had bought along with Azhar has fallen out.. tis my favourite watch…..newaz….

22. I am in Love !! :) :)*blush*blush*blush* *batting_eyelids*

P.S- “22 Reflections” is the same as “21 Reflections”… only that my age has changed :p

Allah hafiz


hembromanil said...

Happy Birthday once again..:D

Shy said...

1. what does this actually means...reflections...with a numeral prefixed....
u know what whenever i read ur reflections i imagine u talking to urself in front of the mirror
2. happy nakli b'day..
i never remembered my engagement day . till date it is a record.. i have never been able to remember it.. i remember it till 4th then somehow i forget 5th january.

Shy said... far as i recall 5th was never considered to be lucky by either of my parents...if they wud have given me the choice ...well i wud have choosen 1st april....
4.Now this is a sure shot BLUFF.
5. well i love all the sunsigns except 'sagitarious'( i know the spelling is wrong).
6. ?????????????????????????????
7. they are the 'THREE IDIOTS' noooooo' three insanes'

Shy said...

8. i have seen her...she is soooooo cute... muni muni muni...\
monicaaaaaaa o my dahling
9.u r not crazy about names....u r just PLAIN CRAZY......NUT...NUT...TOTAL NUT my mother is not a strange lady...somehow the nakshatra was not correct during 28 november 1987 ,,,she gave birth to a strangest child.....
11.yep , this r factor was inspired by our so good neighbours
aa ya they r really strange.
12.yes my parents are creative indeed..see they gave birth to me such a lovely child and sometimes exceptional cases do exist...maloom hai na 28th november 1987 wala case...arre wahi...woh ajeebogareeb bachhi pada hui thi na...strange baby...really baba.

Shy said...

13. i hate aishwarya
14. what is twitter???? what is facebook????
15.ur choice of god i am throwing up......whack...whack...
gimme some hajmola ...i cannot control my nausea......
16 well i am a well informed patient...or u can say over informed patient. some docs love me...some insane and strange docs or goin to be docs hate me...
17 mine still is BIOLOGY.
18 probably today u might have been an engineer...u see if u wouldn't have got into mbbs... i would have pushed u into engineering.....civil may be ...u got some 33 in maths na .....ha ha
u know how mucj i got...
i got 87 in maths

Shy said...

19 . what is label cloud???????
20. i has a sad.....what english is this ......
21.well my comment on this will hurt when u can't be polite be vague.....
22. ya she is in love with an anaemic...he is in dire need of blood ,to give some color to his body.


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