Sunday, 24 January 2010

Almas Shamim's Status Updates ~Quoted~ :)

Here are my status updates on Twitter -> Facebook in the year 2009.... There were many more on Twitter before i diverted the tweets to FB, they havent been included...
these are the ones from Facebook... and some are so essentially lovely....
:P and 'lovely' is a subjective quality :P
There are tooooooooo many... if u have the time, read them all.. otherwise the ones i have enlarged....:)

nothing really!!!! ManU's got a match tonite.... me's gotto study.

mr. irresistible :p

im madly in love

i am sad

whats on my mind is on my fingertips.............

him... ;)

him again.....:D

im thirsty... its still half an hour for azaan....

i feel like crazyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Dearest Penguin... you are such a pathetic gal!!!

if only i could turn back time...............

i am sad. thats all


Alfie ... Siana ... and Mia :)

Love is painfully beautiful !!!

Kitty eyes :)

Rumours! Rumours! Rumours! I'm so totally fed up :(

Another day . . . Subah hoti hai shaam hoti hai zindagi yuhi tamaam hoti hai. . . something like that . .

Njan oru poocha paavam. . . :) :) :) :) :)

I needed you. Then I lost the need. . . And you became only something I wanted. Now, my want has also subsided. But I still do feel for you, though, I wonder what is it that I feel . .

Life's slipping away . . . . And since I cant stop it, I've got to slip away WITH it.

Has a heart made of flesh and blood. . .

"""Chakkarein i gradually invite you to grand gala lunch on eid which is progressing. .no aggravating factors 4 not relieving fctrs if u nt cming. .K.""""

Holdin on to you for dear dear life. . . . :)

Humko maloom hai jannat ki haqeeqat lekin dil ke khush rakhne ko, Ghalib,ye khayal achha hai. . .

Bhawishyawani for Arshul Mohammed : thou shalst soon be bitten by a KAUWA...

Suggestive Fortune for ARSHUL MOHAMMED: : : purani baat par atakne wale ko 'Atku Raam' kehte hai :p :p :p

Early morning masti :) :) :)

Tomorrow may be Eid . . :) I miss my world. :(

Is wondering where will life take her. . .

eid mubarak to me!!!!!!!!

chammu's eyes.......

chammu's eyes and smile :)

Hmmm....... You are true to your name :) you are shredding me apart :p

I wont get wat I want. . . . . I'll get something better.

One came into my life along wid many oders ,d Other cme al alone.One i gt, d Other i dint.One was Food,d other z Water. Tel me wich z strongr

Daru sharu bin peete hi chadh gayeee . . . Ha chadh gayeee. . . ;) ;)

has got lovely Forunt Cookies today.....inshaAllah hoping for a wonderful day ahead ;)

Has never felt this way before you.

Wants to know wats happening to her.......... she is going crazy, totally. . . :D

ooohhhhh!!!!!!!!!! *droooooooooolinggggg*

is wondering wat LOVE is........

Hates "you" coz you are such a crap.

Wants it all to end.

Stop dreaming crap !

lets not dream..... for a while at least..... it hurts so bad!!!!!!!

is thinkin of a mannequin ;)

Orkut blocked my scrapbook. . .so i wont be able to reply to scraps . . . Ok. . . Have a good day . . .

Ok. . . Orkut's workin now. .

chalo aap cricket khelo .... hum chaand ke paani mein khelenge.... :)

My friends on orkut have received an invitation from ME to join Facebook... I dont remember sendin any such invitation! ! Can anyone explain me how?.?.am totally baffled. . :o

Students like me are like rockets, not coz we reach gr8 heights. . . . But coz we dont get workin until our tails are on fire!!!!

It wasnt a Virus!!!!! It was the Orkut Friend Finder!!!! huh!!!

Chammu :) Chammu's eyes :) Chammu's smile :)

Ooooohhhh wow ;) ;) ;)

Anisa & Amuda came to the conclusion that my latest crush is not good looking, he's only very fair. . . . I came to the conclusion that Anisa & Amuda are totally mad.

know wat??????????????????? there are two alphabets which rule my life.....:) and both are in Almas :)

I hate you 

:) are yaar :) I think I'm in love with you :) :)

Has no words to explain what shez feeling. Her dil goes mmmmmmmmmmm :)

Tera yu milna ek karam hai, dil mera tod na kasam hai. . Tere bin tanha tanha hum hai, . . Ruk ja zindagi kasam hai. . . Takalluf chhodiye. . Aji taaruf keejiye. . Aaye aur chal diye? ? Dont say alvida. . Dont say alvida. . Dont say alvida. . Na kaho alvida :) :)

Chalte chalte raho mei rukne laga hu. . . Aisa toh nahi tha jaisa ho gaya hu. . . Aaoo hawa toh milu muskra ke . . Kisse sunau kahu teri baate. . . ,

Has lost her mind, and her heart and her senses. :) :) :) and she is enjoying every moment of it. . . :-) :-) :-) :-)

All I want is you. . .

Loser. . . Perfect loser. . . So perfect, that i feel like kissing you. And so loser that i feel like 'ughhh . . Kiss HIM.?.?.'

Life is ridiculous

The best way to de-addict yourself from one thing is to get addicted to something else. It helps you get out of one problem, and keeps life goin by posing another problem. :) and so am gonna start smoking. ;)

Waste of life

All that glisters is not gold. . Gilded tombs do worms enfold. . .

Azhar Azhar Azhar

Why ?.

I am sorry Almas . . . Yes my dear you are goin to be terribly sorry. . .

When will things change.?.

I hate penguins. I love cats.

Lookin for a case. Wish they give us extended leave. Then we wont need to hunt for cases.

Hating surgery. . .

There is such a dearth of cases, it feels as if we are in some bloody private medical college. . . :( :( :( :( :( we soooo miss the blessings of being in a govt. Coll. . . :( :( :(

Again got a 'Meet Me' :) In Medicine case record :) i am creating history with poor history writing :) :)

Dr. Dimple Cheeks . . . I will kill you. :x :x :x

Life is strictly a case of mind over matter . . . If you dont mind, it doesnt matter :)

Time heals everything. . . And Time flies. . . . It will heal in no time. . .

Neendi. . .

The word is "yaar" not "ya" . . . You gotto say "No Yaar. . . " "Forget it Yaar". . . And not "Forget it YA" . . . Or "No Ya" . . Wtf dyu mean by "No Ya"?. ?. ?. I mean. . . C'mon Yaar. . . Pleaseeeee . . .

i want a chocolate.......... and one more... and one more..... many actually................ sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mannnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy......

All i want is ONE friend. . . . Like me, with me.

wondering is wonderful...... reeeeaaalllyyyy... :)

Didnt study a word........ but wat a busy day!!!! :)

These are the days in my life which I will never miss. NEVER.

Google Search is my best friend. (after the three 'm's)

The people in general are strange, aur usme bhi chhatkar bando ko meri jholi mei dala. . . Kyu Khudaya? ?

Close thine eyes and as thou sleepest, Heaven will change thy fortune from evil to Good. . .

Joker the Poker

Chor Mor Maanga Tenga :(

You dont own me. Before asking me if I would do something for you, think for a moment, would you do it for me, if I were to ask you the same thing.?. ?. If your answer is no. . . Dont trouble yourself ASKIN me, you've got the answer.

Life is just one long process of getting tired . . . .

Abey hero. . . Where are you.?. ?.

Da . . . Miss you bad . . . Evideya nee? ?

Khudaya. . . May this night never end. . .

The nite's ended...

Tiny eyes. . . . And a pearly smile. . . Wavy hair. . . Mr. Tall and White :p

Not worth it

Definition of chest wall. . .

Bimanual palpitation. . . Oopssss :D palpation . .

Mothers have changed . . . .

Piece for kameezes and headscarf. . . :)

Ha ha ha casualty is the prashnam of the jeevitam. . :D


Wants to disappear. . . Mr. India style.

Life mei there's only time pass.


Kismat de maare. . Asi ki kariye. . . Kismat te kisda zor hai? . . .


Chalo. . . Bacha sochke maaf kiya tumko. . . :p

We never know when a 'want' becomes a 'need'. .

You are killing me

I need a genie to tidy up my room.

Need to stop blogging. . . Seriously.

None of your business.

Daaaaaaaaa . . . . ;) ;) ;) missssssss youuuuuuu ;) ;) ;)

Is so terribly confused

Hmmm life is hmmm hmmm hmmm . .

Wants to close her eyes

Hey people. . Watch Surya, 'Happy' dikha rahe hai. . . . And Sun Tv mei 'Ghilli' . . . :) :) :) :) Happy has just started. . Dekho dekho. . . Its one of my most favourite films :)

Agar kahi bomb girane ka dil hai toh pehle mere ko inform karo, i wil leave yaha se, fir mere hostel pe bomb feko :) :) :) :) raat ko. . Jab sote rahenge. . . Kisi weekday par :) :) :)


Saanson ki maala mei japte hai tera naam . . .

I wish i could say time, "statue"! ! !

Once upon a time, in a magical land called India, a girl wanted to be a journalist. . . . She's in final year medicine today. . .

I dont understand. . . From where should i start studying surgery.?. ?. I think, from anatomy. . Then physio. . Then patho. . Then pharmac. .oh God. . . Oh God . . Ohhh Goddd :( :( :(

Some guys are Irresistible. . . I know one of them. And some other are Irreplaceable. . . I know one of them too.

Mr. Irresistible visited me in my dreams twice today :) :) ha ha ha . . . Wearing the same shirt :p :p

Loves pillars :)

I wish i could write your name.

Allah Paak . . . Thank you :) twas a sexy day :)

The song *dil ibaadat*'s music has been lifted from Silent Hill . . . Nai.?. ?. ?. Why does it remind me of the 'Silent Hill' theme music.?.

Music blocks you from the rest of the fuckin world . . .

Oyeeeeee lightning :) :) :) :) :)

Himmat e mardan. . . Madad e khuda. . .

:) Smitten :) you are such a darling :)

Daaaaaaa . . . Thanks :)

Doctors go on a strike from tomorrow. . . All are worried coz there wont be classes. . . Life is moving on for everyone. . . . I am hooked to you. . . . Boy! Have you mesmerized me ! !

You and me. . . Together . . Forever we will be :)

My day is made. Alhamdulillah :)

God. . . I never knew this could happen to me. . . :) :) i cant stop thinking of you. I dont know what to do.


. . You get me frozen when you are around ;)

Chammu. . . Blub you :)

I wish I was here. I wish I was there.

And now.. . Mere ko tumpe bohot shak ho raha hai .. . .

And when does an infatuation end.?. When does love begin.?. What is the line between the two.?. Can you fall in love more than once.?. If not, why.?. If it works out, it was love... If it doesnt, it wasnt. . . What the hell? . . . Am i losing it.?. I think i lost it long back. And NO . . Love doesnt cross barriers. . . Or does it.?. Isnt it confusing.?. Hell. . .

111 life long with you

plz dont PREACH me...... i preach myself way enuf!!!!!!


Am not able to update my orkut status.

kaisa aitbaar hain.. kaisa intezaar hai.. kyu tumse itna pyaar hai.. koi bata de mujhe.. aaj main hu aur tum ho aur muhabbat hai.. aur muhabbat hai..aur muhabbat hai... main bhi gum hu tum bhi gum ho.. ha ye chahat hai. ha ye chahat hai .. aur muhabbat hai.. ;p

I am being such a fool. And I am enjoying every second of it.

I want to look into your eyes. . . Bas aur kuchh nahi. . Utna hi :p :p :p

Nothing can save a batch divided by politics :(

Perderse . . .

Tujhse hai mujhko paane Yaadon ke woh nazrane Ek jinpe haq ho bas mera. . Teri yaadon mein rahu. .Tere khwabon mein jagu. . Mujhe dhundhe jab koi. . . Teri aankhon mei milu. . .

Oh God . . Ab yehi baaki tha.!!! Gr8 :/

And now am sleepy.

Screwed . . .

Missing you already . . .

Harry Key. . . Thats his name ;)

My 'kalyanam' is not fixed. I will let the whole world know when it does, . . . At present its not. . . . And i am totally tired of saying this again and again and again. . . STOP the rumours please.

Thank you Allah Paak for everything that you give and everything that you dont. :)

Thrown out of the class . . . .

Whats bothering me is that i am just not bothered bout whats happening :/ :/

La fatah illa Ali. . . La saife illa Zulfiqar . . . ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?. ?.

Khudaya. . . Meri barbadi chahne walo ko barbadi ka tohfa de do. . . .

You and me together, forever we will be . . .

You, me and chaya. . . Life is complete :)

My lips are winking love ;) 

Thanks for being jealous :) makes me feel like singing . . . :)

Darshan ho gaye :) :) :)

Sad :(

I hate you coz i cant have you. . . . . :x :x :x . . . Screw you! I love you damn !!! :( :(

And i am late

Love you.

Am sleepy. Am missing you. And am feeling torn.

Am sad and i shall always pray for you. I know whats the problem. I just want you to be happy. Dont hurt me thats all. Tc. Allah hafiz


Its over.

You are a total fool.

Kisne kiya hai ye jadu Hone lagi hu beqabu. . Main banke diwani. . Phirti hu kyu main toh na janu . . :p

Allah. . . Am scared :$

Alhamdulillah :)

Medicine ka exam hai. . . And i hate studies . . . Actually , not studies. . . But exams. . . Ya. . . I hate exams. I love studies. . . . Ok. . Not love. . . Like will do. . . I like studies, and hate exams. Hmmm. . .

Mera ek dost hai Arshul . . . Bechara pagal ho gaya hai . . .

Its a new day. Its the same me.

Allah Paak thank you for clearing me. . .. .

Tere bina jag suna suna lage. . . rut bujha bujha lage. . . dil murjhaye mera. . . ankh bhar aaye mera. . . man aise tadpe ki bas. . . tera bina

Take the first step in faith. You dont have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step. --Martin Luther King Jr. :) :) :)

And i am sad that its over before it started. But i know its the best for me. I love cats.. :)

You are a fool. And i am a bigger fool. Huh!

Its so easy to get your heart broken. . . . Its so easy to feel sad. . . Its so easy to have tears welling up in your eyes. . . Its so easy to feel like running away from the pain. . these "feelings" can come any where any moment. . . And rite now, i dont have the strength to fight them.

If you dont know me well. . . Remember that when you deal with me ever. . . That you dont know me well. :x :x :x

*i hate my juniors *i hate the gals in my hostel *i hate the gals in my hostel who are my juniors. . . .

Love transcends all barriers. . . . All except . . . Maybe. . . Language. . . :(

And i shall try to forget you. Though i dont know how to do it. . .

I has a sad :(

Kashif. . . . Omar. . . . Ateeb. . . . Ghazaali. . . . :(

~~Tired eyes. Tired mind. Tired heart~~


You have taken bigger risks. Be brave darling.

Oh Allah Paak plz plz plz. . .

~* now wat?? *~

~ Saturday ~

I wont touch my mobile for the next. . . Mmmmmmmm . . . As long as i can.


I am absolutely tired of waiting for you. . .Not a word did I get. . I think I should move on....

As a wedding gift, I shall get 'Chennai Central' and my husband will get 'Chennai Alleppey Express' :)

Nazar nazar . . .


** [:)] SaW mErMaIdS........aFtEr A lOnG tImE [:)]**

Am not in a mood to study

Almas Shamim

~~Taqdeer se bada Tadbeer nahi hota ~~

~~I remember, I care, I whisper your name in my prayers. Keep the bright light of future in view. Here I am, thinking of You.~~

Thanks for coming online. Mera jeevan safal kar diya aapne :x :x Idiot kahi ka :x :x

Phone memory formatted. . . Lost contacts. . . Please mail me your numbers. . Or scrap me the number, if you dont mind posting no the net. . . Please :(

Ha ha ha :) i hate this dictionary. . But i don know why its crackin me up. . Writin a simple sentence is takin such a lot of time. . . . ;p

East or west. . . Twitter status is the best :)

We got a new kitten at home :) :) we call her "Lucky" :). . . And today mummy told me seriously, "tum billi ke hi zaat ki hai. . . Chhee baba " . . And that she will throw away all the cats pics without us coming to know. :( :( :(

Bas faasla rahe. . . Banke kasak jo kahe. . . Ho aur chahat ye jawaan. . . Teri meri mit jaani hai duriyan. . . Begaani hai duriyan. . . Hat jaani hai duriyan. . . Fanaa ho sabhi duriyan . . .

Alhamdulillah. :) Happy :)

At least you are a human being. Wow !!!! Same pinch :) :) love you my darling human :)

Desire completes our life....

So , you are alive. Good. Jeete raho bete. Bas mere sath jiyoge toh zyada enjoy karoge :)

Oye. . . *smiles*smiles*smiles* *wink*wink*wink* *mmmwwwaaahhh*mmmwwwaaahhh*mmmwwwaaahhh* love you. . .

Fed up of updating status on 3 sites, from now on, updating on TWITTER :)

trying to update FB using Twitter...

and it's not working... wow!!!

and my God.. it's working!!!!!

wowwwww!!! am on twitter and it's gettin updated on FB :) THANK YOU SARAVANAN ANNA :) :) :)

and i wish it continues to work exen wen i update from the cel.

Ab i thnk i wil write jst 1 more blog post chhota wala.. and go for brkfast.. i still haven writen my dream.. am so sick! & i dont mean ill!

ho gaya.... now am goin for brkfst..dekhte hai kya hai aaj.. i hope appam...plz plz plz God!

Ya twas appam

Alhamdulillah :)

Sleeping. . . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wat shud i be doin now? Mmmmmm. . Lets see. .


i love you like crazy.... and wat am i supposed to bout it!!!!

plz Alah help me out!!!

Its gettin suffocating now. Allah. . . Give me my breath.

I love you

Lolz. . . I am in love. . . Totally :D hee hee hee :D blub you :)

Dil ibadat kar raha hai, dhadkane meri sun. . Tujhko main kar lu Haasil lagi hai yahi dhun :)

Ten months since i gave my heart away to you :)

Assalamalaykum :)

Have i ever told you that i hate studies .?

Allah paak i love you.

Dont pakao me. .

Hating the world. . . .

Very lovely shirt :) very lovely smile :) very lovely eyes :) very lovely you :) i love you :)

Anisa just sent me a good night message

Same pinch.

When we look at our future's past, we should find happy moments. . . Live to your fullest.

Dey told Sagitarius & Virgo arnt compatible.I searchd 4 three days until i found a site dat told THEY ARE COMPATIBLE. Dats d Sagitarian me:)

Too much imagination. . . . A bit too much. . . . .

Was bout 2 write 'weder my eyes r closed or open, all i see is you' & it reminds me "aankhein khuli ho ya ho band, deedar unka hota hai ":)

Waiting for the monkey.

The monkey has arrived.

Monkey forgot her purse. So we missed the train. :)

Monkey got the purse :)

Monkey is sitting without her maftha :)

Chennai-Alleppey Express :)

Chertala . . . .

Now monkey and donkey are both sittin widout mafta :D :D

There are always some dreams that should remain in the depth of your hearts.

Everything is reminding me of you. Everything. . . Don know why. . I'm missing you so bad :(

I am sneezing. . . How do you look sneezing..? I have seen you coughing, though. You look gr8 :)

Someone told me 'Kerala is a Highland, isliye waha chaand jaldi dikhta hai" :)

I think. . . . I am in love.

Eid Mubarak :)

Sleepy. .

Eid Mubarak :)

A beautiful khutba . . . :) :) :) Allah alone suffices . . .

Helpin Ani wid her biryani :)

And there goes yet another Eid :)

Allah tavakkal :)

Alhamdulillah :)

Assalam alaykum . . . Nothing to say, nothing at all . . .

I wont share it with anyone. I hate sharing. It's either yours or mine.

Life is so short, so fast the lone hours fly. . We ought to be together, You and I.

Life can be screwing, more often than not.

Malinyyyyy . . . . Thank you :)

Assalam alaykum . .

Allah Tawakkal . . .

I wish. . . I had ten hands.

Assalam alaykum . . .

Chhannnn se toota mera dil :(

Its over. Now, officially.

Its over, thanks. I wont be fooled again.

Peanut butter, dont know why i love you so much. :) :) :) i can go on eating you, night and day :)


B for beef.

Assalam Alaykum December

Lets have some addi tappa :)

Assalam Alaykum . . .

Waiting for the bus, there it is door mei . . And i want to have appam for breakfast :) inshaAllah, lets see. .

Tu hi mere hoton ki khilti hui si hansi, gila bhi piya tu hi . . .

You shudn have hurt me this way. Dont you know that i like you so? ?

Close thine eyes and as thot sleepest, Heaven will change thy fortune from evil to good :)

The meek may inherit the Earth, but the shrewd will collect the rent. - cafeastrology

am happy... they've agreed not to make the OBC certificate :)

Aneesha is trying to fool me...... :D :D :D

i am hungry....

sleepy and hungry

Assalam alaykum . . .

Have i missed the bus?

The bus missed me

Chammified :p


I too can feel sad. I laugh and smile a lot, but it doesnt mean that I have no sadness in my life. I feel as much as you do. Probably more.


wow :) orkut on FB :)

i want to sleep

seriously.. it's called madness

ok finally. good nite

Assalam alaykum

I slept with you in my thots, i woke up with you. . . And in between the two. . . I saw rain. Madad Khudaya!!!

I wil move so far away. . . That there wont remain a trace. . . .

I am in love with the Eighth Wonder of The World :)

Just finished reading "brida" :)


Assalam alaykum

i want to download english songs :( :( any sites ?????? :( :( :(

i see a lot of ppl comenting on my FB posts... pata nahi kaun sa wala.....:?

seeda saada google search karo.... i am such a fool..

Thanks Reshma! Thanks Maliny! Thanks Pavan!

Wasted the whole day :( no not really. . :-) no yaar. . Really wasted :( i dont know

1 2 3 :)

Its not 'as'thou sleepest, its "WHILE" thou sleepest.


Im craving for you, and just like a fool, there's no way I can stop stop stop my desire . . .

Assalam alaykum

I will not obey you.

Suddenly feeling so disturbed. . .

And now i think, i was never in love with you :(

assalam alaykum

Wish you all the very best :)

Im cravin 4 u & jus like a fool, deres noway i cn stop stop stop my desire. Im cravin 4 u & u knw it too deres no1 dat cn toptoptop ur smile

I lost my Robbins-General Pathology :( :( :( :(

Alhamdulillah :) mil gaya :)

Hatin it all.

You and me. . Together. . Forever we will be. :)

Seriously. . . . .

Assalam alaykum

And lets see what our destiny beholds . .

I have to edit the bout me. It still says am 21. . .Ho ho ho :D am 22 years 10 days :)

Evrythng hapns 4 a purpose. When our frndship started it wasnt an accident. God wanted me to get the best... but unfortunately U got the best... Never mind ! :)

Wish you all the very best :)

"I did not think of her, but it was as though her light shadow were lying on my heart."- About Love by Anton Chekhov.

". .the very best thing in all this world that can befall a man is to be born lucky."- Luck by Mark Twain

"I kept saying to myself, he'll get so high, that when discovery does finally come, it will be like the sun falling out of the sky."- Luck

Ha ha ha . . . . That was gr8. :) :) i just hope no one else notices it :p :p :p

Bohot mehenga pada :( :) :p ;) :D

Facebook upload is not working :)

Assalam alaykum

No appam . .

I seriously dont want theory. I hate it all.


Fed up.

I hate that boy.

I didnt want classes today.

Thank you God for the class by Pammu. That brought me my Chammu. :)

Hee hee hee . . . Mummy :)

I lied :)

Assalam alaykum

Wish you all the very best :)

My mind my heart my soul . . . Me as a whole. .

Got my christmas gift. . . A tiny flower vase. And guess who got my name? Amachi . . . . :)

All my twitter updatesase not being sent to facebook. I am glad the 'All the Best' was deliverered :) :) :)

Twitter is acting too smart. Just like anju a t :p

All my twitter updates are not being sent to facebook. I am glad the 'All the Best' was deliverered :) :) :)

Almas is Almas.

Apna attitude apne pass rakho . . .

Because God is in the word :)

Just a you. . . Just a me. . . Just a life. . . That's all that can be. :)

I dont want to let you down. And inshaAllah I will never. I wont give you away, until you permit me. Trust me, I will never.

Am awake :)

nothing much

Maybe at the end. . . It'll turn out to be something that is unfathomable now.

It is hard . . . . Not to be curious.

Read a khutbah. . . And now am desp.

Assalam alaykum

Just missed fajr :(


I am so lazy.

Antimicrobials tripathi chechi, ophthalm minu


Oh i love being called Almas itha :) :) :) :) :) soooooo much. . .

Oh God! Maybe he calls me that! ! ! Lolz. . . :p :p :p


24 hours

You can call me Almas :p :p

A dream. . . A wish. . . A fantasy. . . A desire. . .

There is nothing as painful as not being able to post on blogger from cel :( :(

Happens. . Dont worry

Roses are red, violets are blue, and someone out there loves you!

Missing orkut :(

he luks like mimi!!!!

Assalam alaykum

Whose bday is it today? ? Not mine newaz. . .

Life couldn get more static.

Idiot. . . . Duniya bhar se puchta hai ki yaad hai ya nai. . Humko jo yaha itna yaad hai? ?

And i love youuuuu . . . And that was dedicated to youuuuu . . :p

Assalamalaykum . . .

Love you my darling I ;)

I want to go home, and i want rain. .and I want to sleep with a blanket on me and a cat on the blanket. Wid lights off & No one to disturb.

Its raining :) Allah Paak thank you for everything. I love you.

And now i should sleep :)

Assalam alaykum

Seriously irritated.

I dont want to be here. . . . I want to be anywhere else but here

Hating it all. .

Should i be happy should i be sad ?

You thank life 99 times. And people dont see that. You cry once and you are a sadist. Wow :)

Ha ha ha :) you know. . . Well, ya. . You know :)

Arshul :) remembering his filmi stories of Xth . . Joker

Oye. . . Maybe you didnt do it for me, thanks newaz. :) love you :)

Bow bow gals :)

You are such a mystery. Its irritating sometimes.

Assalam alaykum

Its like havin a baby inside you and then losing it midway.

And I absolutely hate the people around me. The only place I want to be in is home.

When someones tears dont upset you, you dont love him. When you can be happy even when someone is sad, you dont love him.

When your life is totally independent of someone, you dont love him. When you are not disturbed when someone is disturbed, you dont love him

In fact, the truth is that you hardly love anyone. . . You dont love anyone.

I repeat there is no such thing as friendship. And I dont care if people dont agree.

I have a sister, and she agrees with me in this one.

And I was writing bout the difference between like and love which i lost. . . And i wrote that Azhar. . .

I like him way more than I love. And to begin with, I had loved him more than I liked him.

And I think that is the most beautiful thing that can be. . . To love and to like. . . .

Sadly there is no love around. . . Coz if you cant feel someone. . . You dont love him.

If you can make fun of someone's sadness, you dont love him. . . If you feel you should be happy at all costs and so continue with your

Life as usual. . Whether or not someone is sad or happy, you dont love him.

Now do a check and find out how many do you love. . . And then find out how many of them are 'friends'. . .

Well. . . . Since you are i liar, i know you will lie, so theres no point asking you.

And I hate being advised. I dont take advices from anyone . . . Very rarely from mummy. . . Noone else. You can save that for someone else.

And doomed are the people who love coz they wont get it back. Never in proportion to how much they give.

You never get back what you give. It never happens. You should know that. . . You should know that very well. . .

You should feed it into yourself better than anything else. . . You should know it. . Well. . . Very well. . .

And its none of your sodding business. . .

You can only like someone. You cannot love anyone. . . . There is no such thing as love.

You cant love people. You are not bothered bout anyone. . . You are on your own. In this world. . . . You are alone. And you are surrounded

By fake people. . . Coz they claim of love but they dont love. . . And there s no love . . .No love at all. . .

Its a fake emotion. . . .

You should know it. You should know it well. . .

And never tell someone you love them when you dont. . . . And 90% of the times you dont. . . . So dont tell them. . . Coz you dont.

But you are a liar and lies dont hurt you. . . But i dont lie. I told that i dont love you. . . And i dont lie.

And when i say i love you, i mean it. . . And if i haven said it, again i mean it. . . I mean it. . . Seriously.

You cant be indifferent to people and love them at the same time. . . You cant. . .

So dont say you love someone when you dont. . . Coz you dont. . You cant. . You are an absolute fucker. You cant love. . . You dont love. .

And there is no such thing as love. . . There is no love. . . You dont love. You cant love.

And thats life. . . It starts it hurts it ends. And on the way you meet fuckers. . . Whom you cant avoid. You just move on. . .

Fucking others in the process, coz you are yourself fucked up.

And at least be glad that you were right, there is no such thing as love. There is no friendship. There is no one. But you. You are d only 1

Almas Kiran Shamim.

And thats all. . .

:) :) I am happy, Alhamdulillah :)

And I hope all good things happen :) coz then I will feel more happy and then i will wish for more good things :p

Ha ha ha ha :) :) :) :) wow

I was in a bad mood.

And my name is Almas :p

Yo yo yo :)

Missing you :) ha ha ha what a joke. . . :p :p :p newaz. . Still. . . Missing you :)

Assalam alaykum

Gonna ho home. . . InshaAllah. . . God knows when.

Fuck off


And its over. Worst for you and best for me.

And i miss you baby :) please come.

Idiot. . . . Such a beautiful idiot. . .

Anything that doesnt kill you . . . :) :)

I have cried so much that . . My eyes are hurting. . .

And Allah Paak . . Thank you :) with each broken relation you save me from liars, from phonies, from manipulative crapsters. . .

My eyes are hurting bad. . .

A lot of people love me. . . And all of them are shopkeepers :p

I want to see you. . . And then go on seeing you. . Go on seeing you. . Go on seeing you :) :) i wish my 'neck paralysis' spares me.:) :)

Aaj time kharab tha sabka :p

Assalam alaykum :)

Communist party zindabad . . . :) :) :) lal salam. . . Lal salam . . .lal salam . . :) :) :)

Attending 86th's convocation . .

I think its all my imagination.

I love you baby.

You are such an absolute waste. Seriously . . . Hee hee. . . Love you newaz. .

I am in love with Kerala. And i have told this a thousand times, i know. . . Hear it again. I am in love with Kerala.

And i am feeling strange :)

I will miss my college. I will miss this feeling, which i cant name. I will miss you, most of all. You made my life here worth.

Please give that shirt to chammu. . . It will look mast on him ;) ;) ;)

Whenever i see you, i think of chammu. . . And whenever i think of chammu, i melt :) koi sochega u r the one :p

You are strange. I am strange. We are a good match.

Ya. . Please dance :) i was waitin for you guys to start.

You are a shorter and fatter version of my chammu :)

And i hate you. You are boring. Bad. Stupid. Fool. And just not worth me.

And this is boring. And i am sleepy

Chammu's duplicate is wearing red.

And to think of it. . . You were waiting for this most stupid part alone.

Dont get lost there. .

And there you are

You are a silly boy

Please dont turn out the lights. . . I cant see him in the crowd. . .

Thank you . . . Now i cant find him there.

Dont bite your nails jaan.

Beta loose pant kyu pehna hai ?

Your second duplicate is way more interesting than you. I request you to improve yourself.

Assalam alaykum

7.45 bus mei. . After millions of years

"He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving"-Qur'an Paak

When in Rome do as the Romans do. . When in a sty, do as the pigs do. . . Thats why I am eating shit.

One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching. . .

Solitude. . . . It is a better word. . Than loneliness.

It is another of those soul out of the body moments :)

Its night. Many are already asleep. And many will not sleep

Azhar. . .

Movaiz. . Misbah. . . Madinah. . .

Assalam alaykum

Appam :)


Sorry Allah Paak :(

I wont become a fool again :) no no no :p

want to sleep

Assalam alaykum

Another day.

A life of dreams is yet to unfold

I dont want my kids to be brought up here. I dont want them to grow up this way.

We went to Neerkunnam for class, but twas cancelled. I sat on the chair on which i had written months ago, "mere mehbub qayamat hogi":)apt:)

People can never understand your pain. . . Coz you laugh. . . Unless you threaten them of eating pcm and committing suicide, no one cares:p

Am here in the reading room now. Have to search for an obs text in the library, by Ferdinand elias :( seminar day after :p IUGR :P

Or is it fernando elias. . .

It was fernando arias

La la la . . .

What i did was not good, they say. . . Do they even know what he did?

:) no words to say what i feel. . .

My Victim is my Criminal. . . And he is my Judge too. . . And he passed the Verdict. . . I go free. . . And beyond that, I dont give a damn to who says what, coz the who has no idea of who has suffered what.

Assalam alaykum

I am wearing a beautiful OT gown. . . Am lookin like a princess.


Assalam alaykum

Another person is a Muslim. And sunil is also a muslim. :o :o

MCH Alleppey. . . Will miss you :(

Assalam alaykum

Slept for 11 hours

Few crimes are never forgiven, 1-includes many things, 2-not wishing me on my bday :x

Mere ko ghar yaad aaye :(

almas is sleepy

pics uploaded on orkut...

more pics uploaded on orkut.. old pics.. new pics.. chalo gud night!!

I think i should sleep

Assalam alaykum


and im in a moooooooooddddddddddd ;p;p;p to delete my friend list againnnnnnnnnnn ....... heehee heehee

i dnt undrstnd y a Muslim wud wish andr Muslim "Merry Xmas".Wish others,Y Muslims? since wen did v start believin its Eesa A.S's bday today?

seriously this is getting hilarious...

should i sleep???mmmmmmmmmmm *thinking hard*

maggie... there's maggie for sehri :)

"A time comes when silence is betrayal."- Martin Luther King

Haakim ka hukum aisa hai Paani bashar piye, ghode piye, sawaar piye, shutur piye. Jo tashnalab jahan me hai sab aam kar piye. Haivan piye, parind piye, jaanwar piye Kaafir talak piye toh tum mana na kijiyo. Ek Fathima ke Laal ko paani na deejiyo. . . Salaam Shaheedan-e-Karbala. . . Salam mere Hussain. .

Thank you Arshul. . . For the orkut thing. You seem to be the only person who understood :) :) :) thank you thank you thank you :) :)

Assalam alaykum.

‘Bole Hassan ki rang mujhe sabz chahiye. ....Nana humaare jode ko dhaani rangaiye... Mehboob-e-kibriya ne jo puchha Hussain ko.....Haskar kaha ki joda humara toh surrkh ho ..

To Mr. Shrinath Vashishtha. . Am replying here coz apparently i am 'not allowed to post' on your wall. That was quite a spineless thing to do. Writing on my wall so it is sent to all my friends and i appear to be an anti social element who is being taught brotherhood by a saint. . And then blocking off my replies. Cool. the note's for my friends who had read that wall post of yours.

Goin to have dinner coz there was nothing at iftaari :( btw. . . Appam for dinner ;) ;) ;)

And . . . Kal se college. Hmmm

I want to write your name. . . In BIG BOLD LETTERS :) I think its the rain doing magic on me. :)

I dont know from where i picked it, but i seem to be using 'YO' a lot, all of a sudden. Have been 'yo-yo-ing' all thru the holidays :D :D :D

i want to sleep but ab no time

I want to sleep. Seriously. I am sleepy. But i wont be able to comb my hair.


And i slept for two hours :p ab tera kya hoga kaliya ?

No class. Bought gift. Coat later.

I want to sleep again. I dont want to be awake. I was in a good mood, and now its all crap.

:) :) :) ok.


Assalam alaykum.

Finally, network mila. . Ab zindagi mei no network.

4000 rupees :/ :/ should i buy ? ? ? *thinking hard*

Actually 4500. :(

The problem with quoting Brida is that almost the whole book has to be quoted.

Allah hafiz


Shy said...

actually speaking i liked 90 % of all u'r quotes out of wich my favs are
1. i won't get what i want i will get better
2.students are like rockets.....
3.two letters wich rule u?????? i wanna know
4.the best way to de addict urself is to get addicted to somethin else is strictly a case of mind over matter
6.there are days in my life which i will never miss
7.close thine eyes......
8.u don't own me.....
9.i wish i could say time 'statue'
10.thanks for being jealous...
11.if u don't know me well
12.B for BEEF ..
13.have i missed the bus....
14. u r such a mystery...irritating
15. there is no such thing a sfriendship...
16. love is a fake emotion starts hurts..ends..and we meet fuckers in between who can't be avoided
18.u r strange ...i am strange...
19.when in rome do as romans do...
20.a time comes when silence is betrayal

Apart from all of these the ones in which u give a checklist for finding whom u love is wonderful....i m surprised...I DON'T LOVE ANYONE EXCEPT MY FATHER MOTHER YOU BHAIYA AND MY DARLINGS...
i really don't ...i am really shocked... really...

i also loved that quote in which water is made forbidden to hussain and the choice of colors wala.. it always used to be my fav.

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) thanks aapu :)
out of these 2 and 5 were sent to me as forwards . . . 7 is from the Arabian Nights. . . I say that all the time :) its one of my favourite quotes.
and 20 is by martin luther king.

yes Aapu. . . When we think of it, we dont love most of the people whom we think we love. At least we love our families. Many dont even love them.

very strictly, self love is not the first love. Its the only love. :)

JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

And the two letters are "A" and "S". A for Allah, abbu, ammi, aapa. .Anu, Amuda, Anisa, Azhar (shaped my life for a long time) . . And S se Shamim, Shaima, Shahrukh, Shilpa, Family name Sheikh, and of course my Chammu.

Nasir said...



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