Sunday, 17 January 2010

"Angels Crest " ~*Quoted*~


These are some of the most beautiful lines I found while skimming thru the pages of a novel... I havent read the story though....
but, I do feel that the author has used words beautifully in these lines...

 It only takes a moment for a life to change forever.

 Glick looked up and the snow fell harder, obscuring his view of the sky, keeping his mind in one   place, in the centre of his life.

 He looked outside at the barren advent of winter.No mater how hard he tried to ignore  it, he felt an unfamiliar distance betwen himslf n God.

 The good sense not to pull the one rock that kept the avalanche from releasing. Not just yet.

. . . . falling into her life as if from a dream.

 He wanted so many things he could not have, and this stubborn thwarting of his will threatened to break him apart.

 He tried to find the murmur of his faith, its comfort, its release.

. . . luck was a capricious thing. It was like anything else. It could change without warning.

 Why hadn she learned by now that nothing ever happened the way you thought it would?

"i wish i cud ask u y n den stick around to find out. But i dont think i could. Like asking z almost too mch, bt d reasons r probably worse.

 She felt like everything was a landmine, that all of her words had a potential to explode.

 It was as if a fist were unclenching inside her. Everything opening up.

 There was too much not spoken. Too much she couldn understand.

 Floating away and disappearing, until it was only a memory in her mind's eye.

. . . his eyes fixed forward blindly, seeing nothing.

. . . they had once held joy in the palms of their hands without even knowing it.

 Merciful God, be Thou now unto us a strong tower of defense.

 she saw how she had both given and received a gift all at the same time.She saw how it was all jumbled up,giving n receiving, loving n Wanting and needing and having and giving.

. . Its only too late for rescue when you quit breathing altogether.

-----------Angels Crest by Leslie Schwartz

Allah hafiz

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