Thursday, 21 January 2010

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Thank you.
Today, someone told something that I didn’t really like.
You know it better than anyone how much I thank you for those little things in my life in the past one year. You know it better than anyone else how much they mean to me. They might be insignificant to so many others, but I have always thanked you for them. Maalik, not that I don’t ask You for more. I always do, but, that is so human.. isn’t it?
Allah Paak…. I thank you for all that You’ve given me. coz I know people who haven’t got even that. Take the very girl who commented this way….
I’m lucky in so so many ways…
In fact, people underestimate my luck. They feel ki yeeeeehhhhhhhh?????? Isko kya milega?????
:) :) but, You know and I know.. and it’s a secret *hee hee hee* between us ;)
It’s strange how people cant see the things which are so clearly visible to me?
I mean, she spoke of the ‘progress’, that there wasn’t much.
But the thing is, there is no possible way for anything… given that, if she is saying there wasn’t ‘much’ progress, is itself so gr8.. coz it means there was ‘some’ progress after all.
And I think that itself is a big WOW!!! (all caps!)
I mean, how many wud get even this much….. woh bhi baithe bithaye……
:) :) :)
Maalik, I love you….and yes I shout at you a lot, but then aur kiske upar chillaye?
Thank you so much for everything.
Kete hai ki Shaitaan bohot tareeke se hamla karta hai…
I have found him attacking me many times thru the gals around me.. making me look at the things I DON’T have.
Thank you so much Maalik for not deserting me at those times….
Thank you for making me thank you, coz that is the biggest blessing You can give anyone.
:) :)
These people are basically sadists! Mmmmm.. or maybe, I’m that typical Sagi optimist…:p
Whatever… I like being what I am….
:) :) thank you so much for not making me like them…..
Imagine, not looking at all that You have given me!!! I mean! Seriously!!!!
It was all the more stupid coming from her mouth coz she knows it well that I am so happy bout it…. she knows it so well that I aint like other gals who go bout moaning over the shit!
Or maybe, she thinks that I am lying wen I say all that.. aahhh!!! Whatever!
It was also funny coz she herself hasn’t got even a percent of wat I did. I mean I am not saying this in a bad way, but You know she shud be able to see the good ness all the more…
Pata nai… kaise ajeeb log hai!
Khair ab job hi…
Khudaya… I thank you!!! For everything…..
Mere ko maloom hai ki kitno ko duniya mei kuchh nahi milta….
Mere ko toh unse kitna zyada mila hai…
Batao… pure college mei jo mere ko mila hai, aur kisi ko mila hai?
Kitno ka hoga aisa kismat?

Mazaak udati hai mera ki sirf thoda sa kheer mila Almas ko...
:) :) :) :) :)
Koi puchhe usse, college mei kitno ko kheer chakhna bhi naseeb hua hai…..
:) :) :) :)

And agar is thode se kheer ke liye khush hone ko log bewakoofi kehte hai, thank you Maalik for making me such a bewakoof…..:)
Kyuki this bewakoofi is one of your rarest blessings :)
Lucky are the people who are such bewakoofs. :)

Now can I create my own ‘Be’ Attitude?


“Blessed be the people who thank their Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them”
:) :) :) :)

Loads of kisses…..
Thank you so so much….
Trust me Maalik, I don’t have words to tell you wat I feel bout all that has happened……………. And is happening….
I feel like the luckiest person ever created…
Who knows other than you Khudaya?
Probably, I am..
Kiran loves You :)


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