Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Futile Attempts...

How easy it is for ‘one’ negative emotion to expunge all that was good…..
I had read long ago that “Life is one long process of getting tired”
How true! For what are we doing other than getting tired??????????
There are moments when everything seems so perfect…. At those times do we remind ourselves that those moments wud end?
Each time we are deserted by smile, we ‘count the blessings’, we give jolts to our mind to realize the annihilative nature of the entity called ‘time’…
But when we are happy, when life is one smooth road, we don’t sit back and think that this too shall end.
Day follows night.
And night follows day.
For a moment I want to dwell on the seamier emotions…
A ‘single’ negative thot has erased my happiness…… and I, for once, don’t want to buoy myself up.
I want to remind myself that such ‘negative thots’ will keep showing their ugly head coz ‘ugliness’ exists as much as ‘beauty’.
I cant afford to live a life devoid of ugliness.
Or maybe I can…
I don’t know…
In any case, for a moment, I don’t want to add sugar to the bitterness.
Yes, the ‘bad’ shall end… yes…
And ‘good’ shall come….. yes…
And what then..
This cycle wud go on and on and on until the world finally ends…….
And then?
The day of Judgement…the Heaven and the Hell……..
I don’t know wen wud it end….. but, certainly.. one day wen God is satisfied wid amusing Himself thru us……… he shall end it all……..
Until then….life goes on!
I am finding it so difficult to leave this post like this… ending on a bad note…
I feel like I’m betraying God (if that makes any sense)……..
Yet… that’s wat I want to do….
Coz THIS is also a truth. And the consolation of my soul with added sweeteners like hope, faith and the blah blahs are so much an essential part of me that I fear I shall forget the taste of bitter gourd.

“Life is a blend of joy and sorrow
Today if it aches……..
Happiness will come tomorrow……….”

Yo girl!!!
But wat bout day after tomorrow??????? And the day after that? And after that? And after that? And after that?

Every inspiring word is, at the end of the day, a blanket over the thorns in our path…….its the factor that ‘keeps us kicking’ coz otherwise, it wud be so impossible to breathe………
I want to hold my breath, if only for a while!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allah hafiz


hembromanil said...

That's the truth of life..No matter it's good or bad, everything will pass..Don't cling to good things so much that it pains when they go away..and don't be too sad about bad times 'coz it too will pass..

Keep smiling!!

Shy said...

u do write great.....
have u really written all these by urself


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