Friday, 22 January 2010

The God Forsaken

I don’t know how to write bout it.
But, suddenly am feeling so many things at the same time.
Am feeling sad, happy, worried and grateful all at once.

When we do something wrong, we should never forget that it will come back to us.
It will. It will. It will.
This life is only an illusion.
One day, we shall return and all that we did will be staring back at us.
We commit so many mistakes every day…… so many.
Half of them are ones which involve only ourselves.
We harm ourselves wen we commit some mistakes, sins, to be more precise.
We mite face the consequences in this world, mite not.
But the ‘consequences’ exist. If not in this world, surely in the next.
And maybe you don’t believe, but, I do. And that is all that matters.

The other half of our mistakes involve other people.
This is when we harm others.
When we hurt someone, break someone’s heart, murder someone and the like.
Again, these might also earn you consequences in this world or the next.
But, the problem with these sins is that they involve a lot of hearts.
A lot of broken hearts….
And the sigh from a broken heart never goes unnoticed by Allah.

"Masjid dha de, Mandir dha de, Dha de jo kuchh dhainda;
Ikk kise da dil na dhave, Rabb dila vich rainda."

Break the mosque, break the temple, break whatever besides;
But, break not a human heart because that’s where God resides.

so, maybe you wont have to suffer exactly that which you had done to someone
but, yes……
things come back to you…….
You get back …. What you had given to this Universe….

And the sigh from a broken heart never goes unnoticed by Allah.

My mummy always says ki Maalik has given us two hands.
‘ek hath se de.. toh.. ek hath se le’
if you give with one hand, you take with the other.’

And I had scolded this darling mummy of mine very badly…. I usually get totally pissed off wen my vacations at home are bout to end.. and that’s wat happened in ’08 January too…. I took out all my frustrations on mummy….
When I returned to college, Ajitha Ma’am scolded me so much that I was on the verge of crying.
I didn’t need to think as to why this happened to me.

‘Maalik ne diye do hath…. Ek hath se de.. toh.. ek hath se le’

But, of course, like i had written in an earlier post as well, ... the entire concept changes if people do not understand that the bad happening in their life cud be a punishment for the bad they had done to someone.
And if, in this regard, people do not understand their punishments…….. they, very obviously, don’t learn any lesson out of it.
They go on living their lives as they wish……….

And this… this oblivion to their misdeeds… this lack of remorse for their sins…. This ‘letting loose’ that God does to them is something to be scared of all the more……
Coz Allah says,
“Khatam Allahu ala kulubihim wa ala samihim wa ala absaarihim ghishaawatu walahum azaabun azeem”

Allah hath sealed their hearing and their hearts, and on their eyes there is a covering. Theirs will be an awful doom.

Coz’ when u’re doing wrong and are not being payed back for it…….
U haven’t been missed by God’s eyes….. you have been forsaken…

And maybe you don’t believe, but, I do. And that is all that matters.

Allah hafiz

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