Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Heartfelt words :) ~~The Unsaid~~Quoted

These are a few scattered lines from the various posts that I have written in 'THE UNSAID', which is my private blog. . . .

while these wouldn mean much to anyone, they mean the world to me :)

* I dont call him Irresistible for no reason.
He truly is.

* I dont know what this boy has done to me. . . He's shook my entire belief system.

* I think this place was my destiny.

* It's only a matter of time that his 'speciality' above the rest of the world is manifested.

* I have avoided the whole world for him. Here is one boy whom i couldn.

* This little 'thing' in my life would become one of those serials that are aired for a while. . . And then suddenly pulled off air without any completion to the serial.

* In any case, I treasure every little moment.
However little it has been. . .
No one can be him.

* In her case, the cancellation of the plan is actually a part of the plan.

* Strange that a stranger is doing this to me.

*And I know I gave myself away. . . And am I glad that I did !!! :)

* It's one of those posts that rests deep in my heart. . . Feeling the blood flow through my chambers. .

and now my mostest favouritest wala :) :)

* I know love is something greater than all things else, and THAT, I must say is the saddest part of life. . .

Allah hafiz


Now reading ... "Crime and Punishment" by 'Fyodor Dostoyevsky'.



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