Sunday, 28 February 2010

22 Reflections From The Same Mirror....errr... extended version.... :P


My latest 'Profile About Me' on Orkut-

*I trust in God.
*Believe dat everything hapens for a reason, & at d end it all turns out right.
*Love being happy, laughing, thinking, dreaming, reading, writing…..
*Hate ice-creams.
*Hate blooming flowers. Prefer flower buds and dried flowers.
*Love sky, stars, sea, trees, horizon, grass…. Hate shrubs.
*Am bad at remembering faces and names……
*CANT smile spontaneously at people, by the time I realize that I shud be smiling at someone, he/she turns away….
*Suffer from recurrent upper resp. tract infections…
*LOVE travelling alone.
*HATE crowds
*In general, don’t talk much…. But wen I do talk, it’s so LOUD that ppl feel I talk a lot.
*With “some” people, I can talk non-stop….e.g. mummy.
*Very attached to my things… from my pencil to the price tag on the first dress I bought from some shop…
*LOVE greeting cards.
*Wanted to be a Journalist-Writer… didn’t agree.
*Then wanted to be a Teacher-Writer….. family didn’t agree.
*Never wanted to be a Doc….. had to agree to family.
*Hijabi by choice… not by “oppression”
*Addicted to “Quotations”…. Been copying quotations since I was in 5th standard… filled up mannnyyy diaries.
*Cant STAND ppl preaching me….
*LOVE learning…. I learn by reading... by doubting… and by searching for the truth….. I DO NOT take ppl ‘preaching’ things to me.
*Don’t like intrusion into my world.
*Scared of being hurt, so built a wall around myself…. allow very few ppl to cross over and reach me.
*Rude….. unintentionally.
*Feel dat “Google Search” z the best gift to mankind….. like I told, I LOVE learning..bout civilizations, ppl, cultures, mysteries, magic, astrology, philosophy….etcccccccccccc.
*Firmly believe in DESTINY. You don’t believe in Destiny, you cant be a part of my life.
*Rigid beliefs.
*Never make beliefs by lukin at one side of the picture.
*Love holding hands.
*Love sitting silently wid ppl I love.
*Do not believe in ‘time-pass’ relations of any sort. If I love you, I love you for life,
*Avoid ppl, coz most ppl befriend you only for ‘time-pass’.
*Am a collector, I collect LOTS of things.
*I had collected thousands of Shahrukh pics, until 6th Std. wen my parents threw away the collection coz it was getin ‘out-of-control’.
*Maintain a dream journal.
*Believe in astrology, miracles, magic, angels, demons, intuitions, visions and all things supernatural.
*Am a late child, wen I was born mummy was 36, abbu 42.
*Am an emergency CS baby, mummy’s EDC was 16th Jan ’88.
*Had to be 4 yrs to join LKG, I was 3 and a half, so my bday was changed to 5th Jan ’87, dats wat the records still carry.
*Family roots from Peshawar, but, prefer being called a SOUTHIE.
*Love advertisements.
*Never had relatives or cousins as I grew up. Prolly dats y am so attached to mummy and cats-they were my only ‘living’ friends.
*Cannot play wid toys and dolls. I don’t know how to. My aapa used to play and I looked on.
*Love looking at aapa…’s almost like staring.
*Prefer veg over non-veg.
*Hate guys wearing T-Shirts.
*Abbu calls me ‘abbujaan’, mummy calls me ‘abba’, ‘kimmo’, ‘kichu’, ‘kinnu’ and all things that begin wid ‘ki’, aapa calls me ‘tanki’ derived from ‘nautanki’, jaanus call me ‘momci’, bhaiya calls me ‘KIRAAAAANNNNN’.
*Love prayer songs, prayers.
*Try to be gr8ful as much as I can.
*Want to be a mummy just like my mummy.
*Want to learn cooking.
*Optimist. Don’t like negative ppl around me.
*Love myself, love my family.

Allah hafiz

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