Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Absurdly Perfect Prince!!!


I was reading a novel- ‘New Moon’ by Stephenie Meyer- ‘Twilight’ ka sequel hai. And guess wat’s the most attractive part of the series? ‘Edward Cullen’ of course- for one, he looks like ‘him’ and second, he’s just so perfect. Now, since Edward is a vampire- he can do all those magical things like running at a breathtaking speed and all the blahs… but, even if we remove the ‘magical’ factor from it… we’d find that he’s any girl’s dream. His protective nature, his wish to keep Bella safe and all that. It’s all so romantically perfect that it feels like a crime. Authors shudn create such characters. Characters that defy the laws of nature- characters that can fill us with so much pain that there is no such character in our life. I mean, just look at him! Edward is BEAUTIFUL- painfully so, and this is something I can understand so well. In the past one year I’ve learnt the meaning of ‘painfully beautiful’- and oh! Have I learnt it well! Besides being that, he’s like the best gentleman around- to Isabella, at least- and that I think is more than enuf..coz’ the others have been shown as hating him coz’ he’s a cold bloodsucker, after all!
So, Edward is beautiful, immaculately mannered and RICH- Stinking RICH- to be precise. By virtue of whatever, but, RICH- and dat is all dat matters here. And since he’s sumthin like more than a hundred years old- he’s academically brilliant.
Not to mention that he can enter your room at night thru the window and make you lie in his arms until morning and carry you on his back and run like wind. And to top it all, he’s shown as being ‘Single’ for a century. 

Yeah! This was wat was needed! 

He has all this Godly characterisitics and he hasn’t been attracted to any other female in his 100 and something odd years of life… 

until of course, he meets you, ‘the Bella’- who’s as plain as plain cud be, who has divorced parents, a workaholic-TVholic father and a mom married to some other man. You, ‘the Bella’, who’s even supernaturally ‘blessed’ and manages to fall almost everywhere.

This wud make any normal girl flip over with hope and excitement, that she, with all her faults, and worse still, with all her ‘normalcy’, can find a Greek God- who is a God in more than one sense of the word- who has also never ben in love wid anyone but her. *rolling eyes*

And you know what are the only exceptional traits bout you as against the millions in this bloody bloodsucking Adonis?

1. This 100 years old lover of urs cannot read your mind ( as if ‘normally’ all of us are supposed to be reading each other’s mind *blah*)

 2. This pale-skinned-God-like-drop-dead-gorgeous Monster finds you irresistible- not as much coz he’s attracted to ur body as coz’ he’s attracted to ur ‘Delicious Blood’! you see? He wants to make love to you, alrite! But, he also wants to bloody EAT YOU UP!!! [or drink you down, choose whatever!]

WOW!!! What off-setting traits have been given to you by the author!
***Thunderous applause***

As if a prince who could kiss you and wake you up from a deadly sleep or a prince whu’d search his entire kingdom for a girl whose foot fit into a glass slipper or a prince disguised as a frog and only a kiss away from you- were not enuf; now we have our darling vampire- Edward Cullen!
Oh! How much worse is it goin to get?
No wonder people keep searching for a ‘true love’ and never find it! Thanks to people called ‘Authors’. Huh!

Allah hafiz.

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