Saturday, 6 February 2010


so, it's almost 4pm.
i've gotto do something for my hair... it's in dire need of some attention... :(
I've gotto go to the dentist (my teeth are also in dire need of some attention :/)
and I seriously need to start studying..... revision postings from Wednesday :(
btw... My sessionals screwed me :(
today is a leave for God knows what...
tomorrow is a Sunday.
Monday and Tuesday - no wards- out of bounds for 89th ka Examz..
Friday- Shivratri
Saturday- second Saturday
Another Sunday..

I cud hav cut Wednesday, Thursday and gone home... :(

but, spending 25 grands for a week with 2 days leave and a long lecture from Dr. Meet Me.....:(... not worth it yaar!!!
:( :( :( :(
but wen will I go home next???????????/

It's been 6 months.... :(

I need to study
so that I pass wid the others...
And I hope I get a transfer...
and life is beautiful..........
and kitnaaaaaaa kaam hai :(

Allah hafiz

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