Friday, 19 February 2010

My First Prayers- Thayyab....Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah....Yatta tu hai Mowla tu hai.... :) :)

Well, this post is basically a reminiscence wala post :D :D :D
Actually, I have been searching high and low for a certain dua that I used to recite as a kid. And while doing that I recalled all the little prayers I was taught by mummy, and all the Islamic stories she used to tell me…. how she has taught me all that I know bout the Prophets, the various religions and history of Islam. i cant thank Allah enuf for my mummy. :) :)
Lolzzz.. this is how knowledge was preserved in the gone ages…..- by word of mouth….. my mummy learnt from her mummy and passed it down to us and now inshaAllah it lies upon us to pass it down to our children..


So here I shall write down two of the earliest prayers I had learnt.

Firstly, I used to say
“Bismillah la la maeen” for “Bismillah-hir-Rehman-ir-Rahim”
:) :)
I don’t remember this part… I’ve been told by mummy.

And now to the prayers….

Here is the first real prayer that I learnt to say. I used to read this every morning after waking up, every night before sleeping and before each time I had food or drank milk….. and this is absolutely fresh in my memory. I mean I still remember reading this every morning and before I started sucking at the bottle for milk (I drank milk and water from the bottle for quite a long time- upto 3-4 yrs of age).
It goes..

Pehla kalma- Thayyab
La ilaha illallah, Muhammadur Rasulallah.
Allah ek hai.
Paak aur be-aib hai.
Woh hamesha se hai
Aur hamesha rahega.
Hasbi Rabbi Jallallah
Noor Muhammad Sallallah
Ma fi Qalibi Ghairullah
Haq Lailaha Illallah…

The ‘Hasbi Rabbi’ used to be ‘sung’, not read…. And I still remember the extraaaaa stress that I gave to the “Haq” in the last line…. :P :P :P :P

(I have later found many people singing Noor Muhammad Sallallah AFTER Ma fi Qalbi… in any case, this is the order in which I was taught and I used to sing)

Now the second prayer is the one which I am so desperately searching. I don’t remember learning it and not even reading it ever.. but my parents had taught me and there were recorded cassettes at home wid me reciting this dua. Now since I don’t remember it at all, it must have been really really long back…. But it cannot possibly be before Thayyab and Hasbi Rabbi coz I believe those wud be the first things all sane Muslims wud teach their children…. It’s only coz I used to repeat it so many times and even after I joined school, that I remember it so well…. Otherwise, I am sure it was taught to me before I was taught this second dua… here are a few lines that I do remember..

Yatta tu hai, mowla tu hai
Sab hai bande Aaqa tu hai
Aye duniya ke paalan haare
Sab jeete hai tere sahaare

Phool mei khushbu, phal mei rangat
Kaisi kaisi bakhshi nemat
Seep ko Tune moti bakhsha
Tune banaye chand sitare
Badal Tere hukum se aaye

:( :( that’s all i remember...
Apparently it was taken from Urdu ki pehli kitaab .... but that book is missing….it’s been a long long time now..
And even those cassettes are nowhere to be found (jisme my recitation was recorded)
Anyone who’s reading this post and knows dat dua is requested to plz help me find it…
Allah bless….
:) :) :)
Allah hafiz

1 comment:

Jony Ali said...

Yatta tu hai,mawla tu hai
sab hai bande aqa tu hai.
ai duniya ke palanhare
sab jite hai tere sahare,
Noor ke tukre pyare pyare
tune banae chand sitare.
full khilaye,megh barsae
badal there hukum she aye
full me khusbu,fal me rangat
kaisi kaisi baksi nemat.
ye kehta hai bahta dariya
seep ko tune moti baksa
Hati,ghore,bail banaye
jo duniya ke kam me aye
tujh sa anokha koi nahi hai
tere jaisa koi nahi hai.


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