Thursday, 22 April 2010

Dearest Allah

Dearest Allah
Make me the happiest person in the world.
Mummy always tells ki ‘hamesha apne se upar ke log ko mat dekho, apne se neeche ke log ko bhi dekho’ .
Allah paak…. Give me the ability to do that.
Help me realize that there are millions of people in the world who wud trade their lives with mine any day.
Of course, make this world a better place and all that and all that, lekin Allah paak I live in a very small bubble. I wud be very happy if suddenly this whole world turned into a Heaven. Do it, if you don’t really mind. But, even if you are not willing to do that, there are certain things I beg you for.
I want you to make my little bubble very very happy.
I am lucky to have people to love Maalik. So many… sooooooooo many are orphans….so many have parents who don’t love them… there are fathers who sell their daughters for money, mothers who sacrifice their children to please some ‘gods’ if u get wat I mean. You have blessed me with the best. But, I am human and so obviously I ask for more. I ask you Allah paak to keep these people whom I love very happy.
You may give me all other things I want. You may teach me how to cook, to talk in Malayalam like a Malayalam pundit; you may give me the car I want and all the money in the world, but, Allah paak if my jaans are sad for even the slightest of reason, all the riches of the world wud be non-existent. So, give them happiness Allah paak. I love them. Let no harm befall them.
There are ppl who love me, probably they do. And I don’t really love them, probably I don’t. Bless them too Maalik. Give them happiness. If I cant give them love, may they get people who wud. I don’t want anyone to be sad.
Sadness is so bad.
And those whom I love, give them all they want if its right in your view. If they have a dream, make it come true. And if the dream that they have is meant to upset me, please take care of me… but give them wat they want, if you think it’s right.
Every person I love shud be happy Allah paak.
Fulfil my dreams too………….
And please make us ask for that which you have already decided wud be best for us. Then, aapka and humara wishes wont clash. And everythin wud be fine.
And if any of my loved ones and I are praying for clashing things, Allah paak, grant him who is asking for the better thing, in your view. And then reconcile the other person. You live in our hearts. Strengthen your home. And yes, I am ready to be the one to be reconciled. I only want everyone to be happy. Khudaya plz. Kisiko dukhi mat karo.
I know I’m askin for a ‘fairytale’ kind of thing.
I also know that it is very much in your power to make my life a fairy tale.
Being very truthful, I believe it IS a fairy tale.
I am the fairy.
I ask you Allah paak ki make everyone I love a fairy…… so that they may never hurt.
And help us to trust in you.
And be with us as you have been. Don’t let us err. If we do, correct us.
Do not forsake us Allah Paak.
Be with me…. be with us.

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mark_phen said...

malayalam pandit part was cool... :)


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