Friday, 9 April 2010

"In the Name of Honour" by Mukhtar Mai ~~~Quoted~~~


From Mukhtar Mai's "In the Name of Honour".

• If Mukhtar's story had ended there, it would have been one more tragedy in a world full of them.

• She continues to cover her hair in New York, and she is a proud- but not judgemental- Pakistani wherever she goes.

• Words fly through the village like white pigeons or black crows, depending on who is speaking.

• . . . The truth fades away in the dust of people's words..

• Before, i had lived in absolute submission; now, my rebellion will be equally relentless.

• I regained my freedom thanks to my father and to my own stubbornness, the only weapon we women have against men. –

• I begin my story, as calmly as i can, but my heart is in my throat.

• The Koran is my one treasure: it is written inside me, in my memory, and it's the only book i have.

• For some people, I'm almost a heroine, while for others I'm a leper, a liar who dares to cause trouble for the Mastois. . . .

• So,in ordr t fite,it seems dat i mst lose evrythin: my reputation, my honor, evrythin dat ws once my life. Bt, dat's nt imprtnt.I wnt justc.

• Here in Pakistan, it is difficult for a woman to prove that she has been raped, since she is legally required to provide four male eyewitnesses to the crime. This is to ensure that the law and chiefly the punishment for rape are not misused. Unfortunately, the only eyewitnesses to both my brother's rape and mine are the criminals themselves!

• Yesterday's wolves seem like lambs, but appearances are deceiving.

• Before coming here I prayed, as i always do, at sunrise. I believe in God's justice, perhaps more so than in the justice of men. And i'm a fatalist.

• My little school seems so small in this flood of misery, like a tiny stood set somewhere in the world in an effort to change the course of human nature by teaching the alphabet to a handful of little girls, letting this learning do its work from generation to generation.

• . . And it’s by talking that you bring the good and evil out into the open. You free yourself. It’s like washing dirty clothing: when its all clean again, you can year it with confidence once more.'

• Men and women are equals. We have the same duties. I’m well aware that Islam gives men some superiority, but here, men take advantage of that to dominate us completely. A woman must obey her father, her brother, her uncle, her husband, and finally every man in her village, the province, and the entire country!

• God knows that i have always told the truth. And my courage is precisely that, the truth, and i want the truth to come out at last from that horrible hole where men hide wid their hypocrisy.

• No Pakistani man worthy of the name can encourage a village council to resolve a matter of honour by punishing a woman.

• Because the real question my country must ask itself is, if the honour of men kids in women, why do men want to rape or kill that honour?

Allah Hafiz

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