Monday, 19 April 2010

Magic is going on....

As the clock ticks by, our life is passing away.. moment by moment…..
And each of these moments…. Oh! So special!
:) :) :)
During my Paeds posting, I had seen a little boy wearing a pretty red shirt with these words written at the back- “Magic is going on….”

Kasam se…. such a beautiful thot. :)
Coz isn’t life a magic? The whole of it?
If we only take a little moment aside to think of how each thing in life leads on to the next, we’d realize that truly a ‘magic’ is goin on….
A magic beyond the understanding of our little mortal minds.
How imperative it is for this instant to happen in the way it is happening to enable the next instant from happening the way it shud.
Just like it was imperative for the instants gone by to have happened the way they did, as otherwise, we mite not be where we are today.
Every tiny thing that has happened in our life has its place in that big sum set by the Ruler. And each of those tiny things have a meaning beyond our imagination.
One moment leads on to another……
And at the end, everything falls into place….. if only you believe.
And that is precisely why we shud never regret over anything.
As humans, we tend to get upset over things that happen to us, or our own actions. It’s only natural- a part of being human I’d say. Yet, if you think bout it, you’d realize how often these little ‘regretful’ (mis)haps are the ones that shape a better future for us.

[[Of course, the word ‘better’ is very subjective coz among us are people who are the epitomes of self-pity. They have an outlook so pathetic that even if the Archangels come down from the Heavens and gift them with robes of satin, they’d whine over robes being out of fashion.
For others…. For the near-normal, normal to near-me sort of people, the future is always ‘better’.
As for me, well… I cant expect anyone to be like me.. that wud be demanding too much! So, forget it!]]

My brother-in-law is an advocate….mmmm…pretty successful, Alhamdulillah. He wasn’t good in studies, and though I don’t remember his marks in Maths, I do know that it was low… really low*. But, the thing is that, had he been good at maths.. had he got better marks… he’d have been an engineer today and probably not really ‘successful’. It was essential for him to have scored low, it was essential for him to have missed out on all the ‘medicine’ and ‘engineering’ STATUS.. to reach where he has reached today….
We, with our queer human vision cannot see clearly… but God sees all…. And God is very much in His senses.. He knows where He is leading us.

So goes for everything in our lives…..
Every little failure, every little fall is actually a blessing in disguise…. If only you believe.
For haven’t you heard of people meeting with accidents…. Having their lives turned upside down.. only to be admitted in a hospital where they were to meet the love of their life, their Soulmate…. The person who wud make all the pain seem worth it?

I find myself thinking many times bout how much easier my life wud hav been had I opted for any other place for my mbbs. Most of the people who have come to Alpy from A&N are either Malayalis or had no other options left.
I am the one gr8 person who isn’t Malayali and had beautiful places in the list where I cud spend the most beautiful period of my life…. I had KGMC, Lucknow which is a rank holding college in India. And not to forget Jodhpur, Rajasthan…………which is a state I am totally full of awe for….and of course Burdwan, which is very close to Calcutta (my mummy’s home is in Calcutta---imagine…I wud hav gone home on Sundays just like these gals go home now !!! ohhhhhh!!!) the other places too were good ones, though they weren’t any special.. fir bhi.. at least I’d have had my own language and my own food!
But me, the Almas the Shamim…. I was hell bent on coming to Kerala :p
I had shut my eyes and ears to all advice coming from all sources with my heart and mind centered on Kerala….wow!!
Destiny calls….
Here I am!! :)
And I am thankful to God for everything…… this place has taught me a lot…. I keep writing bout ‘all that Alpy has made me’……. well…
Prolly, that’s why I had marks low enuf to throw me off Tamil Nadu coz then I wud have chosen TN… and even within Kerala, my marks cudn fetch me Calicut or Thrissur which were both placed higher in my own list of choices… I guess, I just had to be in Alpy….
Yo! Destiny calls… and it calls loud and clear……
Maybe after many years…. I’d turn back and luk at my life and thank Allah Paak for bringing me to this place……
I only need to wait…….coz’ Yes! I do believe. :)

And here, I’d just mention 3 other things.
1. Long ago there was a music video---“LAKEEREIN” by Penaz… remember? It first shows a short scene from a gal’s life…..she misses a boat.. and how things turn out.. and then it shows the scene that “CUD” have hapnd had she not missed the boat…..the opening line was “Lakeerein.. agar bol paati… toh bata jaati.. taqdeerein…” and I don’t have the time or patience to search the video and attach it. thank you.

2. In the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ there’s a beautiful scene which shows how the heroine wudn have met with the accident had some person not been late for work….. it has been shown in a chain of events…. It’s an exotically beautiful scene….
3. Today’s update by Paulo Coelho says “Important meetings are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other” :) :) :) :)

After all that I wrote, if I still need to explain the above sentence….. you were not reading darling!

Toh khair….. go and live the moment…….. live it to the fullest… and don’t have regrets…
Coz this is the moment when…
“Magic is going on……”

P.S.1- (referring to the “*”) no offence intended… I, myself scored badly in 12th :p I had decent marks in Eng-95/100 and Bio-93/100……. Phy-70/100 and Chemistry-82/100 were like mmmmmmmmmmmm… and Maths….. that was…well….39/100. So, am not really criticizing anyone. :D
P.S.2- I feel I have writen something bout my mbbs options earlier as well….. if you’d read that and are reading this too… no problem…. You are just pushing some more general knowledge bout Almas from short-term-memory to long-term-memory.
P.S.3- The concept of ‘destiny’ has been repeated??? :) :) it will be repeated agn and agn…. Coz this is one belief I hold on to with a passion that I cant explain in words.

Allah hafiz.


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