Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Warriors of Love.

This whole world is a big love maze with one person in love with another and that ‘another’ in love with yet another….
And in this big maze…. Sometimes…..SOMETIMES… we stumble upon people whom we like and who like us as well………
We might be two little pieces of the maze who fit each other exactly…
We cud have hugged on snugly thru this whole life…
And still, life pulls us apart…and thrusts us into paths that may never meet….
Forcing us to keep searching for another piece of the maze which might fit us well…if not exactly well… at least enuf to keep us going…
And then….. wen we have left our perfect pieces behind..we say that it was never meant to be…………
I wonder if anything is ever meant to be……
The greatest of ‘loves’ can crash coz of little differences… differences that cant be neglected, however little they mite be.
At the end, the relations that are formed are the ones which were most convenient…. Which were most ‘possible’.
‘love’ doesnt always have to be the backbone of a relation…
I’m sorry…..used the wrong word.
‘love’ DEFINITELY has to be the backbone of every relation, yet, unfortunately, ISNT always.

We marry people who are best suited to us…. Someone who can earn enuf for us, who is educated enuf and the blah blahs…..
And a lot of people even tend to actually ‘fall in love’ with exactly those people. They tend to fall in love with guys whom their parents wud never oppose. I wonder how they manage to do that…. But, well.. we can leave that for the moment.

For the moment we can think of those very lucky (and wen I say ‘very lucky’, I mean REALLY VERY LUCKY) people who were blessed by life.
People who found their matching pieces in the maze of love and somehow escaped the evil eyes of the witch-ish side of life………..
people who loved and were loved back by them and who remained together forever and a day.
people who either had it very easy…..
or people who had it difficult and yet were ready to fite for their love….

But, the real people who we shud think bout are the ones who fought and lost……..
People who risked and were defeated…….
People who loved and weren’t scared to love…..
People who fought the world for the ones they loved ….
And still…….were crushed under the trampling feet of the world…..

For them I have no words of solace.
I can only say that I respect you for ever having fought.
For not backing away.
Maybe life really is cruel.

Aren’t you better than the ones who never tried?
People who loved………. and were loved back… and then just let their love be turned to ash……..?
Aren’t you better than them?

It hurts to love and then see the love crash under the weight of the worldly burdens.
It also hurts to love and not to be loved back.

So, if you love someone. And if he or she loves you too………..dont let this love die coz of the world. Don’t let anything pull you away from it.
All differences can be settled…… if only there is love…
But if there is no love…. Not even the smoothest of lives has any meaning.
If you two love each other, fight for it.
Who knows? You might just win………….
And even if you don’t win……… coz life doesn’t always give us wat we want…….. so, even if u don’t win…….. you’d at least be a warrior… a warrior for one of the most treasured things in the world.

Allah hafiz.

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