Thursday, 22 April 2010

What a mess!!

It’s easy to say that we shudn hurt the people who love us, it’s very hard ACTUALLY not to hurt them. For, aren’t we hurting them by not loving them back? Aren’t we hurting them by telling them that we love someone else? Aren’t we hurting them by not feeling for them all that they are feeling for us?
If you loved someone, wudn you want him to love you too? So, if this person loves you, wudn he wish that you too were in love with him?
It’s told- “Marry the person who loves you and not the person who you love.”
Well said.
Now tell me what am I to do if there is a whole big bunch of people who love (or at least claim to) love me? am I to marry each one of them???
The only person I shudn marry being the one I myself love?

Why cant this ‘bunch’ apply the same rule and go and marry the gals who are in love with them? Why are they allowed to pursue me? and why am I not allowed to pursue the one I love?
Do ‘sayings’ hold true for half the population of the world and not the rest?
And even if that be the case…. Does it always have to be ‘ME’ in the benevolent, merciful half?
Why shud all the rules be for me?
Why shud I be the saint?
So, I’ll tell you one thing.

If there’s a love triangle…..
You love me.
I love someone else.
And that someone else loves yet another ‘someone else’.

(I don’t really think this shape is a triangle.. but.. then.. whatever….)
We shall apply the rule of “Marry the person who loves you and not the person who you love” to two of us.

And the person whom I love.

Pretty cool rite?
The rules are still being obeyed……… and I ain’t being martyred. .
Allah hafiz.

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