Thursday, 13 May 2010

I can read it in your eyes....

What you have done to me is really bad. I hadn’t expected this from you. But, yes, I also know the reason why you did this…..
But, tell me.. was it my fault? Had I actually DONE anything to hurt you?
It just happened.
And you always call yourself a ‘jealous pig’. Now, you have proved that you are.
I am sorry you were hurt. But I didn’t do it.
And you know it too.
And newaz… I am no Gandhi. I aint going to forgive and forget what you did.
Coz what you did and are doing is very much intentional.

You are fully aware of every action of yours.
And remember one thing my dear….
At the end of the day, it’s between God and us.
And God looks at the heart.
At the intentions.

How much you scored doesn’t matter to him.
What are the ways in which you are better than me is of no consequence to him.
What matters to him is your deeds.
And your deed, this one, SUCKS!!!

And there’s one more thing…
These exams will not last forever.
This course will not last forever.
What will last with you is your conscience….forever.

And you have given yourself one more reason to be called a ‘jealous pig’.

I wud only remind you the times when people had complimented you and I had heard…. And I hadn’t got ‘jealous’ bout it.
But, well… that’s what makes you and me different.

What you give is what you get. And it goes on until the circle closes.
You have started the circle.
It will close upon you.
It’s not a curse babes…
It’s a fact.
It’s the rule by which God gives justice to those who believe in him.
And trust me… I bloody do.

So, treat me how you want to……….
It’s only a rehearsal.
And in the final act my role will be played by you.
So, go ahead…
Treat me how you want to.


Mohammad Azharruddin said...

wat happend?
who did wat?
which girl. de one in ur hostel or de one who is days scholar?

ceciliawyu said...

Poor thing, I know the feeling. Some people are just haters and make up things to get angry at you so that they can blame you for their disgusting ugliness on the inside. Love to you. If you are not amazing, they would not be so vile cos they can't keep up. Big hugs to you! XXOO


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