Sunday, 20 June 2010

Back to the Old Editor. . . Back to my Cellphone.

So, finally, I have switched back to the old editor. Now I can post from my cel. . . The new editor wasnt loadin on my cel. . And I seriously dont have the patience to turn on the lap. . Connect to the net and blah blah. Infact, most of the times when I really need to rant, am far away from both my lap as well as my diary. . So, I thot it would be most convenient to make this switch.
Next thing is that I am closing down my other blogs. Of course, am not deleting them or anything. . . But, ya. . . They shall remain in 'statue' mode (as if they have been in any other mode in the past few months *blah*) until I am free from all the exam mess. Later, I shall think bout what to do with them. As of now, I think Jalpari is all I need. . . Jalpari is all I am.
A hell lot has happened and a hell lot has been undocumented . . . Now I really cant go back and start reporting from where I had left. Nor can I start typing down stuff that I have written in my diary. . .
I can just continue from right here, right now.

"I can just continue from right here, right now. "
Well, actually. . . This sums up quite a lot of things that are going on in my life. I cant go back and change things. I can only continue living. . . 'Living until I die'. . . As I so often tell. . ,

Newaz. . . Read bout the L.H in this blog? Ever? Its my college hostel. . . So, well, have been living here since 17 april. For my exams. Final year Final exams. . . Uffff. . . Begins from 28th. As usual, haven studied for it. But, well. . . Lets see. . . Hope Allah Paak sees me thru. Am a hardcore bhagyawadi you know :)
There's no water from the taps today. . . Some chlorination drama. . . *blah*

whatever. . .

I am trying to study and hope Allah Paak helps me.
There is such a lot I want to write. . . But I dont think the rest of this post, which I've already written would help in anyway. . .

And ya am goin to block comments to most of the posts now. Coz newaz, I aint accepting any of the comments. . . I keep deleting them. . . Then I see no point in even LETTING people comment. . .

Khair. . . So will try to come back. . . To vent. . . To rant. . . To feel better. . . So that I might make the process of 'Living until I die' somewhat easier. . .

Allah hafiz


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