Thursday, 24 June 2010

Dearest Allah

I really wish ki in jannat too. . . It rains a lot. And there are wooden houses with roofs that make a lot of noise when it rains. And that there are huge trees. And big seas. And there are cats. And jalebi. And pakoda wid kala namak sprinkled on it. And i hope we are allowed to find our human families and live with them. And we get appam for breakfast. I hope the sun rises and sets. I hope we have mornings and evenings and nights. And i hope there are streams and water falls. And i hope we have ramzan and eid. And libraries. And i hope ki we understand all languages, so we can read all books. And there are no mosquitoes and ants and lizards and any other kind of insects. Actually there shouldn be any animal that i dont like. And there should be jettys . . Lots and lots. . And boats. Dongis. Fishing boats. Vehicle ferries. Ships. All kinds of boats. And there should be old ruins. And there should be fishermen. Not poor fishermen. They should be rich. And fish should be prepared like its prepared in my punnapra hostel. And there should be trains too. And bridges. And hills. And snow. And clouds. And azaan. And namaz. And palaces. And museums. And chocolates. And if its all too difficult. Just go back to 1994-95. . . Aberdeen bazaar, Port Blair. :) thats how paradise should be.
Me :)

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