Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Living a Futility. . .

Goin thru the tweets I came across one retweeted by Anupam Kher. It was the last tweet by a girl who died in the crash.
Its scary how we can leave at any moment.
Mummy was tellin me bout the crash. And immediately afterwards she told ki bas jaldi se doctor banke ghar aa jaao. . . .
It's kind of like
'saamaan sau baras ka hai. . .
pal ki khabar nahi'

. . . I dont remember the exact words but its something similar.

How much ever the truth is brought in front of us. . . We cant stop living the futility. We cant stop exerting. We cant stop creating things that dont exist.
. . . For tell me, who knows if i would ever become a doctor or not.. Chalo. . InshaAllah doctor ban bhi gaye toh. . . Who knows ki i would be able to return or not.
no one knows anything. . . .
mummy told me that an entire family was killed in the crash. . A family that was visiting India for a funeral. . . Tell me. . . Who had known ki kisi aur ka janaaza uthane se pehle, humare khud pe kafan chadhega. . . .

I am kind of disturbed by that gal's tweet, in particular. Probably coz I am just so addicted to 'status updates'.
Each tweet runs the risk of being the last tweet. And then when we die, our accounts just remain standing. . . With a last tweet. With a last status update. . . . With a last scrap. . . And when people
hear of our death, they shall visit our profiles, copy our last status and circulate it among others. . . And thats it. All our posts, all the photos uploaded. . . All the games played. . . They are all left behind. . .
just like that. . . .
The futility of life stares at our faces and yet, who has the courage to leave it behind?

We go on tweeting one last time. .
We go on living until we die.

Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihe rajiun.

P.S- Written on Saturday, 22 May 2010 at 18:50 as a Facebook Note

Allah hafiz

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