Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Water Dream :)

I saw a water dream this morning . . . :) i has a big happy. Begins with me in a flight. To my left, on the window seat is Azhar and to my right, on the aisle seat is Vijaykumar sir (the paediatrician) :p dont remember what we were talkin bout. Then the plane takes off with air blowing into the plane. :) :)
and and and . . . . As we ascend. . . . I see see see the huge big beautiful sea :) :) :) :) my sea. . . Full of ships and boats and just like the sea near chattam. . . My sea. . . :) My home sea :) and i see cranes. And then suddenly we are in the aberdeen jetty. What we now call the water sports complex. Which was simply 'jetty' when i was a kid :) so we are there. And water is reaching my feet. And vijaykumar sir is teaching us somethin bout somethin. . . I dont remember. Newaz twas not paeds. . . . And then i notice that the water is full of fishes. All Dead. Tiny fishes. And then i wake up. :) newaz. So a water dream after 8.5 million years. :) i has a happy. :)

P.S.-Written on Friday, 04 June 2010 at 14:37 as a Facebook Note.
Allah hafiz

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