Friday, 9 July 2010

Day 19# 08 July, 2010

#Saw another dream. Cant decide whether it was a good one or bad one. In it, my jaan writes me a letter telling that he likes me. And something like, ‘we cant know without saying, and we cant be saying’. . And basically i dont remember much. Bottomline of that letter (which I saw in my dream)- he likes me but wants me to get lost! ! Ahh! Whatever. :) a letter in a dream is better than no letter in reality :)
  1. Took inspiration from the above mentioned dream and wrote a short story, “Those Dazzling Bangles” for my blog :) I like how the story turned out. :)
    #Pacified myself some more regarding Azhar.
    #Something came up which again made me realize that when people go away from your life, it’s for some good. :)
    Allah hafiz.

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