Monday, 5 July 2010

That Night. . .

And that night when you took my hand in yours. . .
And told me you'd be mine.
I knew my dream had come true. . .
Just by the shine in your eyes.

And lying on your chest I found the peace. . .
Which I searched so high, so low.
Wrapped in your arms in that moonlit night. . .
Did I need to ask for more?

And I could hear the sea afar. . .
The waves crashing into each other.
And I could hear the rhythm of comfort. . .
Your breath so close to mine.

And the breeze was rustling the leaves. . .
Caressing them, sending them off to sleep.
So they may not envy our union. . .
Lest they might burn and die.

And time seemed to stop moving. . .
Like this world was never to end.
And each dream broke into a million more. . .
Spread out their wings and took flight.

And I could feel my heart beating. . .
Singing your name softly.
And I felt my own name in your heartbeats. . .
Now I knew our souls were entwined.

And then I said a silent prayer. . .
A prayer for you and me.
Just then, a shooting star shot by. . .
What could be more divine?

That night when you became mine. . .


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