Tuesday, 3 August 2010



Dream- 03rd August 2010
I saw that the tribals have attacked us. Us meaning all the civilized ppl in the islands.
Our family’s got dispersed….. I am trying to hide among the bushes near the garden.
There are lots of gunshots.
I also saw a flight, am not sure from where was it coming or where was it going to…..

Abbu too saw a strang dream. He saw that the world is ending. There’s smoke everywhere and stars (looking like rocks) are flying across the sky….. they’re grouping together in one part of the sky.
And someone is saying that when the world ends, there’d be no one left behind to be mourning… everything’s is goin to end.. so ‘mourning’ wouldn’t be a problem.

Dream- 30th/31st July 2010
Am not sure bout the day wen I saw this dream..
Well.. it was a very short dream and I saw this wen I drifted off to sleep for ..like.. 5 minutes….. while waiting for my mummy to come from the kitchen….
In this I saw a hooded man….
You know.. like ‘Altair’…. From the computer game….
Only that unlike Altair. This man was dressed in all black.
And on his forehead was a deep red, bleeding mark….. which (in my dream) I regarded ams an eye….
And in the dream itself I think ki..oh this cud be the word ‘kaafir’.
But, I don’t remember his face…. I guess he didn’t have a face….
Am not sure.. but I clearly remember the third eye….
And then I know that he is Dajjal …..
And I see him standing near my bed.. and I am terrified….
And I hear a voice… I don’t know whose…. And that person tells me not to be scared coz the Dajjal cannot harm a person with faith….
“Jiska Eemaan pakka hai, usko kuchh nahi kar sakta Dajjal..”
And I see him retreating into another room..
And I wake up…..
And again that night I cudnt sleep wid the lights off….

Allah hafiz

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