Tuesday, 24 August 2010



#I dreamt of appearing for my exams .. Akhil is helping me with some question before I enter for viva.. and I am asking Dorothy Miss (yes, our 9th std.class teacher) to allow me to have one last look at my record to go thru the diagrams (I remember seeing- knee joint, eye)…. She asks me how wud that help.. and I tell her that at least I wud be able to draw ’SOMETHIN’…..

#Saw the LH. And some gal’s sittin on the table in front of my room and studying…. Then I try to enter the Mess.. but for some reason, I don’t.

#i am again appearing for my exams (college ka) but this time in the Plus Two block of my school. I remember seeing Anu.

# I saw that I’ve got fever….and then I look into the mirror for some other reason and notice that my face is covered with small rounded raised papules…..and then I realize that I have pox…..
in the same dream, I see two people.. one was dressed very strangely- she was wearing a swimming suit(blue) covered by plastic (??) all over…the plastic overall was light green and was…well…strange… then after sometime I notice that actually, we all are standing in a hospital ward and this strangely dressed lady is a doctor coz just then someone gives her a mask……

again, in the same dream.. I colour my hair “Green”….. or, rather, I plan to colour my hair green and apply some kind of paste (or whatever it is that is applied at the time of colourin one’s hair) on my hair… but, usi waqt someone comes and tells me that I’ve to go somewhere….and so I wash off my hair in a hurry….and wen I reach that place, wherever that place is… I see that my hair is all sticky wid that green paste..coz I hadn washed my hair properly.

Alrite, so it was a long dream—I see that I am in a restaurant (somewhere near the Bata store at the MCH junction) and I remember that something hapend dat had sumthin to do wid money… and there was this guy who lukd like the Airforce Officer from Orissa whom I met in my Chennai-Blair flite. And then I run to get the college bus which doesn’t really luk like our college bus except that it is YELLOW and the driver is Schumi. And I make the bus wait for me (I think this entered my head from the movie “Alex and Emma” which was being aired recently.. in that movie, Emma makes the bus wait while she talks to Alex and Alex ka role is played by that extremely good lokin guy who was Elle’s fiancĂ© in Leglly Blonde)while I do something (I don remember wat) and then I enter the bus ka second part (it had three parts…..sory I cant explain..i have to prepare sehri..) and realize that the height of the roof is too low for me *blah*.. but then I see that same guy from the restaurant in the bus..and then he shows me how to sit…….

P.S.- Am sure these dreams will come as a relief to my dearest sister who was sort of worked up after my dream in which I …apparently…saw the Anti-Christ !!! Now, since these dreams are normally stupid, I am sure she doesn’t consider me strange anymore. :p

Allah hafiz

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