Monday, 23 August 2010

Introduction : Letters of The Holy Prophet (S.A.W)


This is an introduction to the series of posts that I am planning to write for my blog. inshaAllah, I shall try my best. Basically, these posts will be copied from a book.
I had first found the book in the State Library, Port Blair, long ago. I was in the 8th or 9th std., I am not sure. And since it was such a treasure, I had got the book photocopied for myself.
Like I had already mentioned in a previous post, all my plans for Ramzaan and 30 special Ramzaan posts had to be cancelled coz of the excellent condition of my keyboard.
So, I am not sure how far will I be able to copy down this book…..
Still, I shall try as much as I can…..mostly the parts of the book that are most important to maintain the coherence of the subsequent posts….. and I hope Allah Paak helps me with it…..
I will need to show extra patience with this keyboard.. coz trust me, it’s driving me nutssss…..
In any case, I wish that Muslims who are interested in the subject do read the posts (as many posts as I can put up), if they haven’t read it earlier.
This photocopied book is one of my most treasured possessions; not just coz of the stuff it contains but also coz it was the first of “MY OWN” Islamic Book……..We have a lot of Islamic Literature at home, belonging to my grandmother, my mummy and a few belonging to some long lost people in my family tree. But, the problem is that these books are all in Urdu… and my knowledge of Urdu is.. well…. Kind of limited….coz Urdu uses a lot of Persian words and unlike Arabic, the script does not have ‘matras’- the ‘zabars’ and the ‘zers’…, on the whole, Urdu is tough for me….especially the Urdu contained in these Baba Aadam ke zamaane ke books.
And so, wen I found “Letters of The Holy Prophet(S.A.W)”, I was in one of my ‘jhinga la la’ moments.
Since then, I have collected some other English Isamic books , yet this remains the crown of all of “MY OWN” books.
I would also like to add that every word is being copied from “LETTERS OF THE HOLY PROPHET (S.A.W)” …. Whenever and wherever I find the need to expres myself, I shall indicate that those are my own words.
AND….. anything written under this Header is NOT OPEN TO DEBATES OR DISCUSSIONS.
Whether you are reading this in my “Jalpari” blog, or any other blog where I would post it… or even when it is transported to Facebook as a ‘note’----- these posts are NOT OPEN TO DEBATES OR DISCUSSIONS.
Plus, I AM NOT THE EPITOME OF ISLAM…… so, what “I” am should not be mixed or confused with what Islam teaches. No further explanations in this regard would be given. Relevant searches in my various blogs would help.

Alrite then….
Allah hafiz.


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