Thursday, 16 September 2010

22 Reflections. . . From The Same Mirror. . :)

It's been really long since i wrote my Reflections ;)

This time my reflections would be specifically based on stuff 'I Love' :) so well, here goes. .

1# I love 'Cadbury Shots'. I am havin one right now. . It's also Fiza's favourite. Each time abbu visits my sister's home, he takes one for Fiza and one for Faris. Thats why we buy that big box of Cadbury Shots. . . Works gr8 for me ;)

2# I love the ad 'Teen Seengh wala gaay, why?' of Chlormint 'cheengum' :)

3#I love the new Munch ka ad. The one that goes "Hellllo jeeju. . " :p

4# I love Maeve Binchy. She is an Irish author. . The good thing is that no one recommended her to me, so, the 'publicity' factor wasnt into action. . .

5# I love ruins of old buildings. Ruins fascinate me. In real life, I haven seen many :(

6# I love the ruins in the Ross Island. My favouritest is the Church :) standin at the bottom of the stairs and lookin up at the place where, once, people came to pray, to ask for forgiveness, or for their wishes to be fulfilled. . Where they cried, smiled. . It's such an. . . Well. . 'intoxicating' feeling. . .

7# I love the 'intoxicated' feeling. . Though I've never been intoxicated really. . . But, I guess, this is how it must feel.

8# I love the graveyard in the Ross. There is a particular grave which i always think bout, it's of a sailor, 25 yrs old. Dont remember his name. And one little grave of a child. These were British ppl, so, I doubt if anyone visits these graves. Maybe the child died of some fever. . Or something which could be treated now. Or maybe even treated then, if they were in mainland india. Maybe it was THE andaman fever. . . . I dont know. It is a calm place.

9# I love the Ross Island, as is apparent now. It was once our capital ;) he he. . . And we can see it standing from the coast. I haven been there in a long long time.

10# I love the background score of 'Silent Hill'. It is the perfect music. . . Best suited to ruins. . . :p

11# I love the carol 'Silent Night, Holy Night'. . .

12# I love digging lyrics of unknown songs. I dont really hear english songs. Most of the time i dont like their music. Plus i dont understand what they sing. So, i search for a few words+ lyrics on google. Some or the other song pops up. I read the lyrics. . . I do this A LOT. :)

13# I love my Moral Science notebooks. :) A part of my most treasured belongings :)

14# I love my father's craft items. He used to make so many things for me. . Fridge, sofa set. . Etc. . Etc. . Etc. . We didnt preserve any of those. But, trust me. . They were BEAUTIFUL. :) Looked so real. . Could have gone for company models of the real things. . .

15# I love the broken spring ka bed in my dadi's room. I am lying on it rite now. My mummy and Fiza too LOVE this bed. :)

16# I love the old furniture in my house. They are really really old. . . And i really really love them. . . They are grand in their own way. . . Such a lot of old-world-charm. :)

17# I love religion. Religion, in general; my own, in particular. . . . It intoxicates me :) oh! And i remember writin somethin bout religion being intoxicating long back. I will search for it and write it l8r inshaAllah. Oki?
>>"Religion, I believe, is a narcotic…. It can get you addicted….. it can make you fall in love, it can make you kill, it can make you get killed, it can drive you crazy..
Narcotic- A very thin line separates its therapeutic uses from its abuse.
Religion, like narcotics, brings with it a passion unparalleled, and with that extra dash of passion that we Muslims are blessed with (it’s a truth! Don’t cringe!), we are the most susceptible to fall into the category of abuse.
I don’t remember well the year in which we learnt it, but, there was a chapter in our English text (10th, 11th or 12th .. am not sure!), where the author says that ‘Religion is the second most decisive factor that differentiates people, next only to language’… I cudn agree more!"
taken from ~Scared Of Being A Muslim? ? ?~ written on 23rd March 2009 in this same blog :) It remains one of the most senti blog posts in my life, I lost someone whom i considered a very dear friend thanks to this post. <<

18# I love 'Faith in God'. :) Totally. Irrespective of who exactly they consider god. . I love the 'act' of believing in God. I love the Love for God. :)

19# I love earbuds. I am in the habit of 'cleanin' my super clean ears regularly :p i use up around 3 buds daily. . . It is strange but whenever i eat, my ear starts watering :p i also use earbuds to clean my keyboard, the caps of the bottles, the cracks in the furniture, to remove the kohl from my eyes and anything else that it can be used to clean.

20# I love my nails. :) Alhamdulillah :) I have long nails.

21# I love the R.G.T road and the V.I.P road. . . That route i mean. . From the samundar kinara right up to the airport.

22# I love all the other things that I have previously professed my love for. . . :) . . . Including. . . My family. . My cats. .. . My dolls. . . My books. . . My Edward Cullen. . The sky, seas, clouds, stars, trees, etc etc etc. . . . :) :) :)

Love always.

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