Friday, 24 September 2010

Day 96 #, 23 September, 2010

Writing after a very very long time coz of various reasons.
Firstly, had exams. And secondly, my lap’s keypad wasn’t in working condition anymore.
So, well, here goes…

Went out with aapa to have dosa. Wanted to go to “Blue Sea” but aapa wanted to go to “Annapurna”. As happens wid me, Blue Sea’s restaurant was closed and we had to take an auto to Annapurna. Aapa told that she IS lucky….and then ki I too am lucky coz Blue Sea serves stupid dosa… dat means, God didn’t want me to have stupid dosa, so he made us go to Annapurna. :) ha ha! left handed optimism!

We also decided not to force the ‘tea-restriction’ on mummy coz’ well… life is too short to spend in restricting something as small as tea. I mean reducing the tea intake is fine..but a complete exclusion of tea from her diet is equivalent to murder!

At the restaurant had “Cocktail Idly” and “Chilly Idly” and “Masala Dosa” and coffee and lassi….:D

upgraded my Firefox…so am able to post pics on FB again.

Allah hafiz

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