Saturday, 25 September 2010

Day 98 #, 25 September 2010

1# Aapa sent me soft and fluffy home made idlys, nariyal ka chutney and something that was supposed to be sambhar but I found it more like daal with lots of bhindi and tamatar. I loved all of it. Mummy had only one idly, shez not really into south Indian food. Actually, shez not into anything south Indian. Abbu doent eat idly vidly. Well, so I had the rest. Some chutney still remains. It’s delicious.

2# Today, mummy told that my jaan must be a good boy. :) I felt very happy. We don’t know if he is or not. But I would love to believe that he is. :)

3# Again went to samundar kinara for mummy ka walking. She’s able to walk, but not for long. 12 minutes max. Khair, Alhamdulillah for what we have and what we don’t.

4# My mood was totally disastrous after a grand fight with abbu and I was sulking like hell and mummy told me that she’d give me something after I got ready (to go to samundar kinara) and I was suddenly very happy coz I thought it wud be ‘Bournville’… but, actually mummy wanted to give me 5000 rs. I again got mad coz I didn’t want money!!! Newaz…. After we finally got to samundar kinara, my temper came down…. I strolled up to the Press on my own while mummy was walking behind. I absolutely LOVE walking alone. And when ‘walking’ is to be done beside the big black sea beautifully reflecting the light from the streetlights and the gorgeous Ross Island lined with lights that make it look as if a string of glowing pearl is deftly floating on the sea, then it’s heaven on earth. :)

5# Mummy and I waited for abbu to bring the car to the college gate… there we could hear the waves crashing against ‘whatever’ under the road before it made its way into the town in the form a back-water that later joins the naalas makin our sewage. I faced the enormous expanse of water before me and exclaimed that it is beautiful! Mummy asked, ‘beautiful????’…. and I changed my expression and told ‘Scary!’ …. Indeed, the power that lies hidden in that extremely gorgeous sea is so overwhelmingly scary. That same sea had boiled over onto that same road on which we were standing, some 6 years ago. While the tsunami didn’t affect our homes or our family, the fact that the sea can cross over into our lives….and destroy it… never leaves our mind when we look at it. And so when we heard the crashing of the waves against whatever it was crashing against, mummy told that all these powerful forces are held in their places by the command of Allah. Truly, a single little ‘go’ from Allah and the sea would rise up and gulp us down. It was only by the leave of the Most Powerful One that I could stand at the edge of the land, almost at level with the sea, and look ahead and see the black sea merging with the black sky. Felt so grateful for not being ‘gulped down’.

6# On our way back, drove around the town… and when we reached Bazaar back, found that Tillai Bakery was still open. Bought 3 pastries and some sweets.

7# Fight with abbu- over :) Alhamdulillah!

8# Aapa and Bhaiya will take me out for lunch tomorrow inshaAllah. :)

Allah hafiz

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